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Edinburgh Fringe 2017


The Last Great Hunt

Genre: Comedy, New Writing, Theatre

Venue: Underbelly Cowgate


Low Down

From multi award-wining seasons in Australia, written and performed by young Australian writers, Jeffrey Jay Fowler and Chris Isaacs this is the story of two lads, unreliable narrators telling the same tale from different points of view. A truthful and comic insight into the mind of the modern man.


Jimmy and Corgan are hapless twenty-somethings, the generation that seems to be taking forever to grow up, giving as much commitment getting to the next level of Donkey Kong as to holding down a job, or in Corgan’s case living on hand outs from the bank of Mum and Dad. They are mates who sometimes have each other’s backs, tolerant of each other’s sexuality but uncomfortable with mixing gay and straight friendship groups. Then onto the doorstep of their hapless existence lands a wedding invitation, that innocent bit of card with the capability of causing such an existential crisis that Jimmy’s current boyfriend seem wanting and Corgan’s  regret for the one who got away threatens to swallow him up.

Fowler and Isaacs have created two really great three dimensional characters in Jimmy and Corgan, and their performances are spot on too. Sympathy and despair are equally earned at their eye-rolling antics. At times laugh out loud funny, other moments truly sad this is a story told in a series of monologues as first Jimmy then Corgan gives their version of events. You feel the truth lies somewhere in between as they take turns occupying the moral high ground then wallowing in the swamp of unwholesome behaviour.

The ending is a little pat, perhaps too bromantic for our under confident awkward pair, but we are left cheering them on as they continue their journey into adult hood.