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Edinburgh Fringe 2022

52 Souls

A fascinating and inventive series of deathly monologues with plenty of ellipsis…

Around the World with Nellie Bly

An intrepid 19th century traveller in the hands of a first class 20th century story teller. A perfect reminder than adventures aren’t just for boys!

Boris the Third

A lighthearted telling of Boris Johnson’s less than successful acting career. Slapstick abounds!

Ghost Therapy

An entertaining, fun, comedic play about the mysterious world of ghosts!

In The Weeds

A beautifully-staged exploration of folklore

Jesus, Jane, Mother & Me

A Brilliant Fringe Acting Debut in a Scintillating and Ultimately Shocking Play.

Move Fast and Break Things

Intriguing impactful story, characters and fascinating video and puppetry!


An intriguing exploration of the power that nostalgia can wield


Bold storytelling and innovative staging

Playing God

Serious questions wrapped in comedic observations


A confusing exploration of a taboo subject that delves but comes up short.

The Kettling

Highly effective piece of youth theatre drama ostensibly covering climate change but including a whole lot more

The Last Return

A highly entertaining ensemble performance that is a masterclass in characterisation and comedic timing

This is Paradise

A lyrical exploration of how we come to terms with our pasts

Triple Bypass: Three Ten Minute Plays About Living for Death and Dying for Life

Three great wee plays performed with a degree of skill

Truth’s a Dog that must to Kennel

'Stand up meets metaverse' - Bravo, Tim Crouch, the Fool we need to interpret our sad, new world.


Witty, dramatic, poignant, well acted and directed play.