Review: Music For Rooftops

On the roof, balcony and terrace, a brass extravaganza

Review: East

A specially crafted evening of musical and poetic works inspired by mesmerising myths, legends, poems, ballads and dance from England’s Eastern seaboard

Review: Sacrament

A revelation, superbly written and acted. Comparisons have been made with A Girl Is A Half-formed Thing. I can think of no higher praise either. You must see this.

Review: Living Newspaper #7

Like all the Royal Court’s Living Newspaper series, we need this. Watch a group of young dramatists take on the future

Review: Illusions of Liberty

A finely-calibrated solo play of what it’s like to enter that tunnel of near-undiagnosable but very real illness. Corinne Walker’s both authoritative and quicksilver. Do catch it.

Review: New Moon Monologues April

As we saw in March, don’t be lulled by friendly colours and fluffy fonts. Queens of Cups again proves they’re a company to revel with and wait for heart-stopping reveals

Review: Aphrodite

Dazzling: wise, clever twists about choice, male determination, and consequence.

Review: Orpheus

A terrific reinvention, bringing gods and heroines up from the death of myth to an altered world.

Review: New Moon Monologues March

Don’t be lulled by the friendly colours and fluffy fonts. Queen of Cups is absolutely a company to watch, and its showcase productions are literally unmissable

Review: Lance Mok Piano Recital

Confirms Mok confirms he’s a pianist bristling with oblique lyricism and spiky character – an ideal late 19th century-20th century interpreter.

Review: Sussex Musicians Concert

Singers set a few benchmarks and piansit Kevin Allen in particular ferociously adventuring to fresh sonorities

Review: BBC Proms 69

An immensely satisfying traversal into darkness.

Review: BrOg

An excellent hour of traditional Scottish music

Review: Elizabethan

Bawdy ballads and badinage from a master of lute and linguistics

Review: LIPS Ensemble

Consummate and pretty well flawless. Unique and uniquely lively in their field.

Review: All Aboard

All aboard for a wild and wacky journey through the vicissitudes of life

Review: Choir of Man

"It’s a feel-good show. You leave with a smile and a song in your head."