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Brighton Fringe 2024

60 Minutes of Mood Swings

"Will it ever change?"

ACT Playwriting Course

Mark Burgess and his students should feel immensely satisfied. And of course the students themselves divinely dissatisfied as they develop their craft.

Company RAus’s Dido

A multimedia portrayal of Dido's love and loss, in sound, light and solo dance

Dawn Again: A Rap Opera

Elliot has a problem: two girlfriends, both giving birth on the same day in the same hospital

Kemble’s Riot

Whose side are you on?

Love and Information

An outstanding production of young showcase theatre

Making Marilyn

A must-see.

Only Bones V1.9

One meter, one projector and one performer – Intrigued? You should be!

Plastic and Chicken Bones

A warning for humanity

Strange Orbits

Humanity faces an existential crisis

The Tower

Do we ever really lose our mothers?

The Trials of Magnus Coffinkey

Of the 115 (mostly London) shows I’ve seen this year so far, it ranks as the most profound, and one of the very finest.

You’re Not Doing It Wrong If No-one Knows What You’re Doing

How families shape you - until you find your own particular shape