Review: Dirty Dancing

There’s a fitting heart-warming climax to a dream of production. And a surprise to those who think they know the film.

Review: I/O

Interesting exploration of movement, technology and space.

Review: Grin

A fantastic piece of collaboration which is as energetic as it is creative and challenging.

Review: Prelude #1- The Circle

From Quebec- highly satisfying and professional unraveling of gesture and motion in a ritualistic circle

Review: Silver Feet

A fascinating dance piece which takes us through the feet sculpted around our guide.

Review: NOunderstanding

A relentless/restless modern dance from Italy about communication and lack of understanding

Review: We Came To Dance

A truly immersive experience where you dance to the rhythms of another world in a class that should make you spin.

Review: Celebrating Okoe

A beautiful homage to a personal friend and teacher that is rich and deep in the rhythm of celebration.

Review: Bones and Wires

Exploration of contrasts, curious, subtle and meaningful.

Review: Living Newspaper #7

Like all the Royal Court’s Living Newspaper series, we need this. Watch a group of young dramatists take on the future

Review: Born to Manifest

An impressive and challenging triple bill of exceptional dance that delves into the depth of their being and provides us with collective hope as a message.

Review: Looping

A divergent dance experience that is as eclectic and participative as it is enriching and impressive

Review: Dadders

An engrossing and fascinating exploration of artistry made by two neurodiverse performers.

Review: Identity

Thrilling and inventive, pulsing with creativity and ability

Review: Ensemble

Inspiring dance with strength and grace

Review: Seeking Unicorns

Beguiling performance - beautiful with a powerful message

Review: BalletBoyz: Them/Us

Visceral and moving dance and inventive choreography - breathtaking!

Review: Heroes

A highly skilled physical exploration of the theme of heroes and their impact upon us

Review: FrontX

Vibrant entertaining show with a fascinating international cast of skilled characters!

Review: Ariadna

Exquisite movement and physical storytelling

Review: The Beautiful Game

Joy and ecstasy, failure and defeat in a strong physical theatre piece with football thrown in.

Review: Project Y

An astonishing evening of dance that comes from four top choreographers and the cream of young dancers in Scotland

Review: Wasteland

A vibrant hymn to community, its spirit and its defiance.

Review: Körper

“A fusion of the modern and the mythic, questioning our place in the modern world”

Review: Ceyda Tanc Youth Dance

“An inspirational and dynamic showcase of the next generation of dancers under the guidance of Brighton based, Ceyda Tanc”

Review: Elicitations

“An ambitious work, exploring the emotional complexities in relationships”

Review: Tantalus /A Pair of Genes

An intimate and personal double bill of what it is like to be alike and different given through and entrancing piece of dance which is rooted in highly personal experience.

Review: Dance Nation

As an airborne metaphor for how you get to be grown-ups, what it does to you, Dance Nation takes as it were some beating.

Review: Sunshine Boy

A fascinating homage to the world of a true maverick and genius from one of Scotland’s own.

Review: The Artist

Entertaining, creative, theatrical, very well performed!

Review: Sky Labyrinths

Beautiful, visceral and tantalizing dance and physical theatre!


Creative and moving - performed with excellent dance quality.

Review: Summer Holiday

Stunning Ray Quinn and ensemble work their bobby-socks off with notable support from Rob Wicks and his band. Give No. 9 a proper MOT and it’ll strike gold too.

Review: Crazy For You

This is a blast of the purest kind. You have to see it. In terms of talent on display worked to a supreme ensemble pitch, this is quite simply the most stunning pure musical I’ve seen this year.

Review: Blackpool

"...just under 60 minutes of surprise, joy, sadness and fabulous dancing punctuated by a manic cheesy grin."

Review: Fauna

A must see show for anyone fascinated by movement, music and the human body.

Review: Son of a Preacher Man

Son of a Preacher man has real potential. It’s easily more than a cut above a jukebox musical, and Revel-Horwood’s work particularly coupled with Herbert’s musical arrangements is exemplary. As is the marvellous and marvellously hard-working ensemble.

Review: Rambert

The theatre of Goat, its apotheosis into something else from its comedic opening, is stunning. It’s what the Rambert does; completely reinvent itself and the dance. this and the earlier ballet are outstanding in themselves. The Cunningham company are lucky to learn from them.

Review: Dreamboats and Petticoats

It’s back again. Laurence Marks and Maurice Gran’s nine-year dream Dreamboats and Petticoats returns to Theatre Royal, Brighton with a cast and creatives deserving high praise for creating the lightest touch out of slight narrative. Those who’ve seen it should start marvelling at the musicianship, and those who haven’t will increasingly join in.

Review: Sari

A dance and aerial journey in colour through the weave that holds a nation together.

Review: Follies

It took a visit into past and pastiche to propel Sondheim’s language into a modernity no-one foresaw. This is the finest realisation of this Janus-faced masterpiece, ringing with towering performances: Staunton, Bennett, Dee, Quast and Forbes simply at the head. This must be the definitive production.

Review: The Wedding Singer

This is an outstandingly-conceived show, generous to cast and audience alike, superbly choreographed and performed in what might seem challenging spaces. The last blast of summer’s breath: enjoy.

Review: #Jesuis

A highly impressive piece of dance and physical theatre which explored our world and its response to the attacks it has suffered.

Review: Mind-Goblin

Fascinating, textured, sensitive and inspired!

Review: 5 Soldiers

Evocative, dynamic and impressive!

Review: Border Tales

Brilliant - creatively devised, provocative, well performed, poignant and moving!

Review: Skin

Inspired and inspiring piece - creative, dynamic and tender

Review: On This Side of Time

Evocative and fascinating! Original contemporary choreography with eclectic music.

Review: Kin

Well performed and highly skilled, Kin is a wonderfully entertaining, and theatrical show that draws you in immediately.

Review: Cirkopolis

Highly skilled entertainment. Lyrical, dramatic, beautiful, spirited, exciting and intriguing!

Review: Death City

Stunningly choreographed Korean dance where death lingers round every wrist flick.

Review: Batacchio

Elegant, imaginative and very entertaining - with deliciously quirky moments!

Review: The Dreamer

A visual treat! Creative, inventive and visceral physical theatre.

Review: The North

Creative quirky piece - whimsical on the surface with deeper meaning.

Review: Leviathan

Acrobatic dance expressing an abstract version of a poignant story.

Review: Fall Out

High energy tap dance to live music - pushes the boundaries - exciting!

Review: The Tempest

You won’t forget the spectacle. But it’s the lonely spectators of their own powers that’ll beat on your mind. Gregory Doran’s RSC production realizes that more fully than ever before. Simon Russell Beale’s riven letting-go of a man’s potency relinquished along with his moral son sounds deeper plummets still.

Review: The Buddy Holly Story

The Buddy Holly Story is a superb show, the fast-track to know Buddy Holly’s world with storyline and songs that influenced and were influenced in turn. Alex Fobbester’s Buddy Holly inhabits his role with verve and heart-stopping sensitivity. There’s room to craft an even more compelling story, but as a show its generosity good-humoured inclusiveness proves irresistible.

Review: Wonderland

The ingredients are there: it’s a magical idea, and just needs a quieter rationale and – to make it a great show - a few more memorable numbers. But if you care for musicals, see it for an outstanding clutch of performers and a dream of something perennial.

Review: Depart

Big, bold, beautiful, baffling.

Review: AY/NA Ceyda Tanc Dance Company

This world class contemporary dance is filled with both quick and unhurried graceful movement requiring real control, which is displayed in genuine abundance. Yet the themes are so highly contemporary and their skill-set so excellent that they surpass any contemporary dance performance I have seen, whilst holding to their very own distinctive form and style.

Review: Plan B for Utopia

With its low tech props, starkly minimal staging, and exquisite performance, Clevillé has constructed a piece that teeters between being hilarious, heart breaking, and intensely hopeful.

Review: Thoroughly Modern Millie

Plews and Wicks have created a musical powerhouse literally all-singing and dancing, of the highest West End standards. The quintet – and they blend magnetically together – of Clifton, Barrett, Rush, Glover and McDuff have stamped character and stomped bliss on this musical.

Review: Sunny Afternoon

What makes this outstanding is Penhall’s wit and deft charactering of core band and satellites who interact with the complexity of a play, the way the songs move the narrative forward and are given believable geneses. This outstanding musical deserves the awards its original incarnation garnered – and it brings back The Kinks forever sharing the peak of British pop with The Who, The Stones and pre-eminently The Beatles.

Review: Coal

An incredibly poignant homage to the working class

Review: Smother

An emotional dance performance anyone can relate to