My 10th Year at the ‘Fringe Festival’

Each August in Edinburgh over the last 10 years I have had a wonderful time here in Edinburgh. Since 2009, when I came here in support of a ground-breaking show, ‘The Strong Breast Revolution’. Not quite knowing what I was going to find I dived in to the madness of the Royal Mile. I tried […]

Images from the Fringe 2023

2023 photographs – More Galleries Show Pictures Clearing the Backlog I can’t really believe how quickly the last couple of weeks have gone by as I sit at my computer updating picture galleries, reviewing and sorting photographs to upload. As you may suspect I’m drawn to visually interesting shows and I feel lucky to have […]

Fringe Views

When I’ve had the chance I’ve taken a few pictures around the fringe, late at night and during the day. Here are a few in a slideshow. Note to self: Must get out and about more!

Preparing to leave the fringe

Final few days Friday of the last week opened to a dreary Edinburgh with rain in the air. Fortunately the rain cleared as I made my way to the final ‘FringeReview’ gathering for this year. These are one of my favourite mornings of the fringe as I am guaranteed to have a good chinwag. Today […]

@ theSpaceUK

With All Jew Respect Cyril Squirrel Grounded Self Service The Sound of Mucus

Gilded Ballon Press Launch

Thursday 4th August MC: Lou Conran Maise Adam Mythos Ragnarok James Roque Finlay Christie Elf Lyons Tehran Von Ghasri Grant Buse Basil Brush Pete Firman Kylie Brakeman Just These Please

2022 Underbelly Launch

Thursday 4th August – McEwan Hall A selection of photographs of the press launch. Featured shows Dragons and Mythical Beasts Rhys Nicholson Caligari Emmanuel Ja’mime La Clique Balloon Myra Dubois Rob Madge La Clique – Charlie Wheeler Cyr Camille BOOM

2022 Greenside Launch Show

Riddles Court – 12:00pm Thursday August 3rd The morning following my arrival at this year’s fringe I eased myself into the round of venue launches. Here are some photos I took at the Greenside Launch held at their ‘Riddles Court’ venue at the top of the Royal Mile. Following the welcome we saw excerpts from: […]

2022 theSpaceUK Press Launch

theSpace Triplex theSpaceUK bounced back into 2022 with what they claim to be ‘the biggest new writing programme of the fringe’. Here are a selection of photographs from the shows previewed. Featured Shows – Compered by Fraser Brown Hip-Hop Orchestra Experience Crossing the Void Apartness Prejudice and Pride Merrill Means Well Brother’s Keeper The Mistake […]

2022 Assembly Launch Show

40th Anniversary Festival Gala – Assembly on the Mound Gathering in the courtyard of the Mound I prepared to photograph this show. When we were allowed in they ushered us to a specially prepared space for photographers. Yes we had an unobstructed view, but I like to select my vantage point from where to photograph. […]

Richard Daniels Edinburgh Fringe 2022

I’m very happy to be back at the ‘Fringe’ this August with my camera for FringeReview after a couple of years absence.  Looking back Enjoyable as it is, this will be very different time for me, because my good friend, the well known fringe performer, “Lynn Ruth Miller” will never be with us again. Sadly, […]

Here are some pictures of Ian performing his show ‘Looking for Wolverhampton’s Latin Quarter’. With some delightful anecdotes from his youth as he found out about working life and the world around him, waiting to be discovered for his creative endeavours. A charming piece that brings back memories of growing up in the 70’s. Return […]

Sir David and His Animals

When you’re a real celebrity there must be many demands on your time, and when you’ve got something really important to say then how do you find any time at all. This was the root of the problem for Clownfish Theatre as they had booked the great man himself to present an anthology of his […]

I photographed Viviana at the Space Triplex Studio venue 38 where she performed a delightful set of songs associated with Marilyn who had captured her heart. This is a homage to her. The show finishes on the 17th so there are only a couple more opportunities to catch this. Return to Richard’s Gallery

Will You Photograph My Show?

My Photography at the fringe I know that I may get it in the neck from the professional photographers here at the fringe but I believe that in general terms a show does not need a paid photographer. There are quite a few photographers in Edinburgh during festival time and probably more than you know. […]

Stand-up Poet – Greg Byron

One of Fringe Review’s must see shows. Occasionally through the performance I found it difficult to concentrate on taking photos as Greg entertained me and the rest of the audience. Several times I had to prevent the camera shaking as he performed his poems. Giggling throughout I have to concur that it is a great […]

Délicieux – Seckford Theatre

I must declare an interest in this theatre group, I always photograph them while I’m here, which is every two years. Seckford Theatre is part of my old school, which incidentally I left 5o years ago this year. 1969 was a wonderful year for those of you that may remember it. Travelling up from Woodbridge […]

Here are a selection of pics from ‘Mallets‘ a show at Surgeons’ Hall, Theatre 3 that I photographed on Tuesday. A delightfully light, piece of fast-paced comedy showing the underlying currents swirling around during the afternoon of an eagerly anticipated croquet match. Return to Richard’s Gallery

The end approaches

When I arrived on the 30th July those all around the fringe were busy, setting up, briefing the troops and all the other things necessary for this year’s fun. I wandered around watching what was happening and planning my schedule. Now I was onto the Press Launches and selecting shows to photograph. That was then […]

Here are a few pictures from last Saturday’s Meet the Media. Performers; Publicists and others? queue from early morning to take the opportunity to pitch their shows to members of the media. Lasting all afternoon the orderly queues slowly disappear as the enthusiasm diminishes. However, patience and commitment is necessary to interest these reviewers. Return […]

theSpaceUK Press Launch at the Edinburgh Fringe 2019

Click on the image to see pictures of the Press launch. Introduced by John Rowe this show featured: Teach; Cello on Fire; A Tribute to Alanis Morissette’s Jagged Little Pill; Jeremy Nicholas What Are You Talking About?; Rust; The Good Scout; Predictably Irrational; Microbodyssey; Space Junk; Dream of a King; Lorca: A Theatre Beneath the […]

On Tuesday I was fortunate to go to the sixth annual ‘Death on the Fringe‘ this presentation showcased a few shows which are part of what they describe as a ‘Festival within a Festival. Robert Peacock the director of this alliance introduces over 40 shows in the programme. Have a look at the pictures in […]

Launches. . . Launches. . . Launches. . .

These are a selection of my galleries featuring the Press Launches held during the first week. theSpaceUK Press Launch – hosted by John Rowe featuring a few of more than 440 shows at ‘theSpaceUK’ Assembly Press Launch The patient audience awaits the start of the performance which previewed many of the shows at the Assembly […]

Greenside – Press Launch at the Edinburgh Fringe

  The Greenside Press Launch was the first of these at the fringe this year. This was the introduction to 19 of their 173 shows accross their fringe venues this year. Click on the image to see the gallery Return to Richard’s Gallery

I’m fortunate to be back in this lovely city of Edinburgh, my 9th consecutive year. Like many visitors I am excited to be here especially as I wander the streets meeting people taking photographs and seeing shows. This is my view of the fringe which I hope you will enjoy. Scroll through the page look […]