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Edinburgh Fringe 2013

100 Acts Of Minor Dissent

Thomas' show is good food for the soul.

15 Minutes

"a fine study in black comedy"

21st Century Poe

A visceral update, not for the fainthearted, of some of Poe’s most celebrated work

A Brief History of Beer

An enjoyable comedy ride

A Conversation

Differences of opinion should, of course, always be politely expressed.

A Cure for Ageing

Do You Mind If I Ask You How Old You Are?

A Family Beyond the Army

Poignant and wonderfully crafted piece on the families that support the brave men and women we sometimes take for granted

A Glee Inspired Romeo and Juliet

An original take on a classic that just fails to ignite but carries us along pleasantly

A Womb with a View

This was a friendly accessible and fun comedy performed by a bold gutsy likeable female cast, not afraid to look a bit silly, wearing men’s trousers and teenage boys baseball caps as effectively as they did high heels maternity bras and strap on pregnancy bumps.

Aaaand now for Something Completely Improvised

High quality improvisation in a style of Victoriana that is nothing short of spiffing wonderful

Adam Kay – How to be a Bogus Doctor

Adam Kay should be available on prescription

Africa Entsha

Uplifting, we were dancing in the aisles

After The Apocalypse

The World Rebuilt by Post Apocalyptic Cabaret

Albert Einstein: Relatively Speaking

Come for the physics, stay for the insights into the human condition

Ali J

A one man show that straddles two nations; all from an internal monologue

All Roads Lead to Rome

A simple, effective and intellectual piece, told with warmth and a twinkle.

An Actor’s Lament

Effortless superiority and contempt for the prols from three real luvvies

Anatomy of the Piano

Anatomy of the Piano


Intense piece of immersive theatre

Annoying the neighbours

A patchy exploration of the two sides of neighbourliness including the intervention of the authorities


An energetic look at the education system

Are You Sitting Comfortably

Finding a common frequency proves a challenge.

Are You Sitting Comfortably

Finding a common frequency proves a challenge.

As Seen On TV

there is something a little wondrous in this sweet, funny and at times melancholy journey

Austen’s Women

A brilliant character at work.


The exploration of the artistic conflict that exists between those that have a method and those whose methods are more materialistic; all played out between two actors on a film set

Ballad of the Burning Star

Stellar conception and performance

Beats by Kieran Hurley

An evocative psychedelic techno narrative of the rave phenomenon

Bedtime Solos by Jakob Holder

A solid piece of work.

Beeston Rifles

Stunning, Remarkable Dramatic Theatre.

Bette Davis Ain’t for Sissies

Bette Davis Lives Again


Run away with your dreams for a night - a spectacular show

Biding Time (remix)

A unique audience experience with silent disco technology.

Big Boys Don’t Cry

A slightly flawed one man show about being a bloke and having a pregnancy that does not end well but a tale that kind of does

Big Daddy vs. Giant Haystacks

"superbly acted and beautifully presented"

Bin Laden: The One Man Show

Thought Provoking Political Theatre

Bitch Boxer

An unbelievable piece of theatre that proves boxing is not just for boys


"a solid bit of younger theatre"


Explosive physical theatre

Blofeld and Baxter

Memories of Test Match Special

Bon Bon

A retake on the Red Riding Hood story that gets them up and dancing as well as keeping them entertained


The sex talk your parents definitely didn't want to have with you.


Something to get excited about.

Borges and I

A visual feast to the power of language and imagination

Brand New Ancients

Words and performance combine for pitch perfect storytelling

Breakfast plays: Clean

An accomplished and highly polished heist that is a fantastic piece of theatre as well

Breaking News

Is no news really good news?

Briefs: The Second Coming

Campy, queer burlesque

Burton’s Last Call

'Precisely what the Free Fringe should be all about.’


A well acted play about what is to gain your freedom and to have lost love

Chalk Farm

A beautifully drawn portrait of mother and son, and the London riots

Chastity Butterworth and the Spanish Hamster

Potty mouth humour from a suburban lady

Cherry On Top

"an enjoyable and beautifully observed drama of love and betrayal."

Choose Your Own Documentary by Nathan Penlington

Multiple choice documentary creation, with a twist.

Chris Mullin – A Walk On Part

Disarming humour from one of our great political diarists


A twisted paean to Glasgow with a sizzling performance from Blythe Duff

Cinderella and the Flower Fairies

An enchanting ballet from the feet of a young company that just delights

Circa: Wunderkammer

"it’s a cut above those that you’ll see at most cabaret shows"


A simple and charming debut piece of spoken and physical theatre with a touching narrative.


Richly funny and ultimately moving

Credible Likeable Superstar Role Model

A gutsy heartfelt, inspiring performance. Unique, original and thought provoking.

Crying Out Loud presents Flown

An entertaining circus variety show, for all the family.

Curse of the Pharaoh’s Tomb

Children's interactive theatre at its very best

Dahle and Jones on a Plate

A dynamic duo, alone together

Damsel In Shining Armour

This show was a great example of how cabaret can be – fun and stylish, sassy and inventive with a talented performer..

Dance Derby

Depression-era jazz dance tragedy, co-produced by Scottish Opera.

David Mills: The Gospel Truth

The Sinatra of Stand-Up

David Sedaris: An evening with David Sedaris

A highly amusing trip through the mind of a slightly twisted comic genius


An installation to instill calm amid the Fringe

Dear Doctor Cullen

A genuine Edinburgh note in the Fringe symphony.

Die Roten Punkte: Kunst Rock

They know their stuff

Dirty Water

Earthy humour from four unlikely lads cleaning in a Glasgow housing scheme.

Drama Workshops for 5 – 12 year olds.

These drama workshops are gentle and fun, awakening children’s imaginative play and improving confidence, for all children 5 – 12, no performing experience needed.

Drum Struck

A family friendly interactive African drumming show sure to warm your cockles on even the wettest and greyest of days.

Expiration Date

"Intriguing science fiction play"

Father Christmas Needs a Wee!

A fun musical for the under 7's

Faulty Towers

The Dining Experience

Festival of the Spoken Nerd – Full Frontal Nerdity

Spreadsheets, exploding pickles, flaming tornadoes and full on nerdity.

Fight Night

A clever and twisted critique of democracy, electioneering and reality TV

Finding Libby

Hugely impressive, deeply affecting and highly recommended.

Fists of Sulfur (Pugni Di Zolfo)

Fine acting: performed with powerful restraint

Fleurs de Cimetiere et Autres Sornettes

A witty and graceful look at invisible women

For the Trumpets Shall Sound

Doing for WWI with a pen, or iMac possibly, what John Singer Sargent did for the conflict in oils.

For Their Own Good

An incredibly effective horse puppet and reflections on death make for a moving show

Free Money Magic Show

Accomplished, clever ... top Marx!

French Kiss

French chanteuse and upper class socialite charms the prols with her wit and vocal dexterity

Gardening: for the Unfulfilled and Alienated

An intimate theatre experience in a garden shed. Lyrical writing and a beautifully paced performance.

Ginger Nation

"a story well worth listening to"

Glenn Wool: This Road Has Tolls

Trans-Atlantic Good Times

God Bless Liz Lochhead

A fantastic little piece on how being a Scottish actor is not all the glitz and glamour it appears

God of Carnage

A sizzling four hander that analyses what happens when two sets of parents agree to resolve their children’s differences


A highly interesting and very poignant, simple story of one young boy and his 13th birthday that he will never forget


A spectacular piece of writing and performance about humanity and modern warfare

Gyles Brandreth: Looking For Happiness

A true gem in an uncertain setting.

Gym Party

Zealous About Giving You Bang For Your Buck

Hannah Gadsby – Nakedy Nudes

An Art History Lesson you will never forget


His interest is infectious.

How to Avoid Making an Entrance

Upfront and self-aware

I (Honestly) Love You

If Love is a Disease, then Truth is a Poison

I believe in Unicorns

This children’s show was a beautifully crafted and well thought out adaptation of Michael Morpugo’s book I Believe in Unicorns.

I Wish I Was Lonely

Freedom Through Communication?

If These Spasms Could Speak

Tour de force – simple

In Flagrante

Sophist Exquisite Dub Couture Raunchy Seismic


Accomplished, intensely harrowing kidnap drama


A young female cast of talented performers holding a challenging and high energy zany physical piece at a level of high professional quality.

Island State

It’s the End of the World; Tennis, Anyone?

It Needs Horses + Home for Broken Turns

Dark, Sumptious, Lilting Dance

It’s Dark Outside

Eloquent, Elegiac Puppetry

Ivy Paige – ‘Head’ Mistress

A freelance Christina Hendricks who answers to no mad men.

Japanese ‘Locky’

No Holds Barred Comedy

Jollyboat -not seen on TV

"I predict this ship will sail on the comedy high seas for some time"


"a quiet but moving little play from a promising young writer"

Kit Hesketh-Harvey and James McConnel

Beguiling badinage and ballads from two doyens of the Fringe

Life Sentence

An original idea involving an illness called immortality that turns out not to be the gift you expected in an assured twist of fate

Lockerbie: Lost Voices

Theatre designed to explore the possibilities of why Pan Am 103 came down on Lockerbie that is patchy but worth a visit.

Long Distance Affair

Interesting experiment in Skperformance

Long Live The Little Knife

A dark and humorous play about fakes, forgeries, love and loss

Look Back in Anger

Good performances in an intimate space from this new company

Losing the Plot

A master class in the art of writing and delivery from a trio at the top of their game.

Major Tom

A total joy to watch and an inspiring piece of art.


This is surreal guttural comedy, an absurdist play about everyday stuff…

Man In the Moone

Man In The Moone

Matt Forde – The Political Party

Matt Forde – putting passion back into politics.

Menage a Trois

Claire Cunningham, with all the trickery of theatricality as well as a fantastic narrative and performance takes us into the intimate world of living with two crutches


Thought-provoking and visually stunning: physical theatre at its best


A moving insightful exploration of the impact of someone close to you going missing.

Moonrock Boombox

Rob’s beaming smile flattering and making all of us want him to be our best friend in the playground

Mrs Moneypenny’s Money Clinic Live

Interesting guests but not a lot of superscrimpers in the audience.

Much Ado About Nothing

Shakespeare by a young company performed with great verve and vitality


Sets the standard year after year for rapid-fire sketch comedy


Triumphant biopic drama about the Scientist from a spellbinding performer.


A form of Witness theatre takes the audience through a powerfully emotional journey exploring rape and violence towards women; women around the world are given a voice through the fearless honesty of these performers.

Not the Messiah

"impressive theatrical achievement"

Now Leasing

A semi-autobiographical choreograph narrative revealing much.

Oh My Irma

An odd collection of a story that keeps you involved in the physicality of it all and works well through its odd narrative

On Hold

An effective piece on office politics that is all sex, booze and stuck on hold

Our Friends, the Enemy

"A timely and simply presented reminder"

Ours Was The Fen Country

A beautiful piece of dance theatre about a surprising subject

Paper Cinema’s Odyssey

Inside out cinema: a visual delight


A highly effective exploration of how a faceless society deals with people who simply can’t fit in

Pendulum’s Bargain Emporium

What it would have been like if Scooch had won the Eurovision and flown the flag over a department store

Phil Nichol: The Weary Land : 14.30

"Is the show performed well? Of course it is! "

Pianoforte, My Life

"there's an intriguing atmosphere to this production"

Pigmalion Zoo

An absurdist view of an apocalyptic time when a family have much to consider when structure has failed and the future is wholly uncertain

Pip Utton: Churchill

"a refreshing take on Winston Churchill"

Piracy – Comedy on the High Cs

Carry On Sailor meets Captain Pugwash

Piracy – Comedy on the High Cs

Carry On Sailor meets Captain Pugwash

Play For September

A schoolgirl's crush is returned in full.

Pole Factor

A searching play in which a young Muslim woman goes on Pole Factor and starts winning but ends up on the losing side


His crazy stunts are really worth a watch.


An intense and powerful play about hatred and the power of truth

Rapunzel – May the Force Be With You

The children loved every moment of space opera fairytale magic

Red Bastard

Red Bastard

Rites: A Children’s Tragedy

An incredible theatrical experience that deals with the issue of being young in an imaginative and powerful fashion

Rosie Wilby: Is Monogamy Dead?

A one woman stand up exploring her attitudes towards individuality and freedom in contemporary relationships; a gently funny and feel good show.

Running With The Firm

A master storyteller at work.

S/He is Nancy Joe

A powerful physical performance from a skilled dancer and choreographer.


"an engaging, well written hour long play "

Sam Rose In The Shadows

A healing and uplifting piece of theatre, the best family show in the Fringe.


A cult novel of forbidden love, now on stage for the first time.

Sandi Toksvig My Valentine

Sublime comedy from our next national treasure

Sans Salomé

A triumphant splicing of themes old and new.

Serotonin Syndrome

An extraordinary, bold and inventive performance – delivered by two calm and collected actresses, whose on stage composure alone makes this worth watching.

Sex Lives of Others

Do the Curtains Match the Drapes?

Shakespeare for Breakfast

The Taming of the Shrew

Shhhh – An Improvised Silent Movie

Not a word from start to finish. But what an impact.

Shirley Gnome

"a wild evening of sexually fuelled country rock"

Shit-faced Shakespeare

Drunk Shakespeare show, still holds up without the gimmick.

Silence in Court

Court is in Session.

Sinatra: the final curtain

If you like Sinatra you will love this musical journey through a back catalogue that has authentic voices in tune with his fans


Adapted from the blog about self-fulfillment through self-belief

Sluts of Possession

Primal and Uncivilised

Snakes! The Musical

Silly, Snaky, Snarky.


"Recommended for the energy, the invention and the heartfull oomph"

Socialist Fairytales

The rest of us have gone out blackberrying and Seward’s come back with a unicorn’s feather.

Solomon and Marion

A powerful South African two hander distinguished by some fine acting

Something There That’s Missing

This show is smart enough for parents, fun enough for kids and so very good to share.

Somnambules and the Seven Deadly Sins

A haunting and dream-like piece.

Songs for Cynics

Witty badinage and songs from a talented duet


A solid family drama set in an uncertain near-contemporary future.


Science. Philosophy. Porn.


The cult hit of the Fringe

Stuart: A Life Backwards

Strongest performances on the Fringe

Superbard: The Flood

Characterful storytelling from the emerging master

Superhero Snail Boy

A lovely story for older children, funny and bittersweet with red capes and superhero friends, whose 'magic powers' turn out to be less about impressive stunts and more about the art of living.

Surname and Surname

Laugh aloud moments


An intriguing exploration of the nature of relationship using movement and dance

TEAM makes a play

An exciting documentary offering real insight into the process of devised theatre

Tejas Verde

A powerful play with a strong central performance

Terry Alderton: Season 4

"so well written"

That is All You Need to Know

A mesmerising piece of storytelling with a wonderful tale to tell

The 63rd International Choreographers’ Showcase

This was a bite size assortment of performances and an interesting introduction to dance for theatre goers interested in learning more about different forms of artistic expression.

The Actor’s Nightmare

A decent attempt to bring this clunky play to the stage and make it make sense

The Adventure

Packed with excitement.

The Beginning

A love letter to theatre

The Big Bite-Size Breakfast Show

"There was not a weak link in the acting,"

The Boss of It All

It’s not the answers you give, it’s the questions you ask.

The Break-Up of Cause and Effect

Cause and Effect have been inseparable for several millennia, but Cause wants out.

The Collision of Things

An touching show about three friends who lose one life to gain another.

The Confessions of Gordon Brown

“Macbeth, as written and performed by Gordon Brown.”

The Cow Play

Unique and powerful

The Donny Donkins ‘As (hopefully soon to be) Seen On TV’ Show

A highly entertaining hour for a fiver; not bad in August in Edinburgh...

The Events

An extraordinary new play for our times

The Extremists

An unflinching comic satire on rolling news,

The Full Bronte; A Literary cabaret

A highly entertaining run through the Bronte’s with music and audience participation that is hard to lick

The GB Project

An elegant and lucid exploration of early twentieth century female explorer Gertrude Bell

The Ghost Hunter

Great stories, superb storytelling

The Golden Goose

Beautiful and gentle

The Greatest Liar In All The World

The Greatest Liar in All the World

The Gypsybird Speaks

A spirited show with some strong performances

The Horne Section’s Family Bash

A family show that goes with a crash, bang and a wallop

The Human Condition

We Are All Humans, Right?

The Inventor and The Escort

Like a 'Turner Classic Movies', golden era of Hollywood RomCom gem, spiced to 21st century palates

The List

An exceptional one-woman play about isolation and control

The Lockerbie Bomber

A play that examines, graphically at times, the idea of a twin government cover up in Lockerbie

The Love Project

A gentle and amusing verbatim show about love

The Oxford Imps

A bright and brilliant show

The Picture of Dorian Gray

‘A smart innovation from a dynamic young group.’

The Pirates of Penzance

A very impressive production from a young company

The Radicalisation of Bradley Manning

Fast paced theatre about affairs as current as they get

The Secret Agent

A macabre and dastardly tale, well told by a cast of music hall characters

The Seer

The life of legendary poet Arthur Rimbaud

The Shawshank Redemption

'A cautious but enjoyable adaptation of a timeless story'

The Showstoppers Family Hour

An intoxicating hour of improvised story and song.

The System

A creative gem of physical theatre; fantastic performers truly deliver

The Tin Ring

A powerful one woman play telling the story of a holocaust survivor

The Trench

An outstanding theatre experience which fuses all of the theatre arts into one fine performance

The Trials and Tribulations of Mr Pickwick

"a quintessentially very fine Fringe show."

The Vanish Inquisition

Stark and Slick

The Weegies Have Stolen The One O’Clock Gun

Morningside Malcolm is a man on a mission – to return the One O’Clock Gun to where it rightfully belongs.

This Is Soap : the Improvised Soap Opera

Intelligent, witty character and plot development in a unique edition of ‘Galloway Towers’

Three Lions

Clever impressions

Three to Four Days

This was a thought provoking, heartfelt attempt, through Verbatim theatre, to articulate urgent sociological issues around current issues with NHS cuts and privatisation.



Titus Andronicus: an all-female production

The Quentin Tarantino movie of Shakespeare.

Tollpuddle Martyrs Story: We Will be Free

Through song, rhyme and traditional storytelling we hear of one of the most significant stories of the early trade union movement, all delivered with consummate skill

Track 3

Pitch perfect physical theatre


A fully realised exuberant version of Ulysses


Edgy Modern Mythology


YurtaKids! UnLeashed_Scaténàti

Vive – Jazz A Cappella

Sumptuous harmonies and exquisite vocal percussion from a sextet to remember.

Way Back

A musing on suicide that has laughs and neat plot devices to keep us safe, unless you go to Uganda...

Way You Tell Them

One-woman theatre is the perfect antidote to a glut of stand-up

What happens to hope at the end of the night

Deceptively quiet, thrillingly invigorating, making space for questions

Where Late the Sweet Birds Sang

Henry VIII’s Reformation and its impact on cloistered lives.

Why is John Lennon Wearing a Skirt

An intriguing run round growing up in a skirt whilst really wanting to be a Beatle and always being a boy

Women Who Wank

"Her improvisational skills are captivating"

Wot No Fish

Unique and warm storytelling.

You All Know Me, I’m Jack Ruby

"Barry inhabits the skin of Ruby entirely, from teeth to clutching fists"

[title of show]

A post-modern homage to the great Broadway musical