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Edinburgh Fringe 2012


Underbelly Productions/Faanana Republic

Genre: Burlesque, Cabaret


 Udderbelly, Bristo Square


Low Down

The Briefs boys return in a tighter trimmed down show and dazzle the crowds once more in this glitzy glamorous showboy revue.


The Australian all male burlesque revue returns to the Edinburgh Fringe in a larger venue than previous. It’s a retread of last years hit success with a few additions and omissions from last years line-up; but what a line-up. Hosted by a drag queen with a beard and charmingly haphazard presentation style who admits their only skill is changing outfits in between acts, this is a rollercoaster of a show that blasts through a series of circus skills covered in a healthy layer of sequins, glitter and stage showmanship throughout.

Mark Winwill displays exceptional skill and versatility whilst hula-hooping (aka terrifying luminous bikini-clad drag queen Nadya Kominatya) and performing later in the bill again as Captain Kidd, his award winning aerial burlesque (boylesque) striptease routine from Las Vegas Burlesque Hall of Fame in 2011.

Johnny Domino the "Strongman" makes a welcome addition, adding an old-school carnival aspect while Davy Gravy, as the palest, least muscular member (ahem!) of the group provides comedy foil whilst making him no less appealing than the others as he performs an hilarious striptease, pausing for posing with stage panache.

These men are an attractive, muscular, well-groomed, tanned group of men which inevitably has led to the audience attracting a predominantly “Chippendales” audience (creating an unnerving shrieking and giggling cattle market feel to the proceedings) which, as long as you imbibe a drink or two beforehand, is easily ignored as the men delight the crowd with risqué stripping, sexual suggestion and fabulous displays of physical prowess,

The show is a slick production, despite its rough around the edges appearance at times, but does suffer a loss of momentum when showing a short video projection onscreen. On the whole however, the pacing is fast, the bill is varied, balancing out skilled performances alongside comedy and saucy shenanigans. Briefs will be too gauche for some tastes but the feel of true Vaudeville spirit abounds as the energy never dips whilst the men continue to flaunt and flex their muscles and tease and taunt the audience to their delight.

Brings a group of friends be sure to partake in the “Meat Raffle” (I shall leave this for you to discover) and enjoy this show dripping with tongue-in-cheek naughtiness.