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Brighton Year-Round 2019

A Christmas Carol

Adaptor Gary Andrews’ presence is also the chief reason to be uplifted

A Life Twice Given

Can science give back the life that was lost?


A stunning play beautifully revived by one who knows it intimately.


There’s a clean sharp fusion between these two writers that heralds something special.


You won’t see a better revival of this drama anywhere.

Great Expectations

A professionally-realized NVT production, consummate and brooding

Psychic Connections

This premiere firmly establishes LLT as a superb try-out for new work

Short Play Festival

Worth 110 minutes of any July evening.

The Entertainer

There won’t be a better repointing of any Osborne work.

The Lady Vanishes

A first-class production. Crisply paced, beautifully detailed, this ensemble is flawless, the finest Bill Kenwright’s team have produced

The Mill on the Floss

Stunning. This consummate, flawless production is an event for BLT and Brighton

The River, Comment is Free

Bold brave, and mostly beautiful work: a consummate double-bill.

The Thrill of Love

A superb revival, and the best production of this popular play I’ve seen.

Would Like To Meet

The trials and tribulations of dating in the digital age.

Wuthering Heights

There mightn’t be a finer adaptation at BOAT this year.