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Edinburgh Fringe 2022

52 Souls

A fascinating and inventive series of deathly monologues with plenty of ellipsis…

A Sudden Violent Burst of Rain

A powerful story with mythical qualities about life in the hostile environment

A Wilde Life

Oscar Wilde is in a bar in Paris and wants to talk about himself - what could possibly go wrong?

Able (ish)

A gentle thought provoking personal story

About Money

A fantastic dramatic performance of a very difficult topic performed in an exceptionally authentic manner

Age is a Feeling

An outstanding and absorbing solo show shaped each day by audience choices


A deft, well played comedy of manners

Around the World with Nellie Bly

An intrepid 19th century traveller in the hands of a first class 20th century story teller. A perfect reminder than adventures aren’t just for boys!

Blanket Ban

A must see energetic powerful wakeup call with plenty of humour

Boris the Third

A lighthearted telling of Boris Johnson’s less than successful acting career. Slapstick abounds!

Born Under a Bad Sign

A brilliant exploration of what hope can do when you follow a team that’s not one of the big two…


A pitch perfect drama with crafted bittersweet comedy which explores the challenges of navigating life whilst not coping with a mental health disorder.

Cicely and David

An intriguing glimpse into the friendship that started the modern hospice movement (and is a fund raiser for the Hospices of Hope - Ukraine Appeal)

Decision – An Irish Dance Play

Joyous, poignant and inventive fusion of theatre and Irish dance.


A fast-paced elegant exploration of female emancipation in the 1920’s world of entomology (things with wings that sting!)


A spell binding multi layered exploration of privilege, entitlement, and the desire to control…

Ghost Therapy

An entertaining, fun, comedic play about the mysterious world of ghosts!

Godot is a Woman

Superb clowning with a powerful gender message and added Madonna

Happy Meal

A queer rom com where Millennial meets Gen Z and change is all around.

Hard Shoulder

An intensely personal story performed with passion and complete abandon


A must see mesmerising modern take on an Ibsen Classic

How to be a Better Human

Life affirming and funny look at bereavement and loss

In The Weeds

A beautifully-staged exploration of folklore

Jesus, Jane, Mother & Me

A Brilliant Fringe Acting Debut in a Scintillating and Ultimately Shocking Play.

Look no hands

A fascinating tale, a great bike and a glimpse into an unusual manifestation of PTSD


A darkly funny exploration of gender politics and male power in art

Move Fast and Break Things

Intriguing impactful story, characters and fascinating video and puppetry!


An intriguing exploration of the power that nostalgia can wield


Bold storytelling and innovative staging

One of Two

Wry, poetic and just plain angry - a comedy drama from a young Scot about him, his twin and why life has treated them differently.


A very creative and funny show about going on a date and finding yourself in a show.

Playing God

Serious questions wrapped in comedic observations


A confusing exploration of a taboo subject that delves but comes up short.


Well balanced and effective theatrical homage to the bravest and most selfless act that could be imagined.


A fascinating drama based around the effects of impending environmental catastrophe rather than the science of it.

The Girl Who Was Very Good At Lying

An outstanding powerful, imaginative and funny exploration of the stories we tell to escape who we are and where we are.

The Kettling

Highly effective piece of youth theatre drama ostensibly covering climate change but including a whole lot more

The Last Return

A highly entertaining ensemble performance that is a masterclass in characterisation and comedic timing

This is Paradise

A lyrical exploration of how we come to terms with our pasts


A drama about blurred lines of consent as a young visually impaired woman negotiates sex and relationships.

Triple Bypass: Three Ten Minute Plays About Living for Death and Dying for Life

Three great wee plays performed with a degree of skill

Truth’s a Dog that must to Kennel

'Stand up meets metaverse' - Bravo, Tim Crouch, the Fool we need to interpret our sad, new world.


Witty, dramatic, poignant, well acted and directed play.