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Edinburgh Fringe 2009

6.0: How Heap and Pebble Took On The World And Won

Ice dancing and global warming collide in this charming show from 2008's Total Theatre Award nominees.

A British Subject

Gripping, smart, immaculately acted and directed must-see

A Fistful of Snow

An unusual and witty window into isolation and madness

A Grave Situation

There’s nothing grave about this wonderful, sharp and hilarious show.

A Personal War (Stories of the Mumbai Terror Attacks)

A sensitive portrayal of seven people caught up in the Mumbai terror attacks

A Respectable Wedding

Anyone for cod mornay?

A Stroke of Genius

An intelligent and funny gem of a show

A Tribute: Gielgud’s Ages of Man

A master-class in Shakespeare, and an insight into one of the best Shakespearean actors of a generation. Inspiring, tragic and powerful stuff, a shining hidden gem of the Fringe!

Accidental Nostalgia: An Operetta About the Pros and Cons of Amnesia

Weird and wonderful; intelligent and unintelligible; brillliant and banal; stylised and sensational. It has it all. Go see it.

All the Lonely People and Me

A monologue on the difficulty of talking about loneliness which illustrates the problem.

Almost Like a Virgin

Strong central performance in a touching show

And they lived…

Talented intelligent storyteller offering first class entertainment without the ego. A refreshing newcomer.


Inspired if uneven physical theatre piece about loneliness.


Article 19 add a lot of colour to a play that is never simply black and white.

As You Were

Heartfelt verbatim piece about the effects of war.

Audience – Michael Frayn

A brave attempt at a Frayn triumph

Austen’s Women

A very high quality piece of theatre


Cambridge's production of a little known classic impresses.


Bedazzling display of bamboozling mind reading and magic


A tour-de-force. Experience Fringe theatre at its brilliant best.

Barbershopera II

Laughs, tears and stampeding hairy cows, all in perfect four-part harmony

Beachy Head

Drama exploring suicide with technical wizardry live on stage

Been So Long

A musical morning call with a difference. Sassy, soulful, sophisticated performance engages and entertains.

Bob’s Date

Nerves conquers Memory and rescues Emotion

Body Gossip

A dark undercurrent gives a tired format oomph

Bongo Club Cabaret

Delicious and Sexy late night fun with an unashamedly old school cabaret

Borges and I

A near flawless work of true beauty, a joy to watch.

Boy in Darkness

An inventive and engaging new work by a creative and promising young company.

Britain’s Best Mates

Chirpy chappies in comedy about mateship.

Broken Holmes

A delightful little gem of a farce!

By Order of Ignorance

A Heartbreakingly powerful, topical production of modern writing

Catwalk Confidential

Surprising, Captivating and must see work

Certain Dark Things

Equisite Ensemble work coupled with a production that challenges and moves all the senses!

Chauntecleer and Pertelotte

Astonishingly acted, thrillingly written two-hander tribute to Chaucer.

Chomp: A Zombie Musical

A good effort by a sparky well-disciplined group of youngsters.

Choose Your Own Edventure

Comic storytelling with an excellent twist

Chronicles of Irania

A warm, compelling and hard-hitting show


Simply stunning dance and acrobatics


No words, few props just consummate skill and comic genius: physical theatre at its best.


Modern obsession set against the backdrop of an increasingly fractured relationship

Dandelion’s Story

A must see of a children’s show

David Leddy’s ‘White Tea’

Deliciously delicate design and a cleverly layered script

Djupid (The Deep)

A compelling account of tragedy tinged with hope

Doctor Faustus

Bottoms up for this imaginative burlesque telling of the Faustian pact.

Don’t Forget to Breathe

Two people waiting for a train, one with all the questions, one having to provide all the answers

East 10th Street: Self Portrait with Empty House

One-man's story of a house haunted by eccentric characters


A convincing and intricate contribution to pre-Apocalyptic science-fiction.


Comedy and pathos vie for place in this acutely obseved debut.

Facebook Fables

Super slick and effortlessly executed, a must see for any facebook addict!

Facebook: The Musical

Good in parts (better in the second half)

Fahrenheit 451

In a world where we burn the classics in favour of Heat, and news is reduced to sixty second soundbites, Ray Bradbury’s warning is brought to book ..


Tone-perfect and comic with a serious message beneath the surface.

Faulty Towers The Dining Experience

More madcap insults from the Faulties

Fhlip Fhlop

Hip-hop painters with mischief in mind


Men Behaving Badly meets Friends, with a twist

Francis, the Holy Jester

Life-affirming and joyful storytelling by a master practitioner, completely unimssable!

Frisky and Mannish School of Pop

Reinventive and reinvigorated Pop music gets a makeover!

Gagarin Way

The forces of capitalism clash with communist ideals in this powerful interpretation of Gregory Burke's iconic play. Who's the target? What is the point? Can two men make a difference?

Ginger & Black: The Extraordinary Life and Times of Harold

Smart deadpan comedy from this extremely talented duo

Go to Gaza, Drink the Sea

A thought-provoking response to the crisis in Gaza

God: A Comedy By Woody Allen

“… How many stars are you going to give God?!”


Two-Day Productions present a Dane that has been pared to the bone, with a strong, confident central performance.


Welcome to the world’s worst hangover, ever…

Have a Nice Life

You've never seen therapy like this...

Hayton on Homicide

A tongue-in-cheek Victorian murder mystery with ghosts.

Heroin(e) for Breakfast

A shocking and pitch-perfect new production


A story worth telling and a musical worth seeing.


Othello reworked into a one-man show of epic proportions, and a fantastic physical performance. Unmissable and powerful!

Icarus 2.0

Beautfully constructed and performed production, strange and haunting

Interminable Suicide of Gregory Church by Daniel Kitson

Gregory Church didn't commit suicide, and Daniel Kitson is an alternative national treasure.


The boundaries of traditional theatre are broken as you become part of a play where sex is a fast track to intimacy.

Inventing the Sky

If you like your physical theatre intense and artistic, go and see Rain People.

Iris Brunette

A strangely hypnotic and mesmerising show.


A wonderful reflection of a troubled life

Jumping Mouse

Refreshing energetic theatre that jumps between the worlds of live performers and puppets with ease and wit

Keep The Change

The Fringe's most exciting debut is a high adrenaline rush through Manchester's underworld

King Arthur

Intriguing take on a traditional tale

King of the Gypsies

An eye-opening account of a poorly-understood set of prejudices.

King Ubu

A surreal and bizarre evening, madness and talent abounds!


An immersive, submersive experience

La Dispute

Marivaux with energy, passion and a difference


Frenetic, fastpaced theatre and it is free!

Lady Garden

It’s like basking in the sunshine with a bottle of rosé

Land Without Words

Intimate and wittily honest portrayal of one woman's inner torment.

Late Night Improv Fight

Nobody gets out of here alive. Or at least without having a great laugh.

Laura Solon: Rabbit Faced Story Soup

Razor sharp wit, elegant wordplay, and a gorgeously smart performance.

Lights! Camera! Improvise!

Fast paced and silly fun from trailers to full blown blockbusters – all made up.

Lilly Through The Dark

One highly stylised piece of theatre telling a story of release and of moving on.

Lotte’s Gift

A classic tale about classical guitar. reverential and refined. But somehow lacking in soul.

Love Machines

A visually stunning, highly accessible production that deserves a wider audience

Lucky Dip

Is winning really more important than making friends?

Me & Jezebel

Fasten Your Seatbelts, It's Going To Be a Bumpy Afternoon

Me, Mum and Dusty Springfield

You don't have to say you love me, just be close at hand.


Cambridge University ADC


A rom- com with attitude

Mind Out

A show that resonates in your mind like an echo chamber long after you have left the theatre

Miss High Leg Kick’s Fashion Bus

fashion with a small “f” and its tongue firmly in its cheek

Moll Flanders

An energetic attempt at a classic picaresque novel of the early C18th.


Inspirational portrayal of Eric Morecambe, one of the greatest comedians to have graced stage and screen

Mould and Arrowsmith’s Inventions

Smart, slick sketches with a geeky edge

Murder Mystery Musical

Witty, whimsical musical comedy played by a brilliant ensemble cast.

My Darling Clemmie

Enchanting portrayal of Clementine Chruchill

My Life with the Dogs

Anarchic folk theatre at its best.


A hidden gem that explores love and disability, but mostly love


A colossal feat of storytelling

One Man Lord of the Rings

Top-Drawer, funny and breathtaking

Ophelia (Drowning)

3Bugs Fringe Theatre make waves with this heady and sensual interpretation of a genuinely desperate romantic. Dive in ..

Orpheus And Eurydice

A group of great promise and talent

Our Country’s Good

An eerie staging of an excellent play.

Out of the Blue

Out of the Blue - out of this world

Palace of the End

A hauntingly emotive production.

Pappy’s Fun Club: World Record Attempt – 200 Sketches In A Hour

Fast and furiously paced gleeful comedy with a very talented quartet.


Remember, remember, the 21st of September….

Plane Food Cafe

Intriguing approach to serving an airline meal, wacky!

Poet’s Corner

Well worth watching; a play and performances with lots of promise

Princess Cabaret

These Princesses are pierced, this Tink has kinks, and no girl here is going to wait for her Prince to come when she can just as easily, by herself .. well, you get the idea.

Private Peaceful

Compelling and poignant reminder of the follies of war


Enjoyable and Impressive Monty Python Biography

Rapunzel and the Tower of Doom

An incredible set goes some way to making this children's tale - which mixes charm with horror - so good.


What little this performace lacks in technique it more than makes up for in sheer magic

Ritter, Dene, Voss

Austrian post-modernist theatre, excellently realised

Scott Mills The Musical

Hilarious smorgasbord of celeb pop culture with a real music theatre edge!

Searching For Eden: The Diaries Of Adam And Eve

Yes, they’re naked. And yes, they look pretty good. That isn’t why you’re here, though, is it? Oh, go on, then ..

Shakespeare for Breakfast: A Midsummer Night’s Scream

Start the day the comedy Shakespeare way

Shirley & Shirley: The Shirley & Shirley Show

n ya face sketch comedy from two talented performers. Well worth seeing.

Shitty Deal Puppet Theatre presents . . . Oh! What a Shitty War

The funny and filthy puppet show takes on the big guns.

Shoo Shoo Baby – The Entire History of Cabaret

A gallop through the entire history of cabaret

Showstopper! – the improvised musical

Long-form improvised musical comedy at it's magnificent best.

Six Ways

Not groundbreaking but an excellent example of what top quality new musical theatre should be like!

Snarl Up

Hilarity and surprises as Yummy Mummy runs amok

Socially Retarded

Bringing cringe to the fringe

Stacy Meyer: The Funeralogues

A performance of open-eyed innocence with a dark heart.

Success Story

Thrilling satire about love, lies and Hollywood endings, with a twist!

Susie Baxter’s Guily Women

Charming tale about Muriel, cleaner to liquorish allsorts

Sylvia Plath – Three Women, The First Revival

Sylvia Plath's words hold the stage in this powerful production

TeakShow Twisted Sketches.

Bizarre, Creepy and Surreal…

The Bitter Belief of Cotrone the Magician

A completely unique Fringe experience... on an island!

The Bone House

Psychological tricks are used to terrifying effect in this chilling examination of our fascination with serial killers

The Boom Jennies

Sparky and high energy fun from three highly accomplished performers.

The Chair

Explosive, Passionate and innovatively bridging the gap between theatre and dance!

The Chronicles of Long Kesh

An unflinching examination of the most notorious prison of Northern Ireland's Troubles.

The Devoured

A terrifying tour-de-force, and not an easy watch.

The Doubtful Guest

A stylish show with very little content

The Event

Sharp, incisive writing and direction from John Clancy combined with a pitch perfect performance from David Calvitto make this a must-see show.

The Fall of Man

A guttural and sexy rendition of Paradise Lost, exciting and shocking

The Gannet

A twisted, visual triumph that exudes professionalism: Absolutely spectacular!

The Girls of Slender Means

An ambitious adaptation of Muriel Spark’s novel with strong central performances from the Stellar Quines ensemble.

The Great British Soap Opera

Bubbly, Fresh and Entertaining. Must see for Music Theatre lovers!

The Honeymoon

Two remarkable women show us what it is to be alive. And when we say two remarkable women, we don't just mean the characters – we include the people playing them.

The Hotel

A hotel experience you will never forget!

The Improverts

Sharp, fast paced improv comedy from a wonderfully confident group

The Lamplighter’s Lament

"...a piece of brilliant visual theatre"

The Last Witch

Acclaimed Scottish playwright Rona Munro's new play deals with the case of the last Scottish person to be burned on charges of witchcraft, seamlessly blending history with imagination and cutting to the human heart of the witch-hunt.

The Legend of Kaulula’au

Enthralling retelling of an old Hawaiian tale

The List Operators

Pros: A triumph, Cons: none.

The Lover

The Lincoln Company finds a different beat with this Pinter power play classic

The Montana Ranch

'Saving the planet has never been this bad!'

The Most Important Show of the Day

This interactive breakfast sets you up for the day - and for all the madness of the Festival

The Noise Next Door: OtherWorld

An out of this world experience with this hilariously funny, charismatic troupe

The Other Side

A timely and important production that gives us hope from the Palestine-Israeli conflict.

The Overcoat

Bold, beautiful and baffling

The Oxford Imps

This infectious and charismatic group loop a selection of short form games into some kind of loose narrative, creating a hour of fast paced laughs and story telling.

The Penny Dreadfuls Present . . . The Never Man

Fringe favourite's latest offering is a fun-filled hour

The Play About Charlotte

A play with a sharp, complex script and a young, captivating female lead

The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie

A strong performance brings to life Muriel Spark's much-loved novel

The Rap Guide to Evolution

A witty collection of rhymes on evolution and creationism

The Regina Monologues

A gender and time-bending monologue about Queen Elizabeth I, pleasantly intimate insights

The Shadow Orchestra

A wistful show full of magic and drems

The Sociable Plover

Funny, dark and hugely enjoyable

The State We’re In

"a highly recommended piece of theatre. Don't miss it. "

The Strong Breast Revolution

Brave, Passionate and Redefining - Completely lives up to its name

The Stronger

A splinter of life and fear in a compelling one woman performance.

The Tartuffe

A cleverly meta-theatrical adaptation of Moliere's classic comedy, by York's renowned Belt Up Theatre.

The Unthinkable

Political Correctness Goes Mad in a dystopian future.

The Wind in the Willows

Charming and faithful adaptation

The World is Too Much

A nice idea; shame about this script. But the audience, we were very good.

The Yellow Wallpaper

A very assured Fringe debut with an upsetting and disturbing tale of oppression.

Tim Against All Odds

Laugh a minute, frantic comedy as Tim battles against all odds. Pure joy!

Time Out Of Joint

An almost farcical depiction of the Bard at work on his next great play, with many a clever-clever Shakespeare reference.


Macbeth as the timeshare neighbour fromhell


Strong lead roles and a brilliant adaption of an Edinburgh favourite and cult classic.


Two publicans, many customers, each with a story to share

Umbrella Birds – Sketches in a Shop Changing Room

Tight writing, good characterisation and slick presentation of life in the changing room of a shop near you

Unit 46

A show with guts and gumption.

Ward No 6

A darkly comic stage adaptation of Chekhov's short story.

White Man’s Burden

Startling originality breeds exceptional theatre, a truly remarkable production

William Andrews: Nitwit

An inventive and zany comedy act that uses technology to excellent effect.

Words With A. L. Kennedy

Raw passion meets high polish


A rambunctious and energetic re-telling of a classic, hilarious and horrible


Not for the shy, not your typical performance, an engaging late night experience that will give you something to talk about.


Fast-paced, anarchic and fun