Review: The Tempest

Café Voltaire in ruffs invokes a magical Tempest.

Review: RAT

Sophisticated music and artistic shadow puppetry!

Review: The Man Who Planted Trees

A must-see performance of a moving and timely story told by two men and a dog- an inventive treat for adults as well as kids

Review: The Twits

A summer must-see to charge you up for the autumn, and taking on the real twits ahead.

Review: More Grimm Tales

A rollicking production with razored timing, musical cues and ad-libs worked in to half-second slots. A must-see.

Review: Du Iz Tak?

An adaptation of Carson Ellis's popular children's book

Review: Frankenstein

Imaginative, Exquisitely Haunting and Moving - Visual Storytelling at its best!

Review: Beauty and the Beast

Nothing so convincing has been done with this legend. It deserves many revivals.

Review: Shoe Lady

Katherine Parkinson inhabits that breaking through the office crust asphyxiating us

Review: A Christmas Carol

The most original, potent and uplifting Christmas Carol I’ve ever seen

Review: As You Like It

For Lucy Phelps and Sophie Khan Levy above all, this is a joyful As You Like It.

Review: Fulfilment

Energetic cast, provocative story with puppetry

Review: Celeste’s Circus

A quant and lovely trip to the circus for little ones that take big ones along for the ride

Review: The Castle

Well-rehearsed ensemble, mysterious Kafka story

Review: Troll

Entertaining, meaningful storytelling with superb innovative shadow play!

Review: Moonbird

A sweet gentle show about encouraging difference for Deaf and hearing children, and older family members too

Review: Gilgamesh and Me

A breathtaking ensemble physical piece full of inventiveness and heart

Review: Boulder

Visually arresting puppetry work slightly lacking narrative drive.

Review: Madagascar The Musical

Highly Recommended for monkeys and lemurs of all ages – quite apart from lions, zebras, hippos and giraffes.

Review: Paradiso

Superior puppetry skills in a Carry On Care Home scenario

Review: The Man Who Planted Trees

Charming, imaginative, entertaining storytelling and puppetry show, extremely well performed - thoughtful, moving story, with a noble message!

Review: Penguinpig

Charming, attractive, well thought out puppetry show set to lovely music, that will appeal to young children and accompanying grown ups!

Review: Henry

Blind Summit tear up the puppetry rulebook… again

Review: Backup

Highly innovative climate change narrative that draws you into a dramatic movement piece which then delivers a massive knock out blow.

Review: Darlings

Well written and acted contemporary play about 20 somethings is relatable, informative, entertaining and pulls on the heart-strings, the best kind of theatre!

Review: The Sorrowful Tale of Sleeping Sidney

This is a gem of many colours. Do see it. The miraculous construction’s matched by Jordan’s storytelling and sense of dark mischief. In Jordan’s hands it’s a re-possession of lost innocence by a strange sleight of a knowing child.

Review: Minefield

Minefield is for its unique and singularly consummate exploration of its themes, outstanding, in a class apart from any show you’ll see, perhaps even of Arias. Her work must be acknowledged here now.

Review: Heartwood

A family tale that has a heart of gold rather than wood but plenty of mileage to get through which will soften yours.

Review: Puppet Fiction

Gritty story inspired by Pulp Fiction, except with puppets - entertaining and fun!

Review: Angels in America Part Two: Perestroika

Seeing Part Two reinforces the impression that in its virtues and a few vices, there’s nothing like this in theatre. An epic conveying a generational anger undergoing criminal abandonment, it blazons all corners of a nation. And the almost national multitude of cast and creatives Marianne Elliott’s assembled stands proud in this, almost beyond praise.

Review: Titus Sharkdronicus

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the theatre.

Review: Dark Matter

Consciousness. Where does it arise from? What happens when it begins to decay?

Review: Life of Galileo

Thrilling, especially Brendan Cowell in the lead role. It’s unlikely we’ll see another Life of Galileo with the scale and reach of this for a long time, though perhaps for no better reason than we’re almost alienated from Brecht at a time when at least looking up and asking questions is what keeps us on our toes, when people talk of strong leaders.

Review: Christopher Nibble.

"The Guinea pigs of Dandeville are munching the poor over-stretched dandelion population out of existence and heading for eco-disaster!!

Review: The Forecast

The Forecast is an unforgettable experience on many levels - a horrifying, yet ultimately hopeful story about a future that is already pulling into the driveway

Review: Seeing Stars

Here’s Tycho Brahe to lead us by his gold nose. You can never start star-gazing too young; this Rust and Stardust production is a dazzling place to start. Enchanting, informative and exhilarating in equal measure; Conlon and Sommers’ singing sets a magical seal on this star-breaking look at the universe.

Review: The Wizard of Oz

It beggars belief that on one tiny stage we can be subjected to so many scene stages so expertly handled, so many backdrops and scenery shifts, not to mention a cast of twenty-two who can all sing. This production is good enough for a larger professional stage. If you get a chance, ask for a ticket or return.

Review: Motherhood:(Un)speakable, (Un)spoken

Ninety seconds into this newly-revised one-woman play, Joanna Rosenfeld - emerging in a poke of fingers from a cagoule of brown paper - over-voices herself giving witness to tens of verbatim experiences we hear. This tells us the baby’s a parasite, sucks all your nutrients, calcium from your teeth for instance, causes injury, often permanent, can kill. This is - literally - epic interior theatre.

Review: Motherhood: (Un)speakable, (Un)spoken

Moments into this one-woman play, Joanna Rosenfeld - emerging in a poke of fingers from a cagoule of brown paper - over-voices herself giving witness to tens of verbatim experiences we hear. This tells us the baby’s a parasite, sucks all your nutrients, calcium from your teeth for instance, causes injury, often permanent, can kill. This is - literally - epic interior theatre.

Review: Meet Fred

Inspiring, creative, imaginative, meaningful and fabulously entertaining!

Review: In Our Hands

Creative, entertaining and moving play with puppets!

Review: Wolf Meat

Profoundly silly and farcically serious show with just the kind of anarchy that offers coke to audience members. Contains brief and ghastly nudity.

Review: Pinocchio

Join Bard & Troubadour on a truly magical journary for all ages, as Pinocchio faces scoundrels, set-backs and sea monsters on his quest to become a real boy, in this loving recreation of the classic Italian fairy tale.

Review: Bruce

As our bumbling protagonist Bruce hurtles towards the Earth in a space shuttle, he reflects on the life events which lead him to this predicament.

Review: Paper Wings

Visually rich art , puppetry and dance - unique and beautiful!

Review: Cell

Poignant, entertains and enlightens about a serious topic

Review: Dragon

Mesmerizing Dragon!

Review: Cinder-ella

Cinder-ella offers a lot to recommend it, not the least of which is Kinny Gardner, a dynamic, engaging and imminently charming storyteller who offers laughter, imagination and just a little bit of magic!

Review: Beowulf

A creative, imaginative retelling of Beowulf in puppet form.

Review: Bruce

After three minutes, you completely forget that you’re looking at a sponge.