Review: Ground

Share a meal, share the world in an atmospheric setting.

Review: Coma

A unique Fringe experience!

Review: Tree Confessions

Innovative, entertaining, meaningful and creative!

Review: Seance

A short but extremely satisfying diversion

Review: With-in

Abstract performance set to a fascinating musical soundscape.

Review: Prelude #1- The Circle

From Quebec- highly satisfying and professional unraveling of gesture and motion in a ritualistic circle

Review: The Brunch Club

A hit and miss look at what achieving a certain age now is like, given the clique culture in post war Britain

Review: Coma

An immersive lying down of your fears which ends with you getting up feeling exposed by an innovative theatrical experience.

Review: Clean

An unmitigated yell for old-school feminism

Review: Funeral Flowers

Strength and determination shine through in this story of a young woman in they care system

Review: Handfast

A joyous celebration of relationships in all their glorious messiness

Review: Rear View

Where live street theatre and guerrilla film-making mesh in perfect harmony.

Review: Meeting at 33

An immersive meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous with truth, dignity and power in the performance

Review: Refrain

A haunting choral journey through the mysterious Newhaven Fort

Review: Depart

Big, bold, beautiful, baffling.

Review: Mobile

Fringe theatre at its best. A unique intimate experience with outstanding production values.

Review: Still Here

“If you have the media - please tell to all the people of nation about my country; Is very important.”

Review: Dancing in the Dark

Inspired off-centre situationist drama from acclaimed Wired Theatre about family, grief and sexual identities.

Review: Borderlands

Meditative and mysterious performance set in the beautiful grounds of Dryburgh abbey

Review: Comfort Slaves

A successful immersive show with strong performances and graphic content

Review: PAND 7090

Unreviewable. Unmissable. Highly recommended.

Review: The Wedding Reception

This is a warm and inviting combination of live comedy interactive performance and a delicious dinner - a great night to plan with friends or to even make some new ones

Review: Together

A Site-Specific Audio-Walk Around Barnstaple

Review: ALICE

A dark, brilliantly immersive exploration of Lewis Carroll and Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

Review: Anna

Intense piece of immersive theatre