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7th- 17th September 2017


Welcome to our coverage of Amsterdam Fringe Festival. Experimental, bold and diverse, there is a wide variety of work on offer this year and we are delighted to be covering this Fringe once again.

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I want to see… at Amsterdam Fringe

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Here’s our unique guide to help you find a show to see at Amsterdam Fringe. We’ve pulled out the popular, the weird and the eclectic. So, scan down and get booking!

I want to see…

… music and theatre performance about love and loss with music from the past and present. Then see O Heavy Time

… mix of live mind reading, music and hypnosis. Then see Mindgames

… a physical theatre performance that revolves around the theme of wanting to belong somewhere and with someone, and the (in)ability to fit in. Then see Osmosis

… a unique solo performance, in an interactive installation. Then see Pierrot Lunaire 2.01

… an interdisciplinary performance with live music, poetry and contemporary sance. Then see We Are the Everlasting Guests

… some circus theatre. Then see Not Somewhere Else

… Bleach is a soul-jolting new one man show about sex, violence and city living. Then see Bleach

… a dynamic dance performance in which The Ego balances between demigod and fallen winner. Then see The Winner Takes it All

… a  a radical feminist who sings dirty rapsongs. Then see Send Me Dick Pics

… some acclaimed storytelling theatre. Then see My Father Held A Gun

… punk. Then see Club Club Gewalt 5.0 Punk

…  some physical theatre – a show about a legendary figure, an artist who in his lasts moments looks back at his turbulent life thinking “what’s it all worth?”. Then see The Story of John Crow

…  a hear-play in episodes and needs you to bring it to life. (rewrites Dostojevski’s novel) Come read along and create your own character. Then see The Karamazovs

… some theatre, a seminar on the history of horror cinema. Then see CINEBRA: A History of Horror

… a dance movement piece inspired by the poem ‘Lament’ by Herman Hesse. Then see We are the Everlasting Guests

… a piece exploring the interaction between man and machine. Then see Neophilus

… a dark, humorous solo performance reconstructs a personal view on what it’s like to keep someone really close. Based on a true story. Then see My Dinner With You

… five synchronized swimmers, dance, music, text and visuals. Then see In Line

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A new way to explore Amsterdam Fringe – our essential links to navigate the Fringe… Simply click on an image to reveal details of a recommended show. Follow your artistic instincts…

CTF_Mounir Chadli_f1 13b kopie Paper Twists 5-min

PierrotLunaire2.0.2 Chris Koolmees IMG_0209 British theater exists bleach

FLOORSMALL  Screen Shot 2016-09-28 at 11.55.20

Keyword Chaos


Here’s another way to find a show at Amsterdam Fringe.

We’ve trawled the programme and our own knowledge base and selected the most intriguing phrases in programme line up. So, choose the phrase that draws you in, click on the link and get booking. Use your intuition…

a rollercoaster of different celebrations, in which the fear of being forgotten tries to overrule.

Three paper-made characters attempt to find their way between familiar, ordinary necessities and playful liberated fun. A glance at this renewed basic material Suddenly brings about the joy of the small simple moments of life.”

Awakening your senses by their intuitive responses, they guide you through contrasting situations in their existential expedition.”

A multimedia frenzy featuring live scares and unforgettable songs, this unique hybrid horror musical comedy will leave you convulsing in terror and delight!

Liberté, Egalité, Beyoncé: Because everyone deserves to be Bey.

Unscripted, unsettling, dynamic and constantly evolving. Do you want to come and play?

Colourful insights reveal the physical and emotional sensations of living with Trichotillomania, a Body-Focussed Repetitive Behaviour. The work exposes what it means to fail for perfection against glittering hope.”

Time. One voice. Four recorders. And a weight that drags you down.

an exploration of the materiality of sound. Over the course of 60 minutes we will disassemble a cello while it is being played, exposing both the physical instrument and the source and structure of its sound. This brutal and at times violent process is accompanied by a performed text – a reflection on the circumstances and an investigation into the mythical aura of the cello.

The inspectors A and B investigate the disparition of C, scientific seen the last time in Amsterdam. C was sent by a independant environmental agency about how to ride a bicycle, and his presence there seemed not welcome. Through this banal research A and B will discover “behind the scenes” of a huge organisation lead by D…

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