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Edinburgh Fringe 2017

Jason and the Argonauts

Take Thou That Theatre Company

Genre: Children's Theatre, Contemporary, Drama, Family, Fringe Theatre, Theatre

Venue: Space @ Niddry Street


Low Down

Jason is on a quest and gathers a motley crew of the disengaged who can help beat off the best, and worst that the Gods will throw at them. It’s a stripped down version but brings the dangers of a red misted Heracles along with all of the nods to the story that has the Sirens, the stone giant who bars their passage and the dragon teeth that turn into an army of soldiers unwilling to let Jason continue the quest to regain his throne. It ends as it ought and the good of the misfits brings down the orthodoxy of the prejudiced.


This serves to remind me that there are some gems at the beginning of the day that can set you up for a great day ahead. It seems that I am not alone as we have a very healthy audience for a 9am start. This has a story that is well trodden but here the misfits and immigrants from the camp are all modern day and though their names may not resonate with a  21st Century baby book, they are none the lesser for entertaining a strong focus on telling a story we all should know or at least have seen the film. Perhaps the greatest compliment that I can give is that I had the images of that film which was a massive part of my childhood in my head when I watched this – such was its visual power!

The script retains enough of the original to recognise that it is the themes of the story and the set pieces that make it strong. We see a performance that is filled with gusto as the young company from Bristol Old Vic theatre School give us the essence of each story whilst retaining the modern day setting and clothing to add the contemporary connection.

The choreography is particularly impressive and this young team show themselves very adept at producing the goods when it comes to fight sequences. Well directed and choreographed there are some impressive theatre arts that are well integrated though the bird fighting and the wings must be a worry each performance that the reveal is going to go smoothly as it looks quite a primitive mechanism and is integral to the storyline.

Overall it may be early in the morning but if you like your Greek stories with a touch of a modern twist, told with great aplomb and confidence then Take Thou That Theatre Company have the right menu for your palate.