Review: Thief

A searing solo performance of the life of a man struggling to survive in the worst of circumstances.

Review: Babs for Life

You got to pick a scandal or two, solo show of fantastic political commentary.

Review: May Contain Traces of Nuts

A worthy attempt at showing the conflict within young people around gender, the future and all the stuff your parents warned you about.

Review: After All These Years

Giles Cole’s extending from one wistfully comic short to a three-act Chekhovian elegy for the dance of age, is in a defining league of its own. A superb play, it will now reach the West End.

Review: Kidnapped

A fantastic reimagining of a classic tale set in a time we need to be challenged.

Review: From Here to Eternity

Grabs you from the towards the close of Act One and doesn’t let go: from here to curtain we’re in heart-stopping eternity.

Review: Here

A major talent with a distinct voice, and the consummate assurance to express it with stamp and precision

Review: The York Realist

It’s sold out: put your name on the waiting list and queue in the rain.

Review: Morning Glory

A small masterpiece of amused, unflinching reveal, which does something no-one else has done at all.

Review: Breathless

A pitch perfect drama with crafted bittersweet comedy which explores the challenges of navigating life whilst not coping with a mental health disorder.

Review: All Of Us

As Ken Tynan once said of another debut, I don’t think I could love someone who doesn’t love this play.

Review: The Wrong Planet

There’s a great act struggling out of this blissfully baggy monster.

Review: Airswimming

Superb revival of Charlotte Jones’s play about two women incarcerated for fifty years for bring different. With a standing ovation of such force that convention had to be broken with the actors forced back on stage.

Review: Staircase

A first-rate revival of a play that with its ostensible shock-value in aspic, reveals subversions and a clever structure so unsettling we should all look in the mirror and wince.

Review: Sacrament

A revelation, superbly written and acted. Comparisons have been made with A Girl Is A Half-formed Thing. I can think of no higher praise either. You must see this.

Review: Twelfth Night

Tamsin Greig’s extremes as Malvolia mark the first intimations of the terrible and define this production. The ground’s shifted.

Review: As You Like It

For Lucy Phelps and Sophie Khan Levy above all, this is a joyful As You Like It.

Review: Piano Play

Sublime playing combines with a surreal story

Review: Parakeet

A new play about finding your flock in a world that doesn't seem to care

Review: Dark Sublime

Renders complex sexual feeling and friendship with the grace of the everyday

Review: Like Orpheus

Queer club culture and surreal movement are married in this rave ridden soliloquy of love in the margins

Review: Poet in da Corner

Exemplary, thrilling, adrenalin-shot and shout-worthy. There has to be a part two, and it ought to be soon.

Review: Enough

A violent attack on the social norms which drive self-harm in its many and varied forms.

Review: Ganymede

A square set of love stories that ends with a worthy examination of the meaning of love and acceptance.

Review: Forget Me Nots

Dynamic, subtle and tender storytelling!