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Brighton Year-Round 2020

A Coward Coupling

Family Album is possibly the most disastrous production this already unfortunate play has ever sustained. More, Coward would declare it’s a travesty; of genius. Hands Across the Sea is pitch-perfect in a slightly outré version of what Coward meant.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

A theatrical arcady on our doorstep

A Visit From Miss Prothero, Afterplay

If you see one production this Christmas, see this.


Richly charactered, thoroughly absorbing.

Crongton Knights

A small masterclass in storytelling from the ground up

Ghost Stories

Don’t waste your ticket. Stay to the end if you dare.

Henry IV Part 1

Here the shadows fall the more convincingly to join with those chimes at midnight in Henry IV/2.

Henry IV Part 2

An alert, dark-hued production. We have heard the chimes at midnight

King John

A tedious brief tragedy? King John is fun… It’s been said.


A stylishly visceral production.

Much Ado About Nothing

A blissfully alive production.

Richard III

A deeply revolving production.


Mark Wilson and his team triumph in a whisper, and a restraining cry.

The Winterling

A triumph. Nearly flawless, it must be seen by anyone interested in contemporary drama.

Troilus and Cressida

We’re privileged to see this rarely-performed work moulded by OFS. A play for our times.

Uncle Vanya

The definitive Vanya for our times