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Brighton Fringe Interviews

Welcome to our audio  interviews page for Brighton Fringe Theatre.

Here you can listen to interviews with Brighton Theatre makers and those bringing their work to the city in May.



An interview with Alison Child from Behind The Lines about Fall of Duty

Fall of Duty

What’s the theme of your show?

The patriarchy, world war, disenfranchised white youth, elections, escapism and Edwardian actor Basil Hallam. It’s set in present day Brighton and tell the semi autobiographical story of a mum and her son who won’t conform.It’s about the redemptive power of art of to teach life lessons, heal rifts and tell powerful stories.
It looks at the career of Basil Hallam and his lesbian fiancée Elsie Janis

What’s new or unique about the show? I

t’s a record of the theatre-making process between a mother and son over a year performed by a son an his actual mother revealing aspects of their authentic relationship.

How did the show come into being?

We were given funding from the Arts Council and the Heritage Lottery Fund to make a piece about Basil Hallam that was relevant to contemporary young people. Harry had nothing better to do. Alison is mad about sharing stories from the archive that involve lesbians.

Describe one of your rehearsals.

Harry goes in and plays the rehearsal room piano while Ali sets up. Director Rosie Wakley arrives and sits back as she puts us through a rigorous physical and verbal warm up.
We catch up on each others’ news. I write down anything funny that comes out of our conversation.
We run the show with breaks to sort out issues.
We congratulate ourselves on something that feels amazing.

How is the show developing?

We did a workshop version at the Dukebox in December and go t great feedback. We’re now firing on all cylinders.

How has the writer been involved?

She is one of the performers and she is on the 19th draft of the piece. It changes often.

How have you experimented?

Ali and Harry working together is an experiment. He last performed aged 12 in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s world premier of ‘Love Never Dies’.

In this case from the polarity of my life (bookish, lesbian, Guardian reading) and Harry’s (hip,rap, spoken word, grunge, festivals) taking influences from both and looking at where they clash and meet.

What are your future plans for the show ?

Edinburgh and maybe Adelaide and Grahamstown in South Africa

What are your favourite shows, and why?

I loved ‘Groomed’ last year and ‘PoliceCops’

Show dates, times and booking info: 8th-14th May 5.10p.m. (possible 3.30 on 14th to avoid clash with Seagulls Victory Parade)
Sweet 18 Waterfront 2

Book here

Company web site: http://www.behindthelines.info


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