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Edinburgh Fringe 2023

A Funeral For My Friend Who Is Still Alive

t A funereal plan which ends up with an intriguing twist – no “body” arrives.


An entertaining farce set in a brothel with quality performances by its three-strong cast

After This Plane Has Landed

New musical drama based on the harrowing story of kidnapped British journalist John McCarthy and Jill Morell's relentless campaigning for his freedom.


A balanced take on the effects of the referendum, delivered with plenty of heart.

Alison Skilbeck’s Uncommon Ground

Six seemingly unconnected lives are brought together during lockdown


Three employees try to make sense of an impossible corporate brief

Bad Play

Not Bad Enough to be Delicious

Being Sophie Scholl

Some German citizens said no to Nazism

Blood of the Lamb

Death Does Not Become Her

Blue Morpho

The flapping of a butterfly’s wing can have a great effect

Brief Candle

A fascinating solo piece all about Edinburgh, its burning and the underclass beneath the bridges.

Debating Extinction

It is a beautiful, delicate sapling that, with some gardening, will no doubt grow into a strong Oak under the capable hands of the Torch Ensemble. 


A first class production by an accomplished youth theatre


An exceptional two handed piece of theatre


Energetic, well acted play about money.

Extreme: The New Norm

A fantastic series of interconnected scenes all about the world’s favourite pandemic.

God Done Opened the Sky!!

Each character is played with a charming sincerity that pulled the audience in and made us hang on his every word.

Heaven by Eugene O’Brien

A middle-aged couple go to a wedding, but there’s so much more going on

Indoor Kids

An interesting story of two next door neighbours who became the very best of friends.

Initial Consult

Despite what might seem to be heavy material, there is never a moment where you feel like you can’t laugh. It is all delivered with warmth, energy, and skill that is impossible to not be charmed by. 

Jingle Street

Annoyingly catchy jingles that will linger longer than you might want

Love, Monty

A one man show of original writing from an exceptional actor playing to the strengths of yesteryear.

Merry Wanderers

Midsummer Night's Dream for the TikTok generation

My Dad Wears A Dress

Zany humour with some serious insights

One Room Sleep One Night

There’s No Sleeping in This Room


Combining subtlety with an inspirational message, this truly is a bit of magic.

Rites of Passage

A new play from two compelling performers, fascinating, moving, and relatable.


A raw and poetic journey through the experience of being sectioned


An inclusive, engaging and thought provoking show about family dynamics.

Shadow Kingdom

A Sweet, Funny and Gorgeous Kingdom You Won’t Want to Leave

Sheldrake on Shakespeare : Live!

An urbane little gem of a show


Shortlist really must be experienced by anyone who appreciates excellent theatre, brilliant writing or those who simply want a good laugh.

The Birth of Frankenstein

Masterclass in storytelling that's engaging from start to finish.

The Booth

Clashing egos and back stage shenanigans

The Grand Old Opera House Hotel

An absolute blast with gags galore, soaring operatic arias and great performances

The Opera Diva’s Boudoir

Fresh, inventive riches to rags story with a twist.

The Society for New Cuisine

A Creepy, Thoughtful Thriller

The Standard Short Long Drop

Nothing Standard Whatsoever About This Superb New Play

Things Hidden Since The Foundation Of The World

A scintillating play of ideas about the internet and its impact on what we know and how we know it

This Is Not A Play (It’s A Pathetic Cry For Help)

A stunning solo performance of an exquisitely intricate script

waiting for a train at the bus stop

Captivating, laced with humour but dark and heart-breaking.

When We Died

An absorbing one-woman play seamlessly blending physical theatre with a poignant, gut-wrenching narrative

Why Am I Like This

An exquisite and hilarious blend of personal experience, debunked myths and compelling storytelling.

Why I stuck a Flare Up My Arse For England

A truly fascinating explanation of an inexplicable act for your country.