Review: Gone Edinburgh

Scottish folk music peppered with social justice themes and mischievous grins

Review: Ane City

A poetic tale of drugs, alcohol, and adolescent angst in Dundee, Scotland

Review: Albach Guitar Duo Recital

A highly distinguished duo, with a repertoire both intelligently chosen and superbly executed

Review: Karen Sharp Trio

A wonderfully mellow set of performances, and thoroughly recommended.

Review: Poet in da Corner

Exemplary, thrilling, adrenalin-shot and shout-worthy. There has to be a part two, and it ought to be soon.

Review: Belly of a Drunken Piano

masterful evening of drama, riveting music, beautiful storytelling, pulsating beats, all woven with music of the boomer generation. 

Review: Letters For Peace

Haunting, poignant music from one of Scotland’s leading guitarist and composers

Review: Bowjangles: Excalibow

Outstanding music, vocals, comedy, movement, and innovation combine to create a remarkable performance.

Review: Lucia di Lammermoor

This is a stunning pocket-sized opera-house quality Lucia. You won’t find a better-sung, more affecting Donizetti this year.