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Edinburgh Fringe 2017


Point Youth Theatre

Genre: Drama, Fringe Theatre, Theatre

Venue: theSpaceontheMile


Low Down

London is gripped by fear and the whole population are in that grip. It is some years since the last sighting of Dr Jekyll and this late Victorian society are now being controlled by a government, for their own good thanks to a serum that has been let loose amongst them. Not feeling the love from their masters, six young women bind together in an attempt to cry freedom and rally the world against the tyranny.


There is no doubting the enthusiasm in amongst the varied abilities of a young company who have worked so very hard together. The connections between them are the most impressive things about this short and punchy vision of a very dark and bleak future. With a set dominated by vertical strip lights, costumes that are very authentic there is plenty to admire in the gusto with which this company are drawing you in.

There are some problems with the script as there is the kernel of an excellent idea that is lost a little. The whole concept of a serum that Dr Jekyll once had that unleashed Mr Hide which is now amongst everyone, with the panic that you could be infected a reason for authority to control you is very good. The script struggles a lot in its delivery with gaps that make it a difficult thing to follow. For example, there was seemingly a point where we leaped several years but I was not aware of such a passage of time.

The music and signature them song is not an equal to the company and some of the voices struggle a little with the musical notes.

There is also a voice over that is a little more Dr Who of the 1980’s than 21st Century but we are supposed to be in the 1880’s so after a while it fits just fine.

What made it a very pleasant period of time in the theatre was the clear abilities of this young cast. They showed flashes of understanding of the script and the themes therein, the choreography excellent for some and not so great for others leaving plenty of positives throughout. I would not hesitate to pitch into another performance piece and whilst original theatre is always a gamble, this was a company of young creatives I felt were scratching the surface of an idea and scratching my interest in a similar fashion.