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Our first guest bloggers for Brighton Fringe are now going live.

Follow the journeys of Fringe Theatre makers…

Brighton Fringe

Death by a Thousand Chocolates

We are delighted to welcome Ulysses Black and Daisy Jordan from Barely Human Puppets as guest bloggers for FringeReview.

Brighton Fringe

The Trim Tab Manifesto

The Manifestation of Trim Tab Jim plays at Brighton Fringe 2018 after a fine review from FringeReview for The Reincarnation of Trim Tab Jim in 2015. James bares all…

Brighton Fringe

Guest Blog: Black-Bottomed Cow Tales From The Cotton Club





FringeReview welcomes Karen Baker and Lisa Douglas as guest bloggers for their Brighton Fringe show, Mr Frank’s Cotton Club.

Brighton Fringe

Guest Blog: Whaddya Know – We’re Insane!

We are privileged to welcome Brian Mitchell, Jerry Rulf, Amy Sutton, Glen Richardson and David Mounfield from The Foundry Group for a joint (and hopefully joined up) Guest Blog to accompany their new show, Whaddya Know – We’re in Love! at the Rialto Theatre, Brighton.

Attention Brightonians! – Here’s a fascinating guest blog from the London Fringe Theatre scene.

Guest Blog: Not Talking by Mike Bartlett @ Arcola Theatre

A Co-production between The Arcola and Defibrillator Theatre, Not Talking gives us a multi-perspective, and multi-disciplinary unique dive into the creative work of Epsilon Productions.

More blogs are on the way.