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Edinburgh Fringe 2013

A Womb with a View

Pinkanoe theatre

Genre: Comedy, Drama

Venue: The Space @ The Jury’s Inn


Low Down

This comedy had a simple narrative, almost soap opera in style, linking the characters with pregnancy – from older career woman struggling with fertility to an experienced pregnant Mum of 5 to young first time ‘love’ and awkward conversations with unsavvy Mum about contraception and ‘giving away your flower’. It was fast paced with a large number of characters played by 4 female performers. They were an energetic cast who gave it their all and took on difficult scene and character changes with fearless gusto.


 It was quite a mysterious little Fringe journey going to the Jury’s Inn venue near the train station…round corners and through archways and into hotel lobby and special key cards for the lift…The venue was a bit small for the cast but they used the space well, the lighting was simple and the technical cues were all on time.

The audience, men included, loved it and were roaring with laughter and although interesting issues came up common to the modern woman, this wasn’t an ‘issue’ play and you could therefore sit back and just giggle along and enjoy the slightly haphazard but funny musical moments.
The introduction suddenly of autistic twins a bit jarring and didn’t really connect up and the antenatal class bore no relation to real life but was an original take on it. There was a lot of TV fed, derivative humour using fairly simple and stereotypical characters but it was generally well performed, fun to watch, with some good comedy moments.
A quarter of the way through it needed rounding up as it started to flag – I wonder if the dialogue was cut, and the verbal and physical interplay allowed to breathe more and the direction a bit tighter, the performers may have had a stronger grip in their characters and played with them more to create a little more meatiness and originality to them. However the main pregnant woman was very hilarious at time and there were moments of strong performances from the cast.
Recommended for some lighthearted visual comedy and a lovable warm hearted cast.