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Brighton Year-Round 2021

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Outdoors, this has grown prodigously. Some actors give transcendent performances up there with London’s finest. Out in the slant air this proves magical.

Di and Viv and Rose

A first-rate revival of this heartwarming play, surprising you with grief, and joy


You should see this with some fine acting and a storyline making more sense of Dracula than Stoker does himself.

Julius Caesar

A fleet powerful Julius Caesar, with some outstanding performances

Looking Good Dead

A first-rate production. If you enjoy thrillers, you must see this.

Miss Julie

The end is like life-blood draining away. It’s what Strindberg meant. See it.

Our Little Surprise

An attractive, gentle meditation on family, with spectral undertones.

Richard II

One of OFS’s strongest productions, it’s also a return to roots.


There’s a grain in this play promising the transcendent.

The Cat and the Canary

If you’re a Classic Thriller Theatre Company fan, don’t hesitate. Though we can be grateful to Bill Kenwright for trying out these creaky creepies, a serious bit of thought ought to go in to just what genres they are first.

The Chalk Garden

Not quite the last drawing-room comedy. But the Janus-faced prophesy of plays that took thirty years to catch up.

The Dresser

If you’ve not seen The Dresser, you shouldn’t pass up this production.

The Merchant of Venice

This production needs a run. It’s potentially a great interpretation.

The Winter’s Tale

A production showing the company’s unique slant on Shakespeare

The Woman in Black

As fine a touring production as you’re likely to see