Edinburgh Fringe

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Edinburgh Fringe 2016

5 out of 10 Men

Bold drama and physical theatre! Excellent!

A Dream of Dying

A poignant, witty and thoughtful look at making choices.

A History, w Nowell Edmurnds

An uncomfortable reflection on our society’s adoration of fame.

A Series of Unfortunate Breakups

A bittersweet tale of 3 relationships that never quite end the way you expect

All Quiet on the Western Front

See it and be reminded.


Powerful stories that every internet user should see.

Bubble Revolution

a stimulating play about entering the consumerist bubble

Burnt Sugar

A bright idea that is a little short in its delivery.

Callisto: A Queer Epic

A show full of great performances and roles

Cosmic Fear or the Day Brad Pitt Got Paranoia

An uncomfortable time examining the environmental disaster ready to unfold

Criminology 303

A taught half hour or so in the company of a former detective and the case that haunts her, and now us

Denton and Me

Well crafted, well performed, intriguing!


Lear meets Reservoir Dogs

Every Brilliant Thing

An entertaining, amusing look at depression.

Expensive Shit

full of dark humour and completely riveting

Five Go Off on One

The Famous Five, without one, go off on an adventure on summer hols for jolly japes and smuggling scrapes.


A series of scenes on the issues of lost people

Grimm: An Untold Tale

An entertaining and illuminating play about forgotten figures in history


New writing with a lot of potential

How is Uncle John?

A darker side of the 21st century

Infinity Pool: A Modern Retelling of Madam Bovary

A unique one woman, no woman show

Monologues of a Tired Nurse

"shocking and moving"

Mrs Roosevelt Flies to London

An intimate audience with an extraordinary woman of history

Nosferatu’s Shadow

Poetically written and beautifully performed

One Hundred Homes

Impactful storytelling, subtly provocative!

Paper Hearts the Musical

A multi-layered musical with outstanding performances

People of the Eye

A thoughtful play about a serious subject.

Queen Lear

An intriguing and poetic imagining of Lear’s unknown queen.

Still Here

“If you have the media - please tell to all the people of nation about my country; Is very important.”

The Allergic Audience

Two wacky women and a Fringe venue.

The Supermarket Six

Unexpected outcome when an unexpected item appears in the bagging area.

The Vagina Dialogues

Women share all in a glorious celebration of feminity

Twonkey’s Drive In: Jennifer’s Robot Arm

Paul Vickers' first musical is unsettling, shambolic and very, very silly.

Yoke’s Night

An evening of drugs, mayhem and macabre dealings where all is more than what it seems.


The story of exposed abuse told simply and effectively from a stool on a stage.