Review: Accordion Fight Show

The bizarre burlesque of a man in leather thong playing accordion - mostly with other clothes on

Review: Souvenir

Uproarious “kamikaze cabaret” history of Brighton Theatre Royal told through song and amusing anecdotes.

Review: Hughie, and The Real Inspector Hound

This is a very fine revival of The Real Inspector Hound, counting on timing as much as the consummate Hughie counts on pauses. Potton is the commanding presence in Stoppard’s farce, whilst Messingham’s Erie is an exceptionally observed teeter to despair and a sudden lurch back. You wonder what he would have made of the 1930s, and how O'Neill might have answered him.

Review: Wolf Meat

Profoundly silly and farcically serious show with just the kind of anarchy that offers coke to audience members. Contains brief and ghastly nudity.

Review: Blues and Burlesque

Blues and Burlesque: Pete Saunders, strikes whilst the iron is hot, calling on the seductress Ivy Paige to host an evening of sultry blues, bawdy comedy and strip tease

Review: The Art of Tease

Seven sexy ladies tease the audience with displays of personality and sensuality

Review: La Clique

"recommended for the stand-out acts"

Review: Sister Mary Lucy

One girl’s dream of becoming a nun through song and dance

Review: Fresh Meat

Happy International Women's Day (Night)

Review: Captain Syphilis

A kooky pirate takes the audience on a psychedelic voyage that is not entirely without raunchiness, canon balls, and musical talent.

Review: The Musical of Musicals (The Musical!)

By public demand return season featuring Fiona DeLaine, Mark DeLaine, Rod Schultz and Michaela Burger with Angela Turner

Review: A Dirty Martini

Trailblaze immerse in the mileu with much fun and panache.

Review: Jonny & the Baptists

Blues with humour!

Review: Boom Boom Club

Dirty laughs to go with your Dirty Martini (no Dirty Martinis available).

Review: Bourgeois and Maurice: Sugartits

Excellent glamorous and inventive cabaret show with a political edge.

Review: Daughters of Lot

Sex sells and the corruption of the two daughters is of biblical proportions in this hour long sexploitation.

Review: Lady Rizzo

A New York cabaret singer who thrives on glitter and glamour, has the voice of Lady Gaga, and the aplomb of Liz Minelli.

Review: Briefs

Boys well suited to strip

Review: The Pain of Desire

Film Noir Diva sings cinematic

Review: Briefs

Skilled, smart, trash-tastic circus and boylesque!

Review: The Upside Down Girl

Surreal cabaret mixing great songs with dark humour

Review: East End Cabaret

" two very talented kookie cabaristas"

Review: Pianodivalicious

A very entertaining show featuring a range of musical styles.

Review: Queer: The Wicked Webs We Weave

Scenesters set the scene well considering that the setting of the scenes themselves lacked lustre.

Review: LoveBirds

A fabulous, sparkly cabaret that is contagiously entertaining.

Review: Kitty Cointreau’s Bra Ha Ha

The compere squeals with delight at one point: ‘Oh, tomorrow’s going to be a brilliant day!’. And the Bra Ha Ha is a brilliant way to end it ..

Review: Blues

A Musical Salute to the Titans of the Genre

Review: Devious Minds

Two very skilled performers for the price of one show

Review: The Last Trilogy

Burlesque with a Conscience

Review: Pink Noise by FORK

A Cappella so great that you’ll be looking for the band!

Review: The Magnets

It’s amazing what 6 human voices can achieve!

Review: Le Gateau Chocolat

An uplifting show, full of Lycra, glitter and makeup

Review: Piano Divalicious

Vivacious piano diva with a story to tell

Review: Manipulators

Manipulation worthy of Machiavelli from this pair of Antipodean illusionists

Review: Alive & Swinging with Marylin Monroe

'Forget the rumours, Marylin Monroe is very much alive and swinging in this five star show'

Review: Strip The Light Fantastic

Finally a burlesque show that delivers burlesque!

Review: Dead Men Don’t

The golden age of radio theatre returns in this deadly comedy

Review: A Doll’s House

Cross-dressing meets undressing in this Burlesque showcase

Review: Burlesque Beauties

Showtime shakes meets stand up comedy

Review: Noir Revue

A dark tale that flickers with delight!

Review: Circus Burlesque

Smart and sexy burlesque with a mistress who knows how to dominate.

Review: Cabaret Whore Encore

Sharp-witted lyrics from a real cabaret find

Review: Frisky And Mannish – The College Years

Frisky and Mannish are in very real danger of dwindling audience members – if only because they’re quite genuinely choking on helpless, teary laughter.

Review: The Pink Sinatra

Frank in every way

Review: Kit and The Widow

Beguiling badinage and ballads from two doyens of the Fringe

Review: Vive Le Cabaret

A bargain bucket of talent