Making Youth Theatre a Success at the Fringe: Paul Levy talks to Director, Tanushka Marah

Edinburgh Fringe and Brighton Fringe 2017 Tanushka Marah, founder and director of Windmill Young Actors, won an Outstanding Theatre Award at Brighton Fringe 2017 for their production of Agamemnon. In this interview, Tanushka, a veteran of the Edinburgh Fringe, talks about how to make youth theatre a creative and critical success, providing priceless advice for […]

Lost in Blue: Kate Saffin talks to storyteller Debs Newbold

A man, deep in a coma, hides out in the bedroom of Vincent Van Gogh while his teenage daughter struggles to understand her part in the accident that put him there. Paintings, pigeon racing and a family about to implode meet in this vital, gripping story, told using innovative sound technology and gate-crashed by Vincent […]

Producing Excellent Fringe: Paul Levy talks to Producer Joanne Hartstone

Paul Levy talks to Producer Joanne Hartstone about the life of a producer and balancing that career with a childhood wish to be an artist. Joanne has no intentions of losing touch with her urge to write and perform. In this interview she discusses what it means to produce and promote work on the Fringe, […]

Powerful Solo Theatre: Paul Levy talks to Lorenzo Novani about Cracked Tiles

  Lorenzo Novani is a writer, solo actor and magician. In this interview Paul Levy discusses the development of Cracked Tiles, an already fine play that Lorenzo continues to develop. “His father is dead now but for Riccardo the past is just coming to life. Riccardo has inherited the keys to the family chip shop, […]

Solo Deadpan Comedy: Paul Levy talks to Naomi Paul about Price (Still) Includes Biscuits

Paul Levy talks to  Naomi Paul about Price (Still) Includes Biscuits. “Satirical and hilarious deadpan humourist Naomi Paul returns to the Fringe with her quirky four-star one-woman show Price (still) Includes Biscuits. Naomi uses characteristic dry Jewish humour to comment on topical political issues, share personal stories and perform catchy handmade songs. The show takes […]

A Poetic Call to Arms: Paul Levy talks to Roy Hutchins about Poetry Can F*ck Off

Paul Levy talks to Roy Hutchins about Poetry Can F*ck Off. “Combining words from Heathcote Williams with poems from Mesopotamia to Tahrir Square and an original score composed and performed by Mike Dr Blue, this is a rabble-rousing call to arms that celebrates the revolutionary power of words. Brainfruit’s epic production charts the great resistance […]

Comedy and a Cup of Tea: Paul Levy talks to Mark Silcox about Helping Aamer

Paul Levy talks to comedian Mark Silcox about Helping Aamer described as: “an experimental show for Guardian readers by Dr Mark Silcox (deluded academics), regular listener of Radio 4. He uses his analytical skills to build a profile of Aamer Rahman (described by Silcox as an ‘angry Australian comedian’) to pin point the reason of his […]

Romantic Comedy: Paul Levy talks to Jessica Moreno about All Aboard the Marriage Hearse

Paul Levy talks to Jessica Moreno about All Aboard the Marriage Hearse from KADM Productions. “Sean and Amy are your typical cohabiting, Catholic/Jewish, thirty-something couple living in Manhattan. After four years together, Amy wants to get married but Sean doesn’t believe in the institution. The game is on! Tonight the pair will settle the marriage question once […]

Rural touring: Kate Saffin talks to Ralph Lister of the National Rural Touring Forum

Rural touring schemes work with voluntary promoting groups (village hall committes, pubs, local schools, church halls, community groups) to bring professional performing companies and artists to perform in their village or community venue. Ralph talks about the work of the forum in providing an umbrella organisation for local networks and the resource available to help […]

Spontaneous Performance: Paul Levy talks to Rikki Howard about Is it Tabu

Paul Levy talks to Rikki Howard about Is it Tabu? “Hilarious and moving spontaneous show reveals the dramas that transpire when an older TV actress from Hi-De-Hi and a younger classical actor get together and stage their own play. Confronting issues of age, gender and prejudice, in a cross between Chorus Line and Kinky Boots. […]

About death (mostly): Kate Saffin talks to Dr Phil Hammond

Dr Phil Hammond is a passionate and outspoken supporter of the NHS. And, co-incidentally, a well known comedian. He has two shows in Edinburgh in 2016; here he talks about death (mostly), the value of the festival within the festival ‘Death on the Fringe’ and more widely about how the arts and healthcare can work together. […]

Socialist Magic: Paul Levy talks to Ian Saville about Revolution in the Magic Square

Paul Levy talks to socialist magician Ian Saville about Revolution in the Magic Square. “A show with magic. Chance has unexpectedly propelled veteran socialist magician, Ian Saville, to the leadership of the Magic Square. Will he be up to the challenge? Can socialist magic inspire a mass audience, or will it always be just a […]

VENUE FOCUS: Paul Levy talks to Bruce Adams about Theatre Arts Exchange

  Paul Levy talks to venue creator Bruce Adams about new and growing Fringe venue, Theatre Arts Exchange. “Brand new to Edinburgh Fringe this year and created by the groundbreaking Theatre Arts team at Middlesex University, Theatre Arts Exchange is the new home for theatre that’s innovative and ambitious from the ground up. Our unique programme of amazing theatre, comedy and […]

Paul Levy talks to Ben Rigby about All in the Timing

Paul Levy talks to  Ben Rigby about All in the Timing. Ben is back at the Fringe after his success in 2015 with Nick Pearse and The Gambit. Ben talks about his reasons for returning with All in the Timing. A series of absurd short plays ask: “How long does a monkey take to randomly […]

Multimedia Theatre: Paul Levy talks to Duncan Joseph about Smart

Where do you draw the line online? Paul Levy talks to writer Duncan Joseph from Empty Vessel about Sm@rt. “Thirtysomething online dating can be tragicomic, especially when you shouldn’t even be on Tinder. Lost and mired in tedium, Grace obsessively seeks instant gratification and a new sense of self online. Is it betrayal if it is […]

Paul Levy talks to Erin Hutching about People of the Eye

Paul Levy talks to writer and performer, Erin Hutching, from The Deaf and Hearing Ensemble, about People of the Eye: “‘Of course, you shouldn’t use sign language’. Inspired by real events, this personal story follows a family finding their way through the Deaf world. A story about parents, about sisters, and about the complex love […]

Paul Levy talks to Kat Woods about Mule

Paul Levy talks to writer Kat Woods about Mule. “Naive and threatened or calculated and planned? How does the seemingly innocent adventure of a summer spent in the party capital of the world spiral out of control and end locked up in a notoriously hard core South American prison? Inspired by the real events of […]

Unique Game Show Theatre: Paul Levy talks to Helen White about Stamp

Paul Levy talks Helen White from Spun Glass Theatre, and the “host” of Brighton Fringe hit,  Stamp: “Hosted by the love child of Sandi Toksvig and Frank N Furter, Stamp is a cheeky, challenging game show where you make the rules. A man and a woman must pit their wits against your choices to fight it […]

Devising Theatre: Paul Levy talks to Jessica Cheetham about Operation Love Story

Jessica Cheetham, producer for Spun Glass Theatre describes the devising process that led to the creation of this Brighton Fringe hit theatre production. Operation Love Story, which she also directed: “Mission accepted. Plot: greatest love story ever. Gadgets: flowers, chocolates and a balaclava. An anti-romcom, satirising the dreams Richard Curtis sells us. Poignant and imaginative […]

Paul Levy talks to Gavin Roberston and Nicholas Collett about The Six-Sided Man

Gavin Roberston and Nicholas Collett are back at the Fringe with The Six-Sided Man. Based on the cult novel, The Dice Man, the play is more relevant that ever. “There are two rules: Never give the dice an option you’re not prepared to follow, and never disobey the die! Darkly hilarious, seductive… from Luke Rhinehart’s cult […]

Paul Levy talks to Comedian and Podcaster Patrick Melton about My Least Favourite Everything

Paul Levy talks to comedian and podcaster Patrick Melton about My Least Favourite Everything. “American comedian Patrick Melton (Comedy Central, VH1, Spike) debuts at the Fringe, feverishly deconstructing his ongoing frustrations with life, love and losing out. Moments of silliness combine with punches of comedic truth to examine everything from common hopes and fears to our […]

Paul levy talks to Klahr Thorsen about Screw Your Courage (or The Bloody Crown!)

Klahr Thorsen, writer and performer talks about a very personal piece of theatre, Screw Your Courage (or The Bloody Crown!). “In this one-woman show, a Brooklyn actress confronts her most stubborn demons. Cursed with an unshakeable obsession to triumph in the role of Lady Macbeth, will she finally come to terms with Shakespeare’s most misunderstood heroine? […]

Creating a Domestic Horror: Paul levy talks to Ross Drury about Echoes

Paul Levy chats to director Ross Drury from Living Record Theatre about Echoes, a domestic horror by Neil Smith.  “In an isolated cottage, deep in the English countryside, John makes a surprise visit to Helene, whom he abandoned nine years ago. As a storm rages outside, a nine-year-old girl looks on. Silently. Not making a […]

Staging Social Media: Paul Levy talks to Tom Hartwell about You Tweet My Face Space

Paul Levy talks to writer and performer Tom Hartwell about the creation and realisation of You Tweet My Face Space, a “new satirical comedy that captures the modern day obsession with social media. When a controversial photo appears online, Facebook, Twitter and others rally around David who struggles to fight against the power of procrastination.” […]

Short Plays at the Fringe – Paul Levy talks to Nick Brice about Bite-Size Plays

  Bite-size Plays regularly play to full houses at the Fringe with their ever-popular “menus” of short plays. This year they are back with the usual Big Bite-Size Breakfast Show, in the morning, offering “three funny, eccentric, thought-provoking menus of Bite-Size Plays with free coffee, croissant, strawberries!”. And, to celebrate their many years and a multitude of […]

Paul Levy talks to Walter DeForest about Van Gogh Find Yourself

In his first Edinburgh fringe show (part of PBH’s Free Fringe) Van Gogh Find Yourself, New York City based actor, artist, and writer Walter DeForest gives the audience a chance to have an intimate moment with Vincent van Gogh, experiencing the passion, humour, and heart of a great artist.  This intriguing interactive portrait play is written and performed by […]

Paul levy talks to Comedian Gavin Lind about Committed to Mediocrity

South-African born, now living in Australia, Gavin Lind came to comedy later in life and has now found a home for his ideas and words. A lover of storytelling, Gavin’s show, Committed to Mediocrity, is described as follows: “Being middle-aged, gay and married is difficult enough without having a mildly annoying vegetarian accent. Which makes picking […]

Fringe Hot Seat: The Joys and Challenges of a Press and Marketing Manager

Every year C Venues grows, changes and experiments. With hundreds of shows to welcome to the Fringe and then support in their efforts to get a decent audience. the role of Press and Marketing manager is no picnic. In a candid interview, C Venues’ Nick Abrams lifts the lid on this challenging role. Listen to […]