Review: The Big Stiffy

Absurd and off-the-wall, this surreal funeral party is a bizarre experiment that really does pay off

Review: The Bald Prima Donna

Spirited pacey revival of Ionesco’s first play, with one stand-out performance and superbly idiomatic one. A perfect introduction to the playwright.

Review: A Dirty Get-Away!

Brilliantly silly and profound meditation on the nature of memory loss as innocence

Review: FEAST

A pinch of nudity, a splash of surrealism, and a dollop of the absurd. You won’t find anything else quite like it skimming through the Fringe brochure, that’s for sure.

Review: Hunger

Vampires bleeding the nation dry -visual, visceral, frightening and witty

Review: The Knee Jerk of Sloth

Moving and magical absurdist piece about homeless people

Review: Lady GoGo Goch

Wonderfully Welsh

Review: Heads Bodies Legs

Absurd, well made theatre with a lot of soul

Review: The Cow Play

Unique and powerful

Review: Pigmalion Zoo

An absurdist view of an apocalyptic time when a family have much to consider when structure has failed and the future is wholly uncertain

Review: Red Bastard

Red Bastard

Review: Mammoth

This is surreal guttural comedy, an absurdist play about everyday stuff…