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Edinburgh Fringe 2011

13 – The Musical

A teen ensemble with talent.

2401 Objects

"a beautifully crafted and executed piece of theatre"

A Sentimental Journey – The Story of Doris Day

An aptly named and thoroughly enjoyable reminiscence of a Hollywood great.

A Slow Air

A well written portrait of a family feud

Abbi Patrix & Linda Edsjo: A Concert of Stories

A vibrant music-laced evening of storytelling


A heartfelt examination that has lessons for us all

After Miss Julie

A good performance of this tale of passion and betrayal

After The End

This harrowing battle of the sexes throws up some uncomfortable ideas about human nature.

Agamemnon by Steven Berkoff

The kids are more than alright

Agnes and Walter – A Little Love Story

An impressive physical theatre piece of loneliness and togetherness

Alice through the Looking Glass (And what she found there)

A gallant attempt at theatre for children by young people


A beautiful tragicomic site-specific two-hander

Alma Mater

A strangely haunting performance for one with iPad

Alzheimer’s the Musical : A Night to Remember

"an hour of earthy Aussie humour"

An Instinct For Kindness

Informative and engaging, this bittersweet, strangely uplifting tale is told with much eloquence and truth.

And the Birds Fell From the Sky

Formally inventive and genuinely unsettling, this is a truly original piece of work

Andy Zaltzman: Armchair Revolutionary

Andy works overtime to give us jests, puns and political junkyism.


Growing with confidence as the plot unfolds

Anton’s Uncles

Outstanding physical theatre - you won't see anything better in Edinburgh this year

Are You Happy Now?

Love means different things to different people

Asher Treleaven: Matador

Bull-fighting and comedy are mostly the same, right?

At The Sans Hotel

Experimental, well acted and confusing, At Sans Hotel is not for everyone

Audience – Ontroerend Goed

Conceptually intriguing but scarred by a scene that's morally repugnant

Baba Yaga

Theatre Enchantment in the Gardens

Babbling Comedy 2

Heartful and brilliant


A slick, sophisticated set of stories.

Belle of Amherst: Double Vision

Emily Dickinson comes to life over two performances

Belleville Rendez-Vous

Gorgeous adaptation of a near-silent animated classic

Belt Up’s Outland

An intimate and intensely playful entry in the world beyond the looking glass

Beowulf: A Thousand Years of Baggage

An inventive and enjoyable musical retelling of Beowulf

Bespoke Magic : On the Fringe of Reality

Silver-tongued gentleman magician with a twinkle in his eye.

Between Brackets

An Alternative Fairytale...Their timing is spot on

Black Slap

Black humour from men in black slap


A Musical Salute to the Titans of the Genre

Boom Jennies – Blow Out!

Food for thought a-plenty with late night zany humour

Bubblewrap And Boxes

Simple, sweet and effective story telling that always manages to think outside the .. well, you know.

Cabaret Whore – More, More, More

Sharp-witted lyrics from a natural cabaret whore

Camille O Sullivan: Feel

An extraordinary performer, an extraordinary voice.

Can’t Stand Up For Falling Down

An Enjoyable Piece of Theatre

Caruso and the Monkey House Trial

An impressively staged moment in history that speaks to today

Casablanca: The Gin Joint Cut

If you see nothing else this Fringe...


Myllyaho’s dark comedy superbly brought to life by three accomplished Scottish actors.


A charming, gentle children's show

Chasing Dragons

A play that creatively deals with a mental health issue


Decent improv from a young improving group

Choose Death!

A collection of marcabre souls and stories. With jokes.

Chris Coxen’s Space Clone Audition

An object lesson in how to deal with a disruptive audience

Cluedo: Murder at Tudor Hall

As ridiculous as the title suggests. Cluedo’s a murderous musical.

Coffin Up

A lack of death gives life to this fast-paced comedy.

Colin Hoult’s Inferno

"an accomplished and smart hour. "

Colour Me Happy

A charming and inventive devised show

Comedy Doesn’t Pay

a slick and highly satisfying hour of sketch-comedy from three highly-engaging performers


American schoolgirls attempt revolution.

Constance and Sinestra

Wonderfully bizarre and perfectly fantastical.


This is perfect Edinburgh Fringe Fare.


Hilarious silent theatre that’s in a class of its own

Cul De Sac

A peek behind behind the clipped hedgerows and the manicured front lawns.

Cutting the Cord

Performer Sachi Kimura shows us what it can be like to arrive in the UK.

Damsel in Shining Armour

"unselfconscious, youthful, and ebullient"

Dance Marathon

An opportunity to strut your stuff all night long: good, cheesy fun

Dances for Wolves

Bare Naked Comedy

Danny and the Deep Blue Sea

Excellent performances of a dark comedy


A provocative and powerful play

David Reed: Shamblehouse

Character comedy at its finest.

Dead Cat Bounce : Caged Heat

Biting satire and surreal lyrics from this hot to trot Irish comedy rock band

Death Song

A well-crafted and inventively staged work from a talented ensemble

Debbie Does My Dad

A one-man tour of a less-than conventional American adolescence

Devious Minds

Two very skilled performers for the price of one show

Diamond Dick

A visually intriguing adaptation of two F Scott Fitzgerald short stories, let down by the paucity of its source material.

Did you used to be R D Laing?

"a quite brilliant piece of theatre"

Dido and Aeneas

Opera in the grand setting of one of Edinburgh’s finest New Town kirks


A good performance of Moira Buffini’s sparkling dark comedy

Doctor Brown: Becaves

If you think you’ve seen absurd comedy before, think again.

Double Act

They’ve got a great future behind them

Dr Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown

Tremendous physical comedy

Dr Phil’s Rude Health Show

Hernia inducing humour from this scourge of the NHS that’s genuinely good for your health.

Dream Pill

A powerful drama about child trafficking told through the eyes of children

Dry Ice

A raw talent with huge potential

Dumbs Up! Stand-up comedy for kids (and their keepers!)

An hour of ‘laughtastic’ madness.

Dusk Rings a Bell

Delightful, beautiful and heart warming two person play


" a beautifully written and powerful play with an excellent ensemble cast"

East End Cabaret: The Revolution Will Be Sexual

A thoroughly enjoyable show - a real Free Fringe bargain

Ed Reardon – A Writer’s Burden

Pure grumpiness, with lashings of curmudgeonly asides thrown in

Eunuchs in My Wardrobe

An Anglo-Indian coming of age story

Fascinating Aida: Cheap Flights

The definitively inspirational masters of comedy cabaret.


The Devil made him do it, and boy he did it well

Federer vs. Murray

A tragi-comic portrait of a marriage in silent meltdown.

First Light

Powerful drama from award-winning Scots playwright Murray Watts.

Fitzrovia Radio Hour

Topping tales of daring-do from three gallant gentlemen and two elegant ladies

Flamenco for Kids

A great afternoon of engagement for children

Flanders and Swann

FitzHigam captivates the audience.


A classically-inspired take on a modern personal tragedy

Flesh Eating Tiger

An original piece of theatre that shines amongst revivals


A light-hearted hour with a couple of experienced fringe ‘flyermen’.

Ford And Akram: Humdinger

"on the road to very good things"

Fresher the Musical

An entertaining musical comedy performed by a slick ensemble


A show about the end of the travelling freak-show, solid acting and excellent set design

Get Carter

Hugely ambitious adaptation

Greek Myths for Kids

Accessible and inventive

Handling Bach

Celestial meeting in a celestial setting

Hansel and Gretel

An enchanting tale


Like Hollyoaks with A’levels

Helmsman Pete:Postcards from the Edge of the World

Cabaret style storytelling that could easily exceed its limitations.

Hitler Alone

"an astonishing not-to-be-missed performance"


A little confused but see it anyway.

Hotel Medea

A six hour journey through the classic myth, full of light and shade .. and then, finally, the morning light.

How Steeple Sinderby Won the FA Cup

A gentle story from a world long gone. A delight.

Howling Moon

A show full of good things

Humphrey Ker is Dymock Watson: Nazi Smasher!

Swashbuckling World War II adventure comedy.

Hurry Up and Wait

Children’s theatre performance that enchants and entertains in equal measure.

I Hope My Heart Goes First

An explosion of energy and heart

I Infinite

An exquisite gem of a show poised somewhere between infinity and solid ground

I Will Embrace You

You Grasped Me Firmly

I, Malvolio

"Clever, fresh, and innovative"

In The Pink

Winning smiles and some slick choreography from Oxford’s all-girl a cappella group.

Instant Sunshine

"cleverly written, topical, gently amusing "

Invisible Show II

They’re not really invisible, you know…

Jawbone of an Ass

An Absurdly Comic Tale about Religion and Baking

Jet Set Go

High camp at high altitude


"some of the best belly laughs at this year's fringe"

Jim Smallman: Tattooligan

This inked comedian will make you reconsider how you view the tattooed.

Jimmy McGhie: Artificial Intelligence

A guide to blagging your way through any conversation.

Joanna Neary – Youth Club

Top class storytelling from a talent to watch out for

John Peel’s Shed

A Radio Lover Shares his Unique Experience

Julian Sands in a Celebration of Harold Pinter.

"compelling, you could hear a pin drop"

Jus’ Like That

Clive Mantle fills some big shoes…and a fez

Just Good Friends

An exquisite piece of theatre – en effet – c’est incroyable

Kerry Godliman – Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman does wonder comedy.

Kim Edgar

Singer/songwriter at the top of her game

King Arthur

Energetic and direct, involving and fun

King of Scotland

Strong performance from Jonathan Watson as the delusional Tommy McMillan, King of Scotland.

Kitty Cointreau’s Bra Ha Ha

The compere squeals with delight at one point: ‘Oh, tomorrow’s going to be a brilliant day!’. And the Bra Ha Ha is a brilliant way to end it ..

Korean Drum – Journey of a Soul

Dance and drums combine to give us the noisiest show on the fringe

Lady Garden

Action packed sketch comedy from a talented female quintet

Last Orders

Sawney Bean has well and truly been pushed over the edge.

Laundry Boy

Heretically funny and yet strangely disturbing

Le Gateau Chocolat

An uplifting show, full of Lycra, glitter and makeup


Physical theatre taken to creative and imaginative heights.

Liberace: Live From Heaven

Possibly the most subversive show on the Fringe today.

List Operators for Kids do Compooters

One of the best and most hilarious children’s shows I have ever seen - EVER!

Little Matter

A unique and enlightening hour from a unique company

Llwyth (Tribe)

A first-rate piece of new writing


A smart performance of a less than smart play

Lost Orders

Two individuals on the road to self-destruction, seeking absolution from the bottom of a glass

Love Song

A gorgeously tender evocation of the spirit of young love.

Lullabies of Broadmoor – the Murder Club

A psychological crime thriller that delivers

M House

Bleak and depressing Verbatim with a strong message.

Mad About the Boy

A new play that hits a raw nerve.

Magicians Do Exist

Clown around and feel so much better


Manipulation worthy of Machiavelli from this pair of Antipodean illusionists

Max and Ivan are Holmes and Watson

As the world of Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson collides with the world of Al Capone, this comedy duo are on the up.

May I Have The Pleasure…?

A reflective Journey

Me, Myself and Miss Gibbs

Posthumous postcard prompts polished performance


"clear, direct and involving theatre"

Medea’s Children

In this original take on the Greek tragedy, the kids are alright. As long as you don’t mention the D word ..

Minute After Midday

A simple yet affecting tale of a not so distant tragedy.


Unique and uplifting

Mission Drift

Musical theatre bursting with energy and ideas

Morningside Malcolm Meets The Weegies

Gem of a show that’s packed with laughter

Movin’ on Up!

Three identikit young men with some politically incorrect sketch comedy

Mr Benn

Lots of fun in this inventive ride

Murder at Warrabah House

A murder mystery that will confound your expectations, performed by a single talented actor


A tapestry of masculinity and what it means to be male.

My Filthy Hunt

4 Stories portrayed by 4 scantily clad actors. In-yer-face theatre at is best.

Nathan Caton: Get Rich or Die Cryin’

Comedy that doesn’t try to reinvent the wheel.


Newsrevue sets the standard for sketch comedy

Now is the Winter

An innovative and inventive production

Oedipus by Steven Berkoff (After Sophocles)

An exceptional piece of theatre

On the Bench

It's a Goal

One Fine Day

A Masterpiece of a One Man Show

One Thousand Paper Cranes

One Crane Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest ..


Tour de force performance from this whirlwind of humanity


A virtuouso solo performance with a lot to recommend it

Oxford Gargoyles : Jazz A Cappella

Top quality a cappella singing from this extremely talented group

Parallel Memories

An agile duet exploring fractured memories.

Penny Dreadful’s Etherdome

A romp of a production which zips through history full of surprises and fun


Theatrical look at an important topic

Peter Pan

The children stayed engaged from start to finish.

Peter Pan On Dinosaur Island

An energetic performance that children love.

Peter Pan: Learn to Fly Workshop

Brilliant for kids and adults wanting to refind their inner Tinkerbells!

Phillipa And Will Are Now In A Relationship

An innovative and hilarious portrait of love – or mild obsession – in the age of Facebook.

Piano Divalicious

Vivacious piano diva with a story to tell

Pink Noise by FORK

A Cappella so great that you’ll be looking for the band!

Pip Utton is Charles Dickens

A Fringe heavyweight

Playing Politics

Political parody and satire at its absolute best – hits every nail on the head

Polaroid Stories by Naomi IIzuki

A poetic anthem for Doomed Youth in a vibrant and alive poetic performance

Pollyanna meets Piaf

A Moving Insight into One Womans Quest to find Herself

Pop-Up! The Amazing Adventures of Moo Dong

Colourful and stimulating performances that introduce children to art.

Radio Deluxembourg

Multi Media Sci-Fi Musical Comedy

Red Riding Hood

An engaging children’s show


Three astonishingly versatile young actors

Remember This

Sliding through a relationship to see which memories stick

Request Programme

A brilliant piece of acting which deserves your support

Reshape While Damp

An enjoyable hour.


Beautiful and fluid Japanese mime portrayal of Richard III

Richard Michael and Family Play the Great American Songbook

Sublime rhythms and jamming jazz at its best.

Rickett’s Lane

"intelligently stupid and charming"


Roar of the common (wo)man against the establishment

Robinson Crusoe and the Lost Jedi Knight

Interactive, impressive and action-packed children's theatre

Roll Out the Beryl

A nostalgic look back at a comedy great using material from the 70s

Ruby Wax: Losing It

" two ladies who are experts at their craft."

Rules For Drowning

"a credible and accurate portrayal of a period that many will want to erase from their memory banks"


Haunting and intense social and religious drama

Scary Gorgeous

What is gorgeous, is pretty much always scary.

Scene of the Titans

An intriguing true story presented in musical format.


A one-woman show

Sex You (I’m Gonna)

Seduction by a comedy and improv master …

Sex, Lies and Eurovision

Sex, Lies and Eurovision gives you just what it says on the tin

Shakespeare Bingo: Titus

A fulfilling attempt to make that Shakespearean play understandable

Shakespeare for Breakfast

Macbeth: The High School Years


Fast-paced drama about a prostitute in a lust triangle with a teacher and his student.

Shopping and F***ing

Theatre that is designed to shock that falls short of making that impact


Perfect and illuminating, entertaining and thought-provoking - must see theatre.


"a polished performance from an engaging wordsmith"

Slavery to Star Trek

A plethora of true stories, told with heart

Snow Play

An entertaining piece of children’s theatre that enchants and delights

So on and So Forth: Human Era

Smart, slick, sophisticated, sketch show.


"a challenging piece"

Some News – free topical show

A well-rounded hour of comedy and observation

Some Small Love Story

A Musical About Love and Loss


Quixotic take on the Lehman debacle of 2008

Spring Awakening

Public school students rock the house.

Steal Compass, Drive North, Disappear

A very fine piece of character acting, combined with a good story

Stick Man Live on Stage!

A delightful musical for children based on Julia Donaldson’s picture book.

Still Life Dreaming

Young at heart, if not in mind.

Street Dreams

A phenomenal piece of work by a gifted young team.

Superbard and the Sexy Quantum Stories

Parallel universes, monsters from outer space, over-sized traffic cones, and a very talented young performer.

Swamp Juice

Surprising and delightful shadow puppetry

Sweet Charity

The Male Version of the Popular Musical

Tales from the Shed

Interactive theatre for children at its very best

Teddy and Topsy

Wonderfully engaging and exquisitely told.

Terezin: Children of the Holocaust

For a deeply moving piece of theatre this Fringe look no further.

The Alchemystorium

Smart, sexy and fast paced comedy. With added froth.

The Baby Diary

"endearing and lightly funny"

The Ballad of the Unbeatable Hearts

"a performer of grace and clarity"

The Beta Males: The Train Job

A sketch show that plays by the rules

The Boy With Tape On His Face

"go and see the Boy, and be enchanted"

The Dark Philosophers

Masters of Comic Theatre

The Deacon

An authentic tale of Edinburgh for Edinburgh.

The Diaries of Adam and Eve

A thoughtful, funny, well-acted two-hander

The Dog-Eared Collective: You’re Better Than This

Fresh and creative new sketch comedy.

The Duchess of Malfi

Classic Theatre with a 1920's Twist

The Ducks

Thought-provoking exploration of two young people’s search for normality

The Dumb Waiter

If you have a penchant for Pinter – well worth a visit!

The Extraordinary Revelations of Orca the Goldfish

Orca, a goldfish, stars in this tale of fact and fantasy

The Forum

Quality internet play is more than chat.

The Games

"an intelligent and witty parody"

The Girl Who Thought She Was Irish

A young woman yearns to be more Irish and less Australian.

The Golden Dragon

An energetically performed show by a talented ensemble cast

The Historians

Halifax. Once part of our industrial heartland. Now a place for a good night out.

The Horne Section

" a boisterous, bonkers, outstandingly entertaining comedic romp"

The I Hate Children Children’s Show

45 minutes of magic, laughs and live music that engages completely!

The Improvised Musical

Light-hearted musical entertainment that you help to create yourself

The Incredible Book Eating Boy

Skillful teamwork creates a magnificent experience for 1.

The Infants

An engaging absurdist comedy with a serious point to make

The Infection Monologues

A comic, thought-provoking collection of interwoven stories compellingly performed by a talented ensemble.

The King’s Got Donkey’s Ears

Delightful childrens tale with a deeper meaning

The Last Trilogy

Burlesque with a Conscience

The Little Mermaid Ballet

An Engaging Hour in the World of Classical Dance

The Little Prince

Almost as charming as Saint-Exupéry’s novella.

The Magnets

It’s amazing what 6 human voices can achieve!

The Man Who Planted Trees

Delightful, charming and hilarious storytelling suitable for adult and child alike.

The Mole who knew it was none of his business

A fabulous musical ‘pooptastic’ version of a fun children’s book.

The One Hour Plays

An inventive and successful example of good improvised theatre

The One Man Show

A masterly deconstruction of self (un)conscious theatregoing

The Overcoat

Gogol updated for the 21st century....with laughs!

The Perils of Love and Gravity

A comic whirl-wind of fairytale narrative telling of love and loss

The Proceedings of That Night

Theatre is not necessarily the best medium for this ghost story.

The Rainbows’ End

A young theatre company that oozes enthusiasm and talent.

The Seagull Effect

A visually stunning show by an exciting young company

The Strange Undoing of Prudencia Hart

A sublimely entertaining show: David Greig and National Theatre of Scotland on top of their game

The Table

Exquisite puppetry that delights and entertains but could have done with the rest of the dining room furniture

The Three Englishmen – Optimists

Highly entertaining, random and charismatic sketch comedy

The Tim Vine Chat Show

A new chat show format that takes a risk on its guests.

The Ugly Duckling

Charming re-telling of a well-known fairy-tale.

The Velveteen Rabbit

Moving, a tear came to my eye at the end.

The Wheel

A solid ensemble and Harris' vividly poetic script make this production a worthy watch

The Wolves of Willoughby Chase

An atmospheric tale of steampunk adventure for children

The World According to Bertie

" full of entertaining and witty episodes and intriguing characters"

The World Holds Everyone Apart, Apart From Us

A charming piece of storytelling theatre.

The Wrestling

There was comedy, and there was wrestling.

The Zoo

Forty five minutes of fun involving four knitted tarts and a couple of pears

Thom Tuck goes Straight to DVD

"strongly written, expertly performed, evocative stand-up"

Those Magnificent Men

"a production which combines the best elements of biopic and melodrama."

Three Sisters By Anton Chekov

Solid Chekov, but with little light and shade.

Tim and Light

Stunning children's theatre that should not be overlooked

Tim Key – Masteralut

"funnier in more ways than anyone at the Fringe"


A decent production of a new script that could do with a new ensemble

To Avoid Precipice Cling to Rock

"a sixteen-legged beast of impressive musical theatre."

To Hold an Apple

Play within a Play

Tokyo Game: The Body Tights Man Show

A show to enjoy with your ears and your eyes!

Tonight Sandy Grierson will Lecture, Dance and Box.

Does exactly what it says on the tin, but leaves behind so much more.


A promising sketch comedy show

Translunar Paradise

There is something magically uplifting about this show which will stay with you for days.

Trog and Clay

" leaves a lingering impression"

Uglies Do Edinburgh

Lashings of innuendo, double entendre and hoary old jokes at a rare summer outing for panto.

Unanswered, We Ride

Well executed emotional drama about loss & reconciliation.

Untitled Love Story

Being in love has never felt so lonely

Vanishing Horizon

A captivating show with moments of heart stopping beauty – catch it if you can.

Waiting For Alice

Beautifully enchanting production by a very talented cast...

Wasted Love

An alternative method in dealing with heartbreak.

We Didn’t Have Time to be Scared

American teenagers in second world war true story

What Remains

A haunting promenade around Edinburgh's medical school with Grid Iron

White Rabbit Red Rabbit

White Rabbit Red Rabbit is brave piece of experimental writing and thoroughly deserving of your attention this fringe.

Wireless Mystery Theatre Presents…

An Authentic Recreation of A Bygone Era


There is no defence against Wittank's furious assault on the funny bone

Wondrous Flitting

Twisted story of broken Britian

Your Last Breath

A thoughtful play about the limits of human life.

Youth and Will: A Portrait of Shakespeare’s Young Characters… and Us

An interesting angle on Shakespeare's younger characters