London, baby!

The Transfer! So, it’s happening. We’ve dusted the costumes, shaken off the post-fringe hangovers and taken a surgical knife to the script. The Death of Ivan Ilyich is going to the Camden Fringe next week. It’s the first time we’ve toured a show in a little while, and we’re very excited. Problems we’re facing The […]

Listen. People Aren’t Going to Buy Tickets to Your Show. They really aren’t. If you assume they will, you are heading for a fairly empty house. Your friends may well come to your show, though don’t even count on that, if their only commitment is an “Attending” or a “Maybe” on your Facebook event. Facebook […]

  They’ve ignored my press release! There could be a number of reasons why your press has been not responded to by potential reviewing publications. Some of these are outside of your control, others may be down to you. Reasons why you haven’t been replied to could be: – your sending email address has been […]

A Performer’s Guide to Having a Depressing Fringe

It is very easy to ensure your experience as a Fringe performer is dire and spirit-crushing. Just follow these top five tips and you’re sure to hit the bottom quickly and effectively… 1. Make it all about money. Become fixated on making a profit and ensure every empty seat is a sign of your personal […]

                All you need to know about the much neglected art of putting flyers into flat surfaces and other angles of attack … (Warning: May contain humour) Vertical flyering is done standing up. The flyerer and the flyeree are both on their feet. It takes place mostly on […]

Advertise on FringeReview at Camden Fringe 2019

  Boost your box office sales at the Camden Fringe. The perfect time to book an advert at our special Camden Fringe “from now until the end of your Camden Fringe 2019 run” rate.  Book an advert on the good fringe guide. In August, traffic to our site goes nuts, up in the tens of […]

Paul Levy talks to Maria McAteer about One Last Look

Paul Levy talks to Maria McAteer about One Last Look. “A compelling new thriller written by National Westminster Playwright’s Award Winner Maria McAteer. A man and a woman wait in a flat in Camden for a phone call from a colleague. As they chat idly, they find themselves unwrapping progressively more revealing and surprising secrets. […]