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Edinburgh Fringe 2018

Éowyn Emerald and Dancers

Éowyn Emerald and Dancers

Genre: Contemporary, Dance, Jazz

Venue: Greenside @ Royal Terrace


Low Down

Éowyn Emerald returns following her sold-out 2016 run with a new program showcasing her striking choreography and outstanding company of dancers. Physical, poetic, technically demanding and emotionally complex, don’t miss this exciting dance maker’s newest creation for the 2018 Fringe.


Éowyn Emerald and three dancers present a programme of eight short pieces, showcasing a compelling variety of choreography by Emerald. At the beginning of the programme the fluid contemporary dance is set to new age music with vocals and includes interesting leans, lifts and springy movement that undulates and changes of direction. It is obvious that the four dancers enjoy what they are doing as they react to each other naturally.

Other pieces include hand held torches to make shapes on the floor and to light themselves with sound effects, circular movement and moody music. Balletic arms with turns mixed with fully extended and folded limbs. Dramatic lighting, and sinewy movement, that is limber and graceful. A highlight is an exceptional male solo, so quiet and in his own world, exquisitely danced. A beautiful solo with Éowyn is playful when joined by a lovely trio dance in a playful piece. The last dances are excellent with complex choreography, and visceral partnering. The final piece is the most complete and successful of the evening – a provocative quartet is danced beautifully with interesting choreography and set to pensive violin and cello music that fills the space.

All the dancers are well trained and combine mainly contemporary dance with jazz motifs in some pieces. The two male and two female dancers are well matched and perform solos, duos and quartets with swift transitions. Costumes are simple and effective, ranging from all black tops and leggings to colourful dresses and t-shirts. They also have a way of changing costume on the fly, which supports the flow of the show! Lighting design by James Mapes is evocative and varies for each piece.

Éowyn takes ideas from her research and spontaneity, together with music choices that she enjoys to develop her pieces. For example, in one piece the movement seems to be inspired by yoga positions and then creatively embellished to include sculptural movement and innovative choreography. Soundscapes of abstract ethereal add atmosphere to an unpredictable and fascinating theatrical choreography in one of the last dance pieces.

This is a creative company of well-trained dancers doing what they love. They travel from afar to be able to get together to collaborate and work together expressing themselves through dance. The result is a programme of very interesting dances coupled with a wide variety of music. Recommended!

Dancers: Jack Anderson, Katie Armstrong, Éowyn Emerald and Chase Hamilton.