Review: J’ai un Bleu

J’ai un Bleu manages to covey through movement what words simply cannot express. The objectification of the female form.

Review: Lived Fiction

Unique, spellbinding, groundbreaking; above all makes everyone more alive to the possibilities of being human.

Review: Struts

Dancing in the streets of Cumbernauld in a community event that struts and sparkles

Review: Kin

Outstanding cast! A must see! Ground breaking physical theatre.

Review: Unforgettable Girl

A danced, poised, graceful, explosion of dance which questions so much about our ethnicity and dealing with others.

Review: Infamous

Emma Hamilton, mother and ward. Expect spats. Nine months since her National Theatre Kerry Jackson opened, April de Angelis arrives at Jermyn Street with the three-hander Infamous, directed by Michael Oakley, till October 7th. Even though the earlier play was staged in the smaller Dorfman, Infamous is chamber music by comparison. As in Kerry Jackson, De Angelis avoids tragedy where it clearly offers itself. The final two scenes though offer more; it’s piquant, momentarily uplifting, a little sad. And dramatically right it’s expressed in dance.

Review: An Afternoon With Anton Du Beke and Friends

Du Beke would have easily been able to present a polished, over-the-top extravaganza to rival the Ziegfeld Follies, but this being the Fringe, he gave us an intimate, scrappy hour that provided the perfect tonic for a rainy day in the last week of the festival. 


Weinachter is an interchangeable chameleon: not just a dancer, but a rare performer who can do it all! Her style and execution of ideas paints a beautiful memory of her idiosyncratic talents in exploring the beginning and end of life. Stunningly poignant.

Review: Lost Soles

A beautifully imagined flight of fancy on the sole of a dance shoe that taps out such wonderful rhythms.


Enthralling. Poignant. Unforgettable. Two cameras. One couple. A beautiful dance between the private and public world of this turbulent couple. Not to be missed!

Review: Dances Like a Bomb

Intriguing, witty, strong and tender dance-theatre, beautifully performed.

Review: Family Portrait

A fascinating and beautifully imagined film showing us the value of family, no matter what form.

Review: N.Ormes

Enthralling emotive exchange of physical strength, equity and friendship. .

Review: Lie Low

A slick swirl of consent issues, insomnia and dancing to Benny Goodman

Review: You and Me

A heartfelt dance piece that is impactful in meaning and dynamically expressed through the choreography, music and performances.

Review: Project Y Evolution

A performance guided by the scope of ambition with an energetic and able group of confident dancers.

Review: The Rest of Our Lives

A gorgeous piece of dance-based theatre that navigates the jumbled inevitability of middle age. 

Review: Kizlar

New commission by Brighton-based company gets standing ovation at Theatre Royal sell-out show

Review: Bakkhai

The Tale of Your Times. Of Old Times. Of Times Yet To Come.

Review: A Wee Journey

An exceptionally moving piece of dance theatre which explored migration, refugeehood and connection through the medium of dance, theatre and music, which I truly understood.

Review: Moving Cloud

The most astonishing piece of dance theatre I have seen for some considerable time.

Review: Ballet Freedom

Contemporary dance, excellent dancers, eclectic music, sexy choreography.

Review: Runners

Thrilling, original circus concept, music and choreography, highly skilled acrobatics and dance.

Review: Bold Moves

Beautiful, entertaining, exceptional dancing, and viscerally emotive.

Review: Fitry

Intense and intriguing!

Review: She-Wolves

Informative story-telling about historic women rulers and how they have been represented and mis-represented through time.

Review: One

A cultural challenge in a creative and imaginative manner which tasks our assumptions over the immigration of our politics and the politics of belief

Review: The Black Blues Brothers

An explosion of joy with the music of The Blues Brothers as a backdrop and unremitting physical wonderment as an entertaining treat.

Review: Collision

Thrilling and inventive circus with hip hop which is fast paced and leads to a thoroughly entertaining romp

Review: Soothe

A physical exploration of the effects of adrenaline, dopamine and oxytocin.

Review: Entwined

A superior celebration of movement highlighting that which makes us similarly different.

Review: 111

Curious disparity made physical with equity at its heart

Review: Because I Can

A challenging exploration of losing power and relevance as we age.

Review: Some Other Place

Some Other Place - an exploration of where we are, where we came from, and where we're going...

Review: Dirty Dancing

There’s a fitting heart-warming climax to a dream of production. And a surprise to those who think they know the film.

Review: I/O

Interesting exploration of movement, technology and space.

Review: Grin

A fantastic piece of collaboration which is as energetic as it is creative and challenging.

Review: Prelude #1- The Circle

From Quebec- highly satisfying and professional unraveling of gesture and motion in a ritualistic circle

Review: Silver Feet

A fascinating dance piece which takes us through the feet sculpted around our guide.

Review: NOunderstanding

A relentless/restless modern dance from Italy about communication and lack of understanding

Review: We Came To Dance

A truly immersive experience where you dance to the rhythms of another world in a class that should make you spin.

Review: Celebrating Okoe

A beautiful homage to a personal friend and teacher that is rich and deep in the rhythm of celebration.

Review: Bones and Wires

Exploration of contrasts, curious, subtle and meaningful.

Review: Living Newspaper #7

Like all the Royal Court’s Living Newspaper series, we need this. Watch a group of young dramatists take on the future

Review: Born to Manifest

An impressive and challenging triple bill of exceptional dance that delves into the depth of their being and provides us with collective hope as a message.

Review: Looping

A divergent dance experience that is as eclectic and participative as it is enriching and impressive

Review: Dadders

An engrossing and fascinating exploration of artistry made by two neurodiverse performers.

Review: Identity

Thrilling and inventive, pulsing with creativity and ability

Review: Ensemble

Inspiring dance with strength and grace

Review: Seeking Unicorns

Beguiling performance - beautiful with a powerful message

Review: BalletBoyz: Them/Us

Visceral and moving dance and inventive choreography - breathtaking!

Review: Heroes

A highly skilled physical exploration of the theme of heroes and their impact upon us

Review: FrontX

Vibrant entertaining show with a fascinating international cast of skilled characters!

Review: Ariadna

Exquisite movement and physical storytelling

Review: The Beautiful Game

Joy and ecstasy, failure and defeat in a strong physical theatre piece with football thrown in.

Review: Project Y

An astonishing evening of dance that comes from four top choreographers and the cream of young dancers in Scotland

Review: Wasteland

A vibrant hymn to community, its spirit and its defiance.

Review: Körper

“A fusion of the modern and the mythic, questioning our place in the modern world”

Review: Ceyda Tanc Youth Dance

“An inspirational and dynamic showcase of the next generation of dancers under the guidance of Brighton based, Ceyda Tanc”

Review: Elicitations

“An ambitious work, exploring the emotional complexities in relationships”

Review: Tantalus /A Pair of Genes

An intimate and personal double bill of what it is like to be alike and different given through and entrancing piece of dance which is rooted in highly personal experience.

Review: Dance Nation

As an airborne metaphor for how you get to be grown-ups, what it does to you, Dance Nation takes as it were some beating.

Review: Sunshine Boy

A fascinating homage to the world of a true maverick and genius from one of Scotland’s own.