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Edinburgh Fringe 2019

A Rock ‘n’ Roll Suicide

A wonderfully anarchic run through some of the very things that shocked us in the seventies musically before celebrity culture but when we had real celebrities


Accomplished solo storytelling about mental health issues, with dance and song.

Angus Brown: Everest

Intelligent, absurd and climbing high

Angus Dunican: Nice Bit of Kit

Clever storytelling mixed with some very funny comedy

Carl Hutchinson: I Know I Shouldn’t Behave Like This

A very funny Geordie bloke tells us about growing up and having a bit of a drinkie

Climb The Live Album

Sung with soulful tunes, Climb takes us through Diego’s adventures with relationships

Connie Wookey: Denied

A thoroughly enjoyable show

Don’t Frighten the Straights

Heart warming stories from around the gay world

Encyclopedia of Kitchen Comedy Essays by Larry Tadlock

"No matter what combination of stories each show will deliver, I have no doubt that they will be as engaging as the ones I thoroughly enjoyed."

Fake News

A Skilled and Impactful Piece of Storytelling Theatre

Flo & Joan : Before the screaming starts

Following their Sell Out 2018 run Flo & Joan are back and better than ever.

Great Grimm Tales

A beautifully made and entertaining show of physical storytelling.

Iain FM Smith: My Finest Hour

A talented storyteller tells us about his life and his rather amazing grandfather

I’m A Phoenix, Bitch

Guy Masterson finds the perfect show...

Jessica Fostekew: Hench

Hench means; Strong, Fit and having well-developed muscles. That describes this show, perfectly.

Kemp’s Jig

A wonderfully told tale of a forgotten man in the history of Elizabethan theatre

Mimi Hayes: I’ll be OK

A harrowing tale about dealing with the breakdown of both relationships...and her own body.

My Mum’s a Twat

A one woman show, using her teenage voice to tell the story of being rejected by her Mum who chose a powerful cult over her family.

Ockham’s Razor : This Time

Storytelling combined with group and solo aerial physical theatre

Sea Sick



A dreamy piece of theatre combining storytelling, live music and visuals exploring grief, swimming and friendship.

The Grandmothers Grimm

If story and gender intrigue this is well worth a bedtime visit.

The Reverend Richard Coles: A Simple Country Parson    

A very English clergyman preaches a very English sermon to his choir

Umbrella Man

Start your Fringe day with a bang in the hands of a very talented poet and storyteller

Wireless Operator

A moving narrative about a member of bomber command facing harsh physical and mental challenges