Review: Materia

A strangely compelling oddity that plays with the possibilities of form to illuminating effect

Review: Twisted Tales

One mat, six players and bundles of talent in this dynamic ensemble. Bringing Total Theatre back!

Review: The Yellow Wallpaper

Stephanie Mohr’s adaptation is a remarkable manifestation (no other word seems more apt) of the Charlotte Perkins Gilman short story The Yellow Wallpaper, an important realisation of a key feminist awakening. It’s good enough for you not to want it depicted in any other way.


Weinachter is an interchangeable chameleon: not just a dancer, but a rare performer who can do it all! Her style and execution of ideas paints a beautiful memory of her idiosyncratic talents in exploring the beginning and end of life. Stunningly poignant.


Important theatre, brave, daring - entertaining.

Review: Tanken

A heartfelt attempt to expose the oil giants in a futuristic setting.

Review: LULU

Where's Lulu? Tricks and treats - A great combination of mime and acrobatics!

Review: Ghosts of the Near Future

An engaging combination of heroic journey, magic show, and story-telling about life and death. Ghosts of the Near Future took place in an atmospheric fog-filled amphitheater at noon on a sunny day. A home-made brew of great integrity, creativity and enjoyment.

Review: Some Other Place

Some Other Place - an exploration of where we are, where we came from, and where we're going...

Review: Little Wimmin

An adaptation of Louisa May Alcott's classic novel Little Women by all-female performance art collective Figs in Wigs

Review: Grin

A fantastic piece of collaboration which is as energetic as it is creative and challenging.

Review: Thirteen Fragments

A fascinating poetic musing on the COVID pandemic focused on the resilient experience of women of colour, delivered with great panache.

Review: Living Newspaper #6

Like all the Royal Court’s Living Newspaper series, we need this. Watch what this does with the future

Review: Seeking Unicorns

Beguiling performance - beautiful with a powerful message

Review: May I Speak About Dance?

“A playfully contemplative lecture performance, posing challenging questions about the language of contemporary dance.”

Review: Séancers

Séancers: an ensemble of mediums who convene to receive spirit communications...

Review: (Some)Body

Creative, bold, sensitive, meaningful physical theatre.

Review: Ugly Chief

A highly humorous and human take on a father's and daughter's relationship through the lense of death

Review: David Hoyle

A Compelling and Heart Wrenching Explosion of Love

Review: Motherhood:(Un)speakable, (Un)spoken

Ninety seconds into this newly-revised one-woman play, Joanna Rosenfeld - emerging in a poke of fingers from a cagoule of brown paper - over-voices herself giving witness to tens of verbatim experiences we hear. This tells us the baby’s a parasite, sucks all your nutrients, calcium from your teeth for instance, causes injury, often permanent, can kill. This is - literally - epic interior theatre.

Review: Bildraum

The fall of civilisation and a celebration of nature

Review: 4D Cinema

A historical and technological exploration of Marlene Dietrich, autobiography and live performance.

Review: The Excellence of Failure

Vinyl Catastrophe, Chris Sav, Andy Hoggarth, Lewis Klein, Mathilde Segonds and Clarisse Mathevet are all individually intriguing artists, who I would happily watch perform again.

Review: Song Conversation

"magical dreamscape of noise, sound and music fused with written and improvised text."

Review: Crème de la Crem

Deftly structured, evenly paced, informative and entertaining, Crème de la Crem is a must see for anyone who'd like a great funeral.

Review: goo:ga

"performance art at its best "

Review: Daughter

The funeral of a daughter, on the side of Loch Lomond is carefully choreographed by the corpse whilst she is still living.