Review: Some Other Place

Some Other Place - an exploration of where we are, where we came from, and where we're going...

Review: Rebel Boob

Based on interviews with women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer.

Review: The Sensemaker

An astonishing, disturbing shapeshifting sliver of genius.

Review: Growth

An intriguing few minutes of a short performance followed by the workshop that created it and which you can use to create your own growth spurt.

Review: Frankenstein (alternate version)

The acting scales cliff-edges of unreason. One remembers the scale of betrayal and loss of redemption. Benedict Cumberbatch here is Frankenstein, Jonny Lee Miller the Creature. The alternate version aired first is still available.

Review: Frankenstein

The acting scales cliff-edges of unreason. One remembers the scale of betrayal and loss of redemption

Review: Born to Manifest

An impressive and challenging triple bill of exceptional dance that delves into the depth of their being and provides us with collective hope as a message.

Review: Equus

Ned Bennett’s thrilling production breaks out Equus from its leather bondage

Review: Not Quite

Symes and Thomas have real talent and are an excellent double act

Review: Before

Storytelling with songs and lot of character!

Review: Fishbowl

Witty, wry, slapstick, funny, well performed and very entertaining!

Review: Scottee: Fat Blokes

Transformational physical theatre that challenges and moves

Review: The Chosen

Superb heartfelt visual storytelling with excellent movement quality

Review: From the Top

Meaningful physical theatre, excellent dancing

Review: There She Is

A treat of an absurdist “tale” that brings the confusion of life into the centre of our universe

Review: I Run

A vivid solo performance of a man running furious, powerful and heartbroken into the grief of his dead daughter.

Review: Little Rabbit

Susan's trapped in her house by rising flood water. But she's not allowed to leave the house or even be seen......

Review: Catching Comets

This was a solo performance telling a story about love, about fear, about the protections that we build up around ourselves that isolate us more than they serve.

Review: Knock Knock

A no-nonsense fairy tale with a twist brought to life with dance and physical theatre, accessible to d/Deaf and hearing audiences.

Review: Heroes

A highly skilled physical exploration of the theme of heroes and their impact upon us

Review: The War of the Worlds

Creative, provocative original play with surprise twists, superb physical theatre!

Review: Vigil

Dramatic, moving, impactful physical storytelling

Review: Beep Boop

A one man mime and physical comedy theatre show with a live digital soundscape, exploring society’s uneasy obsession with online life and the curious delusional pull away from an actually lonely reality.

Review: FrontX

Vibrant entertaining show with a fascinating international cast of skilled characters!

Review: Passengers

A consummately delivered theatrical take on an important area of psychotherapy.

Review: The Letter

A wonderful piece of physical theatre which is an absolute joy to watch.

Review: The Desk

Energetic precision of movement with a powerful message!

Review: Ariadna

Exquisite movement and physical storytelling

Review: The Beautiful Game

Joy and ecstasy, failure and defeat in a strong physical theatre piece with football thrown in.

Review: Birth

A pitch perfect piece of physical theatre, exploring themes of family connection, parenthood and loss.

Review: Körper

“A fusion of the modern and the mythic, questioning our place in the modern world”

Review: Weight/Wait

“An emotional rollercoaster that is gripping from start to finish…a powerful piece of physical theatre.”

Review: The Birth of Death

“A profoundly moving and disarmingly funny journey, looking at death and how we approach it…”

Review: Dressed

Intrigue through choreography, voice, music and an episodic structure which appears odd and piecemeal but is drawn together in a theatrically explosive fashion

Review: A Fortunate Man

Fascinating story, well performed, creative and entertaining!

Review: Jogging

Thought provoking, physical storytelling, dramatic with creative humour!

Review: My Preferred Pronoun is We

Fascinating well crafted show with depth and humor – topical, very well performed, poignant + impactful!

Review: Our Man In Havana

Hugely impressive physical adaptation of Graeme Greene's dark comedy

Review: The Artist

Entertaining, creative, theatrical, very well performed!

Review: Zugunruhe

Beautiful, provocative, well performed show!

Review: East Belfast Boy

An explosive, impressive and energetic exploration of a sub culture in dance from an area of mass testosterone and masculinity

Review: Another One

An impressive physical theatre piece that does seem to meander round a lack of connection.

Review: Achilles

Fusing dance, physical theatre, prose, and raw, dynamic acting Ewan Downie breathes new life into the ages old tale.

Review: Feed

Creative, innovative, well-performed and directed, a complete show that entertains and informs!

Review: Infinita

Bittersweet slapstick comedy about the cycle of life

Review: Heather and Harry

Stumble Trip Theatre smash it with wonderful hyper energetic Lecoq inspired madness

Review: Forget Me Nots

Dynamic, subtle and tender storytelling!

Review: HUFF

A gut-wrenching tale of Indigenous brothers caught in a torrent of solvent abuse in the wake of the death of their mother.

Review: The Fishermen

A Traumatic But Transformational Fight For Life, Freedom, and Understanding

Review: Offstage

An inventive investigation of the unseen darkness behind the facade.

Review: Animal Farm

A swift and telling production that’s quick-swerving on its feet with memorable vocal projection and physical acting that’s a delight and enticement. This outstanding outdoor version feels special.

Review: My Land

Breath taking circus skill and performance that tells a story whilst keeping you on the edge of your seat and with your heart in your mouth.

Review: Testament

A graduate showcase of physical and absurdist theatre exploring grief and letting go.

Review: Sky Labyrinths

Beautiful, visceral and tantalizing dance and physical theatre!

Review: (Some)Body

Creative, bold, sensitive, meaningful physical theatre.

Review: Off-Kilter

Creative physical theatre and poetic character!

Review: Grail Project

unique, accomplished, clever, hilarious yet also often touching and powerful work