Barefoot through the Fringe – with Karin Schmid

For me walking barefoot is like taking the first step over and over again. You never know what will happen. There might be joy, there might be pain. This is how I feel about the Fringe. There are a lot of first steps for me. First solo show, first time touring internationally, first time EdFringe, […]

It was the beginning of the 3rd week. I was rushing over South Bridge to get to a meeting or to see a show. I don´t remember. But there was this moment of realization. For the first time I felt it. I was at Edinburgh Festival Fringe. I have made it. It was not only […]

EdFringe – an Utopian World

Let´s be honest. Participating in EdFringe with a solo-show is a lot of work. You work all the time – posting, tweeting, blogging, flyering, researching where to flyer, chasing reviews, networking and building relationships with industry people, visiting events and of course: performing your show.  Sure, some of it is a pleasure. But you never […]

TABOO in scottish weather

The first performance week is over. I am quite amazed how fast time flies. I have managed to see 5 shows so far. In case someone wants to follow my footsteps through the Fringe literally it is my pleasure to name them here: The Fannytasticals / The Canary and the Crow / Too Young to […]

TABOO – a solo show not so solo

So, it has begun. First performances and previews have started. The audience is still seemingly shy. Last minute flyering to get some bums on seats. Everything is super exciting. First Launch Party invitations, and meeting people. Lots of people. And everyone has a flyer to hand out. So, no. I am not alone. I am […]

TABOO´s bags are packed

I´ll admit, I´m getting a bit restless. In 2 days  I will fly to Edinburgh. I will check in at the student accommodations – sleep – go to my venue Sweet Novotel say hi and pick up my flyers, start flyering, stop by at Fringe Central and pick up my participant pass and sign in […]