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Edinburgh Fringe 2023

Broadway Diva

Theatre Travels and Olivia Ruggiero Productions

Genre: Cabaret, Musical Theatre

Venue: Assembly Rooms


Low Down

Olivia Ruggerio delivers a captivating hour of musical theatre songs in “Broadway Diva” as she takes the audience on a magical journey through classic show tunes, and her impeccable voice, complemented by expressive acting, truly stands out. Masterfully accompanied by pianist James Hall, the show is a delightful blend of iconic melodies, emotion, and talent, making it a must-see for anyone looking for an hour of great music and song.


At the end of this hour of musical theatre songs Olivia Ruggerio jokingly suggests, “If you enjoyed the show, share it with, but if not, tell your enemies”. I don’t think many enemies will get to hear about this delightful hour. Already bathed in glowing reviews, this show is clearly a must for devotees of this genre.

However, even if like me you feel a bit of an imposter, someone who until now has avoided the allure of classic musical theatre, preferring the easy access pop of Pitch Perfect, Wicked or even Moana, I suggest you seriously consider “Broadway Diva”.

It’s an enchanting journey that provides a hop skip and a jump through many of the well-known and popular classic show tunes, some wonderfully and masterfully melded together. Whether you’re familiar with a song or not, or even if there’s the occasional one that doesn’t quite resonate, rest assured; just like the buses on Princes Street, albeit more punctual and far more elegantly, another one will arrive soon. As you enter the show, there’s a handy online programme accessible via a QR code for a sneak preview of the songs you will encounter or as a keepsake.

The vocal performance of Ruggerio is impeccable, transitioning seamlessly from soaring high notes to profound mid-range lows, covering a whole host of classics with a drop of intense and impressive Puccini and a dash of more playful moments too. The singing prowess is beautifully underpinned by expressive acting and emotion. In the minimalist black box setting of this intimate venue, this vocalist shines brightly.

The talented pianist James Hall provides a masterful accompaniment, supporting and complementing the singing in a seemingly effortless manner as he weaves through an expansive songbook of memorable melodies.

In essence, this show is a genuine treat. Whether you are already a fan of, or still not sure about, musical theatre and Broadway showtunes this is a must-see hour of music, song and undeniable talent. You could say ‘something has changed within me’, and I loved it!



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