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Edinburgh Fringe 2016


Bears and Vagabonds Productions

Genre: Drama, Physical Theatre, Storytelling, Theatre

Venue: Lauriston Halls


Low Down


“A satirical comedy focusing on the homeless, lost and forgotten people in society. Using puppetry, clown and other storytelling devices, you are cordially invited to examine the real and surreal experiences of those who have nothing.


This show is what the Fringe is really about – raising subjects the Society would rather forget – raising subjects that are not commercial – new writers, new performers, new plays – challenging the Establishment. “Trashed” ticks all the boxes with a vengeance. Have you ever heard of a Cast walking all the way from London to Edinburgh with no money, nowhere to sleep at night, and all this to raise awareness from those who’ve gone to sleep on the plight of so many of our brothers and sisters? Well that’s what Adam Boyle and his friend Adam Courting have done this year to get to the fringe. Ten days on the road: four weeks sleeping rough at the Festival: ten days on the road back to London.

Yes – they’re still living rough and on the Fringe: relying on generous performers who’ve left, leaving food in their fridge; on generous members of the public who put money as they beg; on the generosity of those who go to Lauriston Place at 5pm each day and those supportive enough to go and see their show. What energy! What dedication! What a thoroughly great effort for a terrific cause.

Their show involves music mime and your presence. They are talented mime artists and touching and persuasive actors. Perhaps there is a little lack of clarity and natural link-up between the mime and the dialogue at times. In their show they approach us as a homeless couple: they explain themselves directly with Brechtian boldness, the show us their plight in mime.

Even socks could be a reason to kill: a particularly poignant moment.

This supreme effort is well worth support: it makes us understand a little better – even perhaps motivate us into action.