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Edinburgh Fringe 2010

Circus Burlesque

Circus Burlesque

Genre: Burlesque, Cabaret

Venue: Assembly


Low Down

For adults only, and billed as "Sexy, edgy and funny, the Festival’s biggest burlesque extravaganza is an irresistible evening of sinful delights and sophisticated sensuality, featuring a heady mix of the best in art-house burlesque and breathtaking circus acts."


We open with a remarkable opening gothic act, bringing us to different levels (somewhat literally) as this Angel Of Darkness starts the show on a high. And the standard is maintained throughout ..

It’s a sophisticated, smart and cheeky hour that’s worth arriving on time for ‘some are more punctual than hours’ comments host Miss Temptress Rose wryly to some late-comers who then become somewhat shy in their responses: ‘aren’t you polite little virgins’, she laughs. There then follows unashamedly old-fashioned line-up in the best of burlesque acts (including Betsy Rose, putting her ballet training to good use, and Miss Tina making her circus skills look all very easy and effortless when they’re clearly not), and some music mixed in with some gentle satire.

Yes, satire. With the songs poking fun at the new government, and the smattering of tassels and glitter, this feels very much like an anti-establishment club of the 1950’s, which is no bad thing.

It is all raised to another level by the so-called Ring Mistress Miss Temptress Rose, blessed with a keen wit and a filthy laugh. She controls the evening beautifully, and is a smart and gorgeous host.