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San Francisco Fringe 2019


James Sundquist (San Francisco, CA)

Genre: Solo Show

Venue: Exit Theatre


Low Down

“AEON by James Sundquist is the last chapter of good-humored resilience and personal pain that has been explored in EXPEDITIOUS INTENT (2017) and MINGALABA (2018). Minimalist, Paired Down Monodrama. I’m excited to share it with you!”


In this show James Sundquist plays a fascinating character who uses vocal sounds, non-verbal and verbal communication. His physicality adds a lot to his character’s mood and demeanor as he shares his singular world with us.

In one section Sundquist makes dynamic machine-like sound effects accompanied with physical action, which holds our attention, the voice pitch changes and he thumps his chest! In another piece a table becomes his own miniature performance space when he enjoys shadow play with simple and beautifully crafted silhouette figures.

On the stage space there are minimal objects but each has its own significance and special regard for Sundquist’s character as the show continues.

Without realizing it, we are being transported in time and place, free and unlimited by Sundquist’s imagination. He is playful, fascinated by gadgets and unusual objects, which he brings out to show and tell.

His character is empathetic and a gentle good spirit – with his own issues – like everyone else today, yet he also plays several different characters that draw on a wide emotional range. Brief flashes of song or when he plays a few bars of an instrument burst forth unexpectedly and in one piece he uses a different accent.

It is apparent that Sundquist (whose character tentatively tells us he is working on different skills) is very skilled at what he does. If everything so far, sounds haphazard or improvisatory it is not although it probably started from those creative sources! And this is Sundquist’s unique skill – spontaneity, even when performing around a structure that is elastic and allows freedom to express himself and to create a unique experience.

Sundquist uses his facial features well and has an effective side eye expression, that speaks volumes! He is adept at using his physicality and clownesque elements that are woven throughout the show. Some moments are quirky and unpredictable but always serve his performance style. He is also a bit of a philosopher, which come through in one whacky logic piece.

James Sundquist’s AEON is what fringe is all about. Go and experience it – and above all – expect the unexpected!