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Edinburgh Fringe 2022

Ghost Therapy

Jaz Skingle Productions

Genre: Comedy, New Writing, Theatre

Venue: Zoo Playground



Dr. Soul conducts one of her regular therapy sessions and her clients arrive one by one for help. However, the clients are ghosts – it seems that ghosts have the same issues as the rest of us!

While we may not have thought about this before, teenage playwright and director of Ghost Therapy, Jaz Skingle certainly has. The ghosts seeking help all have different issues but what is so interesting is that they need help in unexpected ways. A very charismatic Trenetta Jones plays Dr. Soul with relish and all-in finesse, interacting with the audience via asides, questions, plus a few small requests, in her mission to not only help her fellow ghosts but to also enlighten us about their world.

The first client is young Lucy, played by Emma Pallet, who enters eccentrically flailing all limbs complaining that she is not liked. Her exaggerated shrieking voice and facial expressions bring out giggles from the audience. Another knock at the door and Peter the Poltergeist played by Charlie Vaughn, wanders in head down because he lacks confidence, which is not very helpful if one is a ghost and wants to be successful.

More assorted ghosts come by seeking help and Dr. Soul questions and advises them with humorous results. The play is snappy and comedic with fast paced crisp dialogue. A cast of four actors play six characters all dressed in white everyday clothes – for ghosts, anyway. There is also an interesting yellow chicken character and an unruly biscuit loving daughter of an ominous and well known parent.

Jones flourishes jauntily in her very skilful performance; she transitions with ease from visceral energy to giving quiet confidential information and yet she also has a believable moment or two of angst.

The simple setting of two black armchairs and a small table with phone works very well for the almost fifty minute play. Some sight lines from the side are a tad challenging in the small stage area and the sad chicken character was sometimes difficult to see and hear due to the placement on stage, no doubt these will work themselves out during the run.

This is an entertaining, fun, comedic play about the mysterious world of ghosts!