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Edinburgh Fringe 2014

13 Sunken Years

A sweeping tragedy of immeasurable sadness with great strength in hope

15% of The Seagull

Delightfully daft comedy

21st Century Poe, Moyamensing

A barnstorming performance from Edgar Allan Poe’s own words relating to a his nightmare in Moyamensing prison

3,000 Trees by George Gunn

Jimmy Chisholm is straight up Scotland’s greatest character actor.

3,000 trees: the murder of Willie McRae

A brilliant one man show of a troubled figure from the Scottish political afterlife

A LIttle Nonsense

Dark-edged comedy about a pair of performers. But who is the clown?


A musically accompanied tale of sadness and alcoholism

Ali McGregor’s Jazzamatazz

Foot stomping music for the 0-7s. And the oldies can join in too if they like


A dark, brilliantly immersive exploration of Lewis Carroll and Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

And They Played Shang-A-Lang

A hilarious run through the decade that some of us want to avoid and forget

Andrew O’Neill’s History of Heavy Metal

A metal heads delight wrapped up in Rob Halford’s cod piece and delivered with riffs

Andy de la Tour Stand-Up or Die in New York

Only two human activities happen in front of a brick wall. Standing at a mic telling jokes or being shot by firing squad.

Animal Farm

Moving adaptation of Orwell's classic

Anthem for a Doomed Youth

An absorbing and moving hour of First World War poetry delivered by a master of the solo stage

Anything Goes

A pleasant hour of crooning with some great jazz jamming.

Arabian Nights

An exceptional tale told in an exceptional manner for the kids

Art of Falling Apart, The

A f***ed-up underground version of Abigail’s Party

Avent & Monie: Back to Front

Two talented comedians clash with comedy flair

Banjo Man

"a poignant, moving and entertaining show"

Belfast Boy

Brutally honest, a must see solo show

Bette Davis Ain’t for Sissies

A must for all Bette Davis fans

Betty Oops

A charming hour in the presence of a masked innocent who just wants to knit


A circus spectacle not to be missed.

Bill Clinton Hercules

A consummate performance from Bob Paisley as Bill Clinton.

Billy’s Birthday Bash

Perfect for the pre-teens and those with a wacky sense of humour

Bitesize Chekhov

Three of his most intricate one-act plays - expertly conserved, cleverly restored and inventively staged.

Blofeld and Baxter : Memories of Test Match Special

Two dear old things in an hour of sublime nostalgia.

Blood At The Root

Thought Provoking Theatre


Loaded with funny and clever physicality

Boris and Sergey in the Astonishing Freakatorium

Cabaret puppetry at its best, most bawdy and gruesome

Bottle Mail from Okinawa

Traditional Asian tale told with gusto and verve


An entertaining coming-of-age tale

Brave Macbeth – The Musical

Bubbling, boiling musical adaptation of one of Shakespeare’s darker tragedies


" heart-warming"


Superb performance - an intimate hour with nearly the man himself

Butterfly in Shades of Blue

A well acted, dark-edged rom-com

Cafe Ruse

They can help youse to have some silly good fun

Casting the Runes

An impressive horror hour performed with style and panache

Catriona Knox Thinks She’s Hard Enough

"a masterclass in rich character comedy"

Circus Incognitus

A one-man physical comedy genius

Clown Slut

A hilarious hour of being taken through the dances of our immature adulthood

Concerto Without Orchestra

The musical equivalent of Ant and Dec

Conditions of Love

A vibrant piece of theatre that mixes Sondheim and Shakespeare and gives us great insight to love from a youthful perspective


A must-see monologue that explores human psychology


Enough to make you wonder whether going into the office tomorrow really is a good idea.

Couples Who Changed the World

A Double Treat for Radio Buffs

Crazy Glue

Domestic harmony and strife get the silent film treatment in this charming physical theatre piece

Cutting Off Kate Bush

A darkly comic piece


Solo theatre at its very best

Daniel Cainer’s Jewish Chronicles

A big, big-hearted fella behind an even bigger keyboard.


A brilliant character led drama about vulnerability and those who can take advantage

Dave Waller: Where My Folk To?

An easy-going and entertaining story of Cornish hip-hop

Dido and Aeneas

Captivating interpretation by a company that’s clearly going places.

Dinosaur Zoo

A funny and convincing experience of a prehistoric safari for all the family.

Divallusion with Christina Bianco and Velma Celli

Powerhouse voices of all the Diva greats by Christina Bianco

Dogs of War

An original and ambitious take on the Wars of the Roses plays.

Donald Robertson is not a stand up comedian

A witty tale of comedy and survival


A good and solid Berkovian take on Wilde’s self destructive character

Duck, Death and the Tulip

A children’s show every adult should take their inner child to.


A universe of joy in one woman's struggle with autism, through dance, music, and humorous physical theatre.

Eden Gate

Interactive, thought provoking and infectious fun


A strong one woman exploration of a controversial historical figure

Eric and Little Ern

The closest to the real thing you are likely to find this side of heaven.

Et Tu Elvie

Elvis - All Shook Up

Eurobeat : Almost Eurovision (Sarajevo)

So camp, I thought it was the real thing

Every Brilliant Thing

Johnny Donahoe brings this selfless, joyous hour of tenderness to life.

Factor 9

An intense and compelling production that illuminates a very real Scottish and international scandal

Faulty Towers: The Dining Experience

The most fun meal you'll have at the Fringe - without reservation. (make sure you make areservation ..)

From Berlin to Broadway

The life and music of the fascinating Kurt Weil brought to life in a cabaret by the talented Bremner Duthie.

Gidion’s Knot

A taut two hander that portrays a meeting beyond comprehension

Give Take

Soulful reflective jazz built around the Bach Flower Remedies

Goodbye Gunther

Tragicomic clownish genius

Great Artists Steal

A wacky but inventive invective on invention


Entrancing movement, sound, and absurdist performance bring this dystopian fairy tale adaptation to life.


An electric love letter to Bristol’s nocturnal rave scene

Half a Can of Worms

Warm and engaging comedy: AND a true story!

Half Baked

An exciting sketch show with a edge.

Harriet – Teen Detective

A delightful and sympathetic play about autism that captures the challenges and suggests solutions

Harry the King

A subtle and superb retelling of Henry V that will hold you entranced.


A high energy coming of age story set in South Africa

He Had Hairy Hands

|"breathtaking physical theatre"

High Vis

A one man show that seeks to lighten the bleakness of destiny with traffic management


A delightful quirky tale, with Welsh cakes.


There is enough to frighten, or at least disconcert, even the bravest cynical adult and kids.

I Do, Do I

A highly enchanting musical journey directed by children but performed with a childlike simplicity that works wonderfully well.

I Need A Doctor : The Whosical

People of Earth, please attend carefully: The show to see if you've got time on your hands ..

I’m Not Like Other Girls

A Personal Insight into Femininity

I’m not pale, I’m dead

Wear something comfortable when you die.

It’s All About George

A touching, well written solo show that ably spans the generations

Ivy Paige: Kiss and Sell

She looks like a million renminbi fresh from the Chinese laundry.

Jamaica Farewell

"a passionate, heartfelt coming of age, flying the nest story which packs a mean look and a Walther PPK."

James Veitch : The Fundamental Interconnectedness of Everyone with an Internet Connection

I didn’t know that spammers and scammers could be so stupid. Or so funny.

Janis Joplin: Full Tilt

Janis Joplin brought back to life

Jekyll and Hyde

An impressive modern adaptation

Kava Girls

A new musical with plenty of potential

Keeping up with the Joans

A deceptively gentle comedy with a bite

Kim Noble: You Are Not Alone

Shocking, disturbed and poignant theatre

Kitty Cointreau’s BraHaHa

Kitty's just the tonic at Just The Tonic

Kitty in the Lane

An intense, shattering performance

Lady GoGo Goch

Wonderfully Welsh

Laika: A Space Dogyssey

A punchy, dynamic musical about history, family and Soviet Russia

Lashings of GInger Beer

Jolly japes in this spoof Blytonesque mystery.

Last Christmas

Beautifully lyrical storytelling, funny and poignant. A thoroughly life affirming piece of theatre.

Lazy Susan – Extreme Humans

Quick-paced comedy with a rich dark seam of misery running down a sweet rock of silliness.

Lie Back and Think of England

A firm tongue-in-cheek piece of theatre


Theatre Ad Infinitum have remade theatre


One of the most visually arresting and achingly atmospheric shows you'll see this August.

Little On The Inside

Powerful, lyrical writing and superb performances give a vivid insight into life for women in prison. Complacency busting theatre.

Looking For Paul

Paradoxical contemporary art roasting becomes the very pretensions it aims to skewer.

Lorraine & Alan

A truly relatable contemporary love story combined with mystical folklore.

Love. Guts. High School

" bitter-sweet raw emotion"


Prenatal anxieties and a turbulent relationship make this hour of light-speed verbal tennis a draining experience.

Lynn Ruth Miller : Not Dead Yet

A lesson in life from one of the most interesting characters at this year’s Fringe.


A must see for anyone with an interest in Gaelic; no need to be fluent!

Margaret Thatcher Queen of Soho

Kitsch, Camp and Conservative. What more could you want?

Me, My Selfie and I

Dan Clark. What an act!

Mean Things I Did to My Sister (and Other Lessons I’ve Learned)

If Kelleher presented a good morning TV format, I’d definately get out of bed before 11 to locate the remote.

Merlin’s Dragon

An interactive children's show where children are invited to join in the search for clues, find hidden treasure, read runes, practice battle skills and weave magic spells, joining our brave heroes on their quest to restore balance to Old Earth.

Merry Christmas Ms Meadows

An important show about trans* issues with a bit too much information

My Rabbi

A fascinating exploration of the Muslim/Jewish conflict

My Uncle’s Shoes

Absolutely Charming

NewsRevue 2014

Sets the standard, year after year, for rapid-fire sketch comedy

Nick Hodder: Insert comedy here

An awkward hour in the presence of an awkward comedian performing a show off the internet


A brisk, bracing, form-breaking experience from this young and lively company.

Odd Shaped Balls

Compelling performance from Chris Sheridan that tackles a taboo head-on.

On the Box!

A delightful hour of musical comedy

Our Teacher is a Troll

A must see for anyone with an ounce of naughtiness in them!

Over the Yardarm

Beguiling badinage and ballads from two doyens of the Fringe.

Oz and the Space Pirates

Interactive fun, the children loved it

Philharmonic of Wit

The birth of another Edinburgh Fringe institution.

Pint Size

Pint Size entertainment with a twist

Pirates of Men’s Pants

Piratical subterfuge in this modern take on a G&S classic.

Pitiless Storm

An incredibly powerful insight into the questions that progressive politics need to address in light of the referendum

Pitschi – A Kitten with Dreams

An enthralling, very special story for younger children

Play Dough

An unusual topic for a kid’s show, but pulled off with pizzazz

Pope Head: The Secret Life of Francis Bacon

Did Bacon make art, or did art make Bacon?


A revivial which still has the power to provoke

Pss Pss

Outstanding clown, funny and touching

Puss in Boots

All the magic of a traditional tale, with a chance to get up and help

Rat Pack – Live

Captivating crooning from a talented trio

Review | Adolf

A daring exploration of fascism in all its creeping guises

RIchard Fry: Pop Life

Backstage, green-room, warm and funny shenanigans

Richard Wiseman – Night School

Fascinating insight into the land of nod.

Riding the Midnight Express

One Man's Epic Bid for Freedom


A beautiful and thoroughly impenetrable performance

Running Into Me

Very real emotion, extraordinary passion, and no small amount of theatrical craft.

Sara Pascoe vs. History

Witty and clever observational comedy

Shakespeare in Song

A hidden gem – a must for Shakespeare and early music lovers alike.

Shakespeare, His Wife and The Dog

An excitable onstage chemistry that would have Prospero reaching for his plastic safety specs.

Short and Curly whodunit?

A great duo taking the mickey and extracting plenty of laughs over our obsessions with murder mysteries

Show 6

'Broken rhythms and slick performances make this secret show like an exciting, angry, tense tango'


Pacy, energetic new writing

Simon Callow in Juvenelia

One man, one stage, the birth of satire and an impressive performance with ancient material

Sins of Seven Tables

An amusing Interpretation of the Seven Sins


Sirens is a beautifully simple and classy production which packs an almighty punch.


An interesting exploration of femininity and sisterhood

Smoking Ban

A first class solo show; Kate Goodfellow delivers a tour de force.

Spellbinder: Magic and Mystery

Powerful and impressive mentalism and illusion from a young, up and coming illusionist


Contemporary dance that impresses


Phenomenal writing and performance. Rosie Wyatt explodes on to the stage as ferocious, wise cracking teenager, Amy.


Post Scottish independence political drama

Story Shakespeare : Much Ado About Nothing

One of this year’s stand-out Shakespeare adaptations.

Strange Resting Places

Heart-warming and unmissable.


Completely off the wall comic strip capers. No Fringe should be without a show like this.

Tea Time Story

A beautifully conjured tale of two people in love.

The 56

A fascinating and disturbing verbatim theatre account of the Bradford City fire

The Adventure Machine

A fun and friendly tribute to the adventure books of old where the audience get to pick what the hero does next, for children 7 and up.

The Bee Man of Orn

" told with vigour and intelligence that completely engages adults as well as children"

The Carousel

" many evocative moments – funny, bittersweet, violent, exciting, and sad"

The Chronic Single’s Handbook

A brave, often raw, painfully funny monologue

The Comedy of Errors

Probably the best way to introduce kids to Shakespeare. And adults too.

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged) (Revised)

Always leave them wanting more is a sound theatrical maxim. The “real” RSC certainly do that.

The Confessions of Gordon Brown

A peek behind the curtains at Number Ten. And a chance to win a Kit-Kat

The Curing Room

" a powerful, visceral piece of theatre"

The Dirty Talk

The script is a witty dialogue that portrays the sensitive emotional essence of men in relationships.

The Duck Pond

You'll be swept away ..

The Eradication of Schizophrenia in Western Lapland

A powerful experiencing of the world through the lens of psychosis

The Five-Thirty Cabaret at the Famous Spiegeltent

Burlesque, cabaret, illusion and the downright outrageous. Just avoid the front row.

The Future for Beginners

An intriguing premise and excellent performances. You will leave smiling.

The Gospel according to Jesus, Queen of Heaven

A one woman show that attempts to redefine the gospel in the context of today

The House of Bernarda Alba

Simmering passion in Andalucia

The Human Voice

Beautiful and disturbing

The Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote of La Mancha

Madcap, brilliantly bizarre physical comedy

The Knee Jerk of Sloth

Moving and magical absurdist piece about homeless people

The Man Who Would Be King

Impressive contemporary adaptation of Kipling's classic

The Quant

A compelling and frightening piece of theatre.

The Reviewers

A must see for all reviewers

The Shakespeare Revue

The perfect antidote to a damp and dreary Edinburgh morning

The Sonneteer

A must for those who enjoy a creative take on Shakespeare

The Splitting Of The Mermaid

Never shallow, this piece has legs.

The Third Sector

Powerful take on the corporatisation of what was once a vocation

The Tommy Cooper Show

Britain's favourite comedian realised very well indeed

The Weegies Have Pockled The Edinburgh Pandas

Another success from the Cairns’ stable. A must see for all Weegies and Reekies.

These Fragments

An incredibly moving and well observed drama that takes you from the conflict of WW1 to the Second World War before bringing us up to date with the conflict in Syria

This is Living

An exceptional hour spent between living and dying and all that entails

Thrill Me: The Leopold and Loeb Story

A thrilling musical with themes of homosexuality, manipulation and murder. Not to be missed!


Quite simply the most inventive piece of theatre I have seen in years

Tim Key: Single White Slut

A self-deprecating look at failed sexual exploits and dalliances with Anne Hathaway


An enjoyable, dark comedy

Title and Deed

Lessons in how to be very solidly here

Toned Up

An hour of dazzling vocal athletics and fun!


A excellentl piece of verbatim theatre

Tube Spotting

The story of one man, his helpers, 270 stations and a word record


A well-performed show about relationships that felt a little trite at times

Upper Lip

Jeeves and Wooster, with a twist.

Vanity Bites Back

Powerful new writing

What Do You Mean

"a quintessentially fringe play"

What Does The Title Matter Anyway?

"there are old favourites to please everybody."

Where Is She Now

If you love Shakespeare and you like it rare (yet crisply well done), you won’t find anything meatier this Fringe.

White Rabbit Red Rabbit

Powerful writing; an experience that challenges both audience and performer.

Why is life like sparrows?

A tremendously witty run through life in Wales and from the perspective of three young women making their way out of it

X and Y

A fascinating insight into our LGBT community within a Commonwealth which demonstrates a Common Deficiency

Your Fragrant Phantom

An exceptional run through the romance of the twenties and thirties that still keeps tongues wagging