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Edinburgh Fringe 2012


An admirably directed and enthusiastically performed adaptation.

50 Acts

Hilarious take on modern nonsense!

50 Shades! The Musical – Written and performed by Baby Wants Candy

A harsh (or is it loving) take on E. L. James' novels.

A Clockwork Orange

Stunning all-male cast take on the Burgess' violent novella for a jaw-dropping impact

A Dirty Martini

Trailblaze immerse in the mileu with much fun and panache.

A Guide to Second Date Sex

An honest and hilarious late-night gem

A Little Princess

Gorgeous and magical, a love letter to childhood - and fatherhood

A Man For All Times

Stirring solo show from Brian Richardson about the life of W.E.B Du Bois – the forerunner of the Civil Rights movement in the USA

A Real Man’s Guide to Sainthood

Projectors, bikes and useful men - a brilliantly creative show!

A Soldier’s Song

My only regret is that I have just 5 stars to offer - you must see this show.

A Strange Wild Song

Physical theatre in which an American soldier encounters three little boys in a bombed out village in France during WWII.

Active Virgin

The girl can’t help it in this wonderful new musical parodying our obsession with the unattainable body beautiful.

Acts of Contrition

An episodic exploration of the act of saying the hardest word: sorry.

All that is Wrong

A must-see for anyone interested in contemporary performance, this company are doing something important!

All the Things I never Said

Reflections on missed opportunities


"touching and darkly humorous"

An Audience With the Duke of Windsor

A brilliantly understated essay on the King in exile

And No More Shall We Part

A nuanced, subtle, piece of theatre of high calibre.

And They Played Shang-A-Lang

This moving , very funny, very tuneful show has legs!

Andy and Mike’s Tick Tock Time Machine

A fun romp through time and home again in an hour.


A man lockedup for a murder he didn't commit. As far as he knows ..

Anthony Rapp – Without You

The best Broadway star life story since Elaine Stritch.

Appointment with the Wicker Man

A colourful send up of the 1970s film classic.


Well crafted contemporary theatre

Bane 3

"a hilarious script and brilliant performance"

Barbershopera – The Three Musketeers

Four part harmony and a pair of golden plums in this idiosyncratic take on a Dumas classic


Quick Fire And Engaging Sketch Comedy From A Two Woman Team

Best in the World

This is an excellent piece of theatre that is part self help group and wholly entertaining.

Beyond Hillsborough

The chilling words of real people brilliantly brought to our attention through theatre, in search of justice.

Binge Thinking

Rough diamond of a subject that could do with a little polish.

Bitch Boxer

Fighting talk delivers killer blow

Blithe Spirit

Ghostly Goings on

Boom Boom Club

Dirty laughs to go with your Dirty Martini (no Dirty Martinis available).

Boom Jennies: Mischief

Bubbly comedy from three girls as bright as exclaimation marks

Boris and Sergey’s Vaudevillian Adventure

Foul puppetry late at night that delivers at the right level for the audience attending.


Just go and see it - play and performance brilliant!

Bourgeois and Maurice: Sugartits

Excellent glamorous and inventive cabaret show with a political edge.

Breathless – A Dramatic Cantata

A dark comedy about a singer's meltdown.

Brian Kellock Trio

Sublime jazz from one of the most accomplished pianists on the circuit.

Bridget Christie War Donkey

Standup comedy with feminist punch.


Boys well suited to strip


Skilled, smart, trash-tastic circus and boylesque!

Bruce Hammers’ Bananapocalypse

Mat Ewins' becomes Bruce Hammers, 80's action movie star

Bubblewrap and Boxes

Charming, high octane, engaging children's show

Caesarian Section. Essays on Suicide

Outstanding polyphonic music and physical theatre combine to make this an unforgettable experinec


Arguably George Bernard Shaw’s most contemporary feeling comedy.

Captain Ko and the Planet of Rice

A triptych of plays exploring dementia, memory and the passage of time through a sci-fi lens.

Casablanca: The Gin Joint Cut

An exquisite homage to a classic film using theatre as a medium for worship, laughter and sheer delight!


Brilliantly creative le Coq theatre with physical comedy

Chaz Royal’s Sexy Circus Sideshow

Some of the weirdest and most wonderful talent in Edinburgh this year.


"thoroughly entertains throughout"

Clinton The Musical

New musical gets President seal of approval

Comedian dies in the middle of a joke

Absolutely brilliant participatory theatre, an audience as never been so funny!


A Sondheim classic presented by the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland’s musical theatre students.

Continuous Growth

Witty and finely honed, great topical satire

Council of the Ordinary

The boys can dance!

Dad Doesn’t Dance

A Dance with Noir

Darkness Rising

From lightness, rising to dark .. but Fifty Shades Of Grey this ain't.

Dating George Orwell

The travails of sexy Pauline as she falls for books in ways that disturb.

Daughters of Lot

Sex sells and the corruption of the two daughters is of biblical proportions in this hour long sexploitation.

Death Boogie

A politically relevant graphic novel comes to life via hop-hop, poetry, beat-boxing and live music.

Deidre and Me

An all too real pen portrait of the sick lengths to which Fan-love can go

Departure Lounge

Tans, teeth, tenors and a buxom wench from the Wirral

Desperately Seeking the Exit

Fringe victory found from West End defeat

Dirty barbie and other Girlhood Tales

Dissecting Dysfunctionality

Dirty Hands

If you are looking to see one more show, this would be a good choice.

Discover Ben Target

Ben Target is a discovery well worth making

Doctor Brown – Befrdfgth

A bold, hilarious performance and an absolute riot.

Dr. Brown Brown Brown Brown Brown and His Singing Tiger

"a great big grin on your face for hours afterwards."

Drama Workshops for 5-12s

Engaging, fun and the kids come out smiling

Dream On

Professional disabled theatre company that nails Midsummer Night’s Dream

Dream On

Professional disabled theatre company that nail Midsummer Night’s Dream

Dream Plays: Scenes From A Play I’ll Never Write (Catterline)

A play unfinished, but more than the sum of its parts

East Of The Sun, West Of The Moon

An enchanting tale of hope, love and the power of perserverance.

Educating Ronnie

An extraordinary piece of contemporary storytelling.

Elephant Man

Impressive telling of a familar tale from a talented company

Exterminating Angel – An Improvisation

A disturbing, beautifully played and directed dark comedy

Festival of the Spoken Nerd

Pyrotechnics and parabolas in a cocktail of exciting science


Young Scottish artist Jenna Watt’s live art piece exploring how the geography of our daily lives are plagued by violence.

Four Screws Loose in #screwtheworld

Screws are a little loose in this sketch show comedy.

Gilbert and Sullivan in Brief(s)

14 G&S operettas at a gallop.

GlasVegas – The Original 1977 Musical

Quiffs, drainpipe trousers and dreams of stardom in this revival of GlasVegas

Golden Gloves

A physical theatre piece that meanders rather than guides us through issues within boxing, celebrating the endeavour of pugilists with dance and music

Grim(m) – Unreal Stories for Real Times

A meaty hotpot of adult fairy tales that lacks some spice and variety.

Grimaldi: King of the Clowns

A delightful performance of reverence and skill that tells the tragic story of one of the major players in 19th century comedy and clowning.


A bitterweet story of children affected by conflict told through puppetry and props.

Guardian Reader

Not a rant or pair of sandals in sight ..

Hand Over Fist

A poignant and darkly comic study of one woman’s battle with Alzheimer’s.

Hans Christian Andersen’s The Snow Queen

An engaging piece of children’s theatre.

How Much is Your Iron? and Dansen

Possibly the last ever British premiere of a Brecht play delivers a punch 1930’s style that still resonates today.

How to Start a Riot

A stunning piece of physical and verbatim theatre about the London riots

How’s About That Then?

A close yet loving a study of Sir Jimmy.

I, Tommy

Pattison is a fine writer.

Inheritance Blues

Music, Comedy, Theatre rolled into one.

Jacques Brel in Song and Dance

A pleasant afternoon in the company of the music of Brel.

Jonny & the Baptists

Blues with humour!

Juana in a Million

Heart breaking, Honest and Important Theatre.

Keira Daley: LadyNerd

Get your geek on with a hour of a celebration of all that is nerdy with a girl who’s hot between the spreadsheets.

Kemble’s Riot

Brilliantly conceived piece of immersive theatre

Key 89

Enchanting recital from Fringe regular, Sebastian Thirlway

Killing Time

A play well worth seeing that will leave you thinking afterwards.


A poignant reminder to remember our roots.

Kiss Me and You Will See How Important I Am

A play, production and performances of rare distinction

Knee Deep

Watch with awe. A supreme display of physical circus skills.

Lady M

The tragedy of being a bit-part

Lady Rizzo

A New York cabaret singer who thrives on glitter and glamour, has the voice of Lady Gaga, and the aplomb of Liz Minelli.

Life As We Know It

Big questions and answers in a Fringetastic dance exploration

Liz Lochhead – Making Nothing Happen

Scotland’s National Poet in a surprisingly intimate setting makes a great lunchtime companion.

Love All

Where joyously funny meet macabre

Ma Biche et Mon Lapin

An interesting, and quintessentially French, piece of object theatre.


A stunning performance from Poland's Song of the Goat

Macbeth: Who Is That Bloodied Man?

An operatic vision of Shakespeare's dark tragedy.

Machines For Living

A touching exploration into the beauty of concrete and the importance of community.

Max and Ivan are… Con Artists

Comedy gold, pure comedy gold

Mayday Mayday

A dramatic personal story from a first class actor

Mephisto Waltz

Extreme theatre magic.

Merlin’s Dragon

Children's theatre at its very best

Midnight at the Boars Head

Raucous shakespeare in folk fashion!

Mies Julie

World class theatre - don't miss it

Mon Droit

An intricate piece of storytelling from an onstage God of Small Things.

Monsters Got Talent

Some people have a natural rapport with children, and Toby Mitchell is one of them.


Unique voices on the Fringe

Mother to Mother

A powerful and moving perspective on real events.

Mozart – The Impresario

Rare outing for one of Mozart’s less well known pieces.

Mr. Carmen

A sensory delight full of fantastic images that linger on

My Stepson Stole My Sonic Screwdriver

Want a Doctor Who themed show without too many obscure references? Here's Toby Hadoke to Telos how ..

Ne’er the Twain

A community comedy drama set in Leith in 1919.


Setting the standard for rapid-fire sketch comedy


A powerful evocation of the cruelly digging days of a dispossessed woman without a voice that speaks beautifully to us through song and poetry.

Once Upon A …

The best piece of children’s interactive theatre that I have ever experienced

One Rogue Reporter

Peppiatt is a man on a mission – and in his sights are some of the tabloid press’s heavy hitters.

Our Island

An island well worth landing on


Alice is pushed to the back of Wonderland as her creator reminds us of the power of dreams ..

Panning for Gold

A nugget of mature new writing from a young writer


Crisp writing in a unique setting

People Show 121 The Detective Show

Whodunnit? Theydunnit! You will be guaranteed entertainment and charm

Peter Pan on Dinosaur Island

Jurassic delight for children

Phil Mann’s Full Mind

Interesting insights from a full-flowing genius

Piatto Finale

An enjoyably flawed romp of a melodramatic spy story.

Piatto Finale and Centralia

Wild - theatrical - original - very funny!

Picnic Apocalytpic

A stirring journey into hell

Pierrepoint – The Hangman’s Tale

The story o the number 1 hangman in the UK, told in a fascinating insight to the mind of a man much in the conscience of our society

Piff the Magic Dragon…..in Jurassic Bark

Piff is a rarity – a genuinely funny magician with an eye for an illusion

Presidential Suite

Behind the Scenes of a Political Scandal

Razing Eddie

Raw, emotional, unmissable

Re-Animator The Musical

Finally a worthy successor to the Rocky Horror Show

Repertory Theatre

A fast-paced, absurd comedy

Richard III

An impressive shortened version of a Shakespearean masterpiece that is not short on quality.

Richard Wiseman – Psychobabble

Never trust a psychologist, especially one that doubles as a magician.


committed and poetic circus.

Robertson’s Crusoe

A solo masterclass with a unique, compelling precision

Rock N Roll Politics presented by Steve Richards

Meaty material in a stand up style from Westminster’s man about town.

Rodney Bewes as A Boy Growing Up.

An Entertainment from the stories of Dylan Thomas

Rubies in the Attic

These delightful singing Dolls create a diamond show

Salome By Oscar Wilde

Elegant, classy, emotive and emotional.

Salvi and the Box of Dreams

A beautiful message delivered in an energetic performance

Say Something

Exciting and exhilarating immersive interactive dance and music performance

Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theater – Chunky Woollen Nits

The funniest hour of comedy entertainment our family has enjoyed together.


"an enjoyable and imaginative exploration"

Sex, Lyres and Audiotape

An Introduction to Medieval Instruments

Shakespeare for Breakfast

The Only Way is Little Venice

Shakespeare’s Queens

She-Wolves and Serpents

Six and A Tanner

A one man tour de force of the Freudian concept that your parents really do set out your future.

Somewhere Under the Rainbow

An Icon Comes to Life

Songs of Lear

A profound, spiritual performance


A well-created piece of educational theatre.

Tea is an evening meal

Engaging storytelling over a well made cuppa.


Bitter sweet theatre

The Amazing Bubble Show

An hour of bubbling magic

The Beast

Sweet storytelling with enchanting music

The Better Half

An exceptional physical theatre piece that sizzles, sparkles and thumps you with its narrative. Sheer joy.

The Blanks’ Big Break

Ted's Band from Scrubs resting on borrowed laurels

The Blitz Sisters

1940's Nostalgia

The Boy Friend

"has an energy, freshness and enthusiasm"

The Cambridge Footlights: Perfect Strangers

Footlights' 2012 vintage is a mellow, zesty fusion.

The Complete History Of The BBC In Sixty Minutes

This is the story of a little girl and her BBC, saggy old, scruffy old, BBC. And she loved him very much .

The Elephant Man

Joseph Merrick lives

The Fantasist

A poignant and absorbing reflection on the effect of mental illness.

The Fitzrovia Radio Hour

If you don’t see this show now, then in the years to come you’ll pretend you did.

The Golden Cowpat

This accomplished company tell a charming story

The Half

Masterson is double value in the Half

The Harri-Parris: The Leaving Do

A light hearted romp in West Wales!

The I Hate Children, Children’s Show

A kids show that despite the title is all about loving keeping them entertained.

The Idiot at the Wall

A promising start for a new writer and a young theatre company.

The Iliad, The Odyssey and All of Greek Mythology in 99 Minutes or Less

An Olympian performance by a talented American college cast.

The Indescribable Phenomenon

A fantastical array of characters telling the story of the first woman to be accepted into the Magic Circle – Anna Eva Fey – using magic, storytelling and more than a little suggested gore and over the top performances.

The Lad Himself

A Celebration of the Life of Tony Hancock

The Last Fairytale

Visually haunting, come to the show...

The Lonely One

Attractive and inventive shadow puppet and light manipulation.

The Madness of King Lear

Art for art’s sake journey through the mind of one actor for whom the play is a fascinating catharsis in kimonos in Australian company

The Magician’s Daughter

An excellent piece of children’s theatre built on The Tempest

The Musicians of Edinburgh

A witty, satirical and entertaining look at modern Edinburgh.

The Pain of Desire

Film Noir Diva sings cinematic

The Price of Everything

Proving – with a Powerpoint – that the arts are a worthy investment, and offering a challenge to those obsessed with cost and prices in austerity Britain.

The Pride

Australian lions create a roaring success.

The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists

Brilliantly executed adaptation of Robert Tressell’s great British novel

The Rat Pack – Live !

An hour that captures it all

The Robert Burns Experience in Association With Talisker

A great host, introducing Scotland's finest at the Capital's best dining establishment.

The Sewing Machine

A powerful and moving drama set in post- apartheid South Africa

The Shit/La Merda

Incredible writing and a phenomenal performance!

The Stranger

Leme's taut and nuanced performance brings new depth to Camus' Stranger

The Submarine Show

Two become one, and it works a subaquatic treat

The Table

Just a table, and a very funny puppet.

The Trojan Women

A strong youth filled performance that tells the tale of a Greek tragedy whilst being far from tragic itself.

The Velveteen Rabbit

Gentle and magical

The Wind in the Willows

Refreshing for its traditional zest

The World’s Greatest Walking Tour of Edinburgh

A tour that goes wonderfully off the railings

Thin Ice

Finely crafted theatre

Things We Did Before Reality

A tour-de-force of twisted comic satire.

Three Cities

Original theatre designed to analyse our relationship with social media through three characters who illuminate more about themselves through an interesting concept in a cramped venue thn they do about our means of communicating.

Through the Looking Screen

Hundreds of friends and no one to come home to. Annabel is trying to land her perfect match.

Time for Fun

We gasped at times at the clever and effective simplicity

Translunar Paradise

A beautiful miniature with excellent mask work about loss

Tricity Vogue’s Ukulele Cabaret

Competitive Uke was never so much fun

Trojan Women

Blood guts and gore on the retelling of the Euripidean legend with a touch of loose liberties taken with the storyline.

Trojan Women

A gentle evocation of an English Summers evening tinged with Greek tragedy that follows the tale faithfully.

Twelfth Night

A perfect introduction to Shakespeare for anyone from 5 to 95 years old.


Fat Cat's delicious and absurd adaptation


An al fresco style indoor performance which might well blow the roof off.

Waiting for Stanley

One woman’s war. You will never consider a suitcase to be mere luggage again!

What I Heard About The World

A fractured portrait of a fractured world, told through real stories from around that world.

Wild West End

A wild witch's cauldron of wit, fun and song-and-dance

Winston on the Run

"even better than what is described on the label."

Words & Women

Women with something worth saying

Would You Let Your Daughter Marry A Weegie?

Morningside Malcolm is a man on a mission – to stop his daughter marrying a Weegie.

Woza Albert

One of the defining pieces of South African Theatre

Wuthering Heights

Classic gothic tale told in a straight mannered and straight laced production that is just fantastic

You Left Me in the Dark

Laura Lexx puts in an outstanding performance

Youth Theatre Reviews

A positive digest of youth theatre productions which we chose not to star rate