Jo Tomalin talks to Johnny Autin, Creative Director and choreographer of Autin Dance Theatre and the cast of Queer Words: Bethany Slinn. Joshua Toft-Wild and Oliver Sale about developing their show. “Queer Words: stand-up comedy meets dance theatre! Performed by an all-LGBTQ cast of three exceptional performers, Queer Words is a bold, provocative, and multidisciplinary […]

Jo Tomalin talks to David Block, musician and sound designer, about working with Alyona Ageeva PoslesLov Physical Theatre Company,  creating music for Sky Labyrinths and (Some)Body. “I looked up in the skies. The Sky river changed its bed’ (Hattori Ransetsu). Once in a lifetime Sky Labyrinths open to everyone, but not everyone risks entering. These […]

Jo Tomalin talks to performers and co-creators Sally Boon and Neil Broughton, and Tim Lang, Professor of Food Policy, Centre for Food Policy, Department of Sociology, School of Arts & Social Sciences, City, University of London about political comedy, food, Brexit and Drowning Not Waving. “A DJ. A raver. A professor of Food Policy. A […]

Performing and writing about serious subjects – Jo Tomalin talks to Matthew Roberts about this experience and developing his latest show, Canoe. Interview 2 of 2 with Matthew Roberts. “Fatherhood. A fatal canoe accident. ‘Who are we now, we don’t have kids? A couple come face-to-face with the powerlessness of parenthood. For Director/Dramaturg Struan Leslie, […]

A debut solo play: Kate Saffin talks to Rosie Fleeshman about Narcissist in the Mirror

Kate Saffin talks to Rosie Fleeshman about her portrayal of life as a millenial.  She describes her difficulties finding work after drama school and and how that led her to start writing and performing spoken word pieces. Travelling and meeting other millenials experiencing similar frustrations started the journey towards this, her solo debut play, which […]

Welcome to Cristina’s Brain: Cristina Lark about Caution: Paul Levy talks to Cristina Lark about Deadline Ahead – A Comedy About Procrastination

              Paul Levy talks to Cristina Lark about Deadline Ahead – A Comedy About Procrastination. Cristina talks about where the idea for this solo show came from, as well as her fairly solo writing and development process. “Devised, new-writing comedy unlike any other. With this mix of different character […]

  Jo Tomalin talks to Neil Arthur James about Gothic Storytelling and creating Dandy Darkly’s All Aboard! “New York City’s critically acclaimed satirist and cult horror raconteur, Dandy Darkly, returns to the Fringe for another horrific, hysteric, late-night frolic. Join Dandy aboard the infamous Gaybird Steamer for the smartest, sleaziest ride of your life. Enjoy a […]

Jo Tomalin talks to Ailin Conant, Artistic Director of Theatre Témoin about their devising process based on research and developing their latest show Feed “Welcome to the stimulating world of Feed, where emotions are the currency, and your passions and fantasies will be indulged… for a price. Témoin return, bringing their vibrant visual style to […]

Jo Tomalin talks to Samantha Miles (Writer and Performer) and Simon Panay (Director) about developing a devised and compact family show – to tour on a low budget and The Search for a Black-Browed Albatross, produced by their company The Backpack Ensemble. “Coat? Check. Tent? Check. A father’s lifelong ambition to complete? Check. Charlie is about […]

Jo Tomalin talks to Yu Chia Huong, Director/Producer/Puppet maker, and puppeteer/mask performers Celine Yen Leh Tsang, Zailyn Cuevas, and Brenda Liz Lopez about creating a children’s Show:  A Cockroach and Furry Blurry Fluffy Things. “A sad and lonely cockroach climbs out from a cardboard box; she doesn’t know where she is and there in front […]

  Jo Tomalin talks to Alyone Ageeva from Physical Theatre PosleSlov about building Bridges between countries through Contemporary Russian art and their two new shows (Some)Body and Sky Labyrinths: “‘I looked up in the skies. The Sky river changed its bed’ (Hattori Ransetsu). Once in a lifetime Sky Labyrinths open to everyone, but not everyone […]

In this first of two interviews, Jo Tomalin talks to Matthew Roberts about writing and producing a one man show, and his latest show, Canoe. “Fatherhood. A fatal canoe accident. ‘Who are we now, we don’t have kids? A couple come face-to-face with the powerlessness of parenthood. For Director/Dramaturg Struan Leslie, diversity is the name […]

              Guest interviewer Daniel Cainer (Whose   talks to director Kate Valentine from Digital Drama about Fast. “Washington State, 1910. “Doctor” Linda Hazzard opens her sanatorium to the public. The public do not always survive… Fast by Kate Barton is a new dark psychological drama based on true events. Complex, […]

            Paul Levy talks to Robert Peacock about The Wee Review. The Wee Review, once known as TV Bomb,  is ‘Scotland’s online arts and culture magazine’. Editor, Robert Peacock shares his vision of the magazine, tells about its role at the Edinburgh Fringe, the ethos for reviewing and how he […]

              Paul Levy talks to Assistant Producer Molly Merwin (amidt the noise of a stapler attaching favourable reviews in the show’s Flyers) about Dangerous Giant Animals, which is written and performed by Christina Murdock. “A kick. A scream. A tantrum. With a disabled sister, what’s allowed? What’s forbidden? Dangerous […]

Bringing New Work to Edinburgh: Donald C Stewart talks to Jenna May Hobbs of White Slate Theatre

Since their debut in 2014, White Slate Theatre, a female led company out of Canterbury, has brought three shows up to Edinburgh, their latest being Re: Production. White Slate is a collaborative effort between playwright Jenna May Hobbs and Director Suzanna Ward. Here Jenna talks of how the company began, developed and finds itself back at Edinburgh with a new […]

Writer, Kat Woods, past winner of a FringReview Outstanding Theatre Award for Belfast Boy, talks to Paul Levy about a new autobiographical piece, KillyMuck. “Inspired by real events, Killymuck is a housing estate built on a paupers graveyard in 1970s Ireland. Niamh navigates life through the parameters of growing up, with the trials and tribulations […]

Jo Tomalin talks to Miro Kokenov about The Burning Gadulka, written by Rayko Baychev – and his experiences performing in theatre and a Solo Storytelling show. “Following a series of failures at music festivals, a Bulgarian musician faces a midlife crisis. Is his lifelong love affair with his instrument, the gadulka, about to be challenged […]

            Paul Levy talks to Rosy Carrick about Passionate Machine. How do you explore time travel through theatre? How can a play involving time travel help a theatremaker to tell their own story? “Remember P.E. kit. Cancel Free Trial. Call mum. Everyone writes instructions to their future selves. But what […]

As part of the Women of the Fringe Networking Event 2018 Luke Tudball chats to Valentina, Producer of Onstage Dating, about live dating events, audience interaction and producing at the Fringe. “Bron is going on first dates. Live onstage. Featuring a different person each night, this hilarious and award-winning show has thrilled at festivals all […]

  Luke Tudball talks with members of the company of Your Alice at the Women of the Fringe event about Fantasy, Reality, Personal Relationships, and Translating Classic Literature for the Edinburgh Fringe. “On the Golden Afternoon, Charles Dodgson (pen name Lewis Carroll) tells his child muse, Alice, her favourite story for the last time. Your […]

Luke Tudball catches up with the company of Social Media Suicide – a new solo comedy show in the Free Festival Fringe and talks about marketing, online presence, and Instagram parties. “@izzybaby1991: ‘You’re invited to a very special 27th birthday party. One I promise you won’t forget!’ Social Media Suicide is a dakly comic one-woman […]

              Paul Levy talks to Stephen Linstead about Black Snow. “A screening of multi award-winning film Black Snow, about the legacy of Britain’s biggest ever mining disaster (Barnsley, 1866), and how a community absorbed that heritage into their lives today. This uplifting show, with songs, laughter, some tears, is a […]

Luke Tudball and Heather Bagnall from Tasty Monster Productions talk to guest interviewer Joanne Allan from Theatraverse, whose own show, Monsieur Somebody, is at the Edinburgh Fringe 2018,  about Falkland – The War the World Forgot Listen to our interview with Luke Tudball and Heather Bagnall about Falkland – The War the World Forgot  

              How do you make award-winning Solo Theatre: Paul Levy talks to actor and playwright Joanne Hartstone about That Daring Australian Girl and The Girl Who Jumped Off the Hollywood Sign. Joanne is back at the Fringe with a new show, and also brings back her successful show from 2017. […]

Joanne Allan talks with Jo Tomalin about developing bilingual plays, directing them and Monsieur Somebody, their latest production. “What’s the biggest lie you’ve ever told? The biggest secret you’ve ever kept? Claude the fraud is a deliciously despicable Frenchman that we love to hate, hate to love… But who could possibly love Claude? An absurdly […]

Ben Pettitt-Wade, Artistic Director of Hijinx Theatre talks about his inclusive company since he started it and how it continues developing today. “Paris. 1650-ish. Impotence is illegal. When a member of the aristocracy is accused of being less than upstanding, his wounded pride leads him towards a monumental and very public flop. But can a […]

              Paul Levy talks to Stefanie Rossi from Smokescreen Productions about Mengele. “Mengele by Philip Wharam and Tim Marriott. 1979, a beach in Brazil, a drowning man meets a mysterious woman who cajoles, questions and flatters him into defending the indefensible. A warning from the past for what happens […]

              Paul Levy talks to Joshua Kernich about Big Man Little Instruments. “One man’s intimate story of escape from religion, to love, loss and triumph. Blends delicate storytelling, spoken word and song. You’ll tear up, you’ll chuckle, you’ll question everything. One big man, his little instruments, his story.” Listen […]

              Paul Levy talks to Christopher Paddon from Some Kind of Theatre about Twelfth Night. The company is “an emerging, Edinburgh-based theatre company who have been creating work with literary themes in Scotland’s capital and beyond since 2015.” The company, as Christopher explains, has a unique approach to accessibility in […]

There are over ten Trump-themed shows at this year’s Fringe. Paul Levy talks to Jack Bolton about paradoy musical comedy show, Trump’d, it’s success and how he creates the character. (Visit the web site) “Featured in TIME Magazine, BBC News, The Scotsman and The Times; the sellout parody musical returns. The year is 2030. Supreme dictator […]

              From Scratch Performance to Fullly Fledged Fringe Production: Paul Levy talks to Katie Grace Cooper and Ayesha Tansey about Pamela’s Palace. Paul was excitied and impressed when he saw and early version of this show at Brighton Fringe 2018. Now he can’t wait to see it at the […]

From Basil and Sybil to Pamela: Paul Levy talks to Alison Pollard-Mansergh about the Development of Interactive Theatre International

            Paul Levy talks to Alison Pollard-Mansergh about the development of Interactive Theatre International, describing the joining threads of immersion, interaction and “truthful theatre” that runs through all of its productions.               From Faulty Towers – The Dining Experience, to The Wedding Reception, the […]

              Guest interviewer Garry Roost talks to Gal Sabo about Triptych. “Three stories meet on stage. Lior might sing for you, Aya dares not to like dogs and Nofar wonders why she was never harassed as a teen. They’ll tell stories, they’ll dance, they’ll try to make you laugh or […]

              Paul Levy talks to writer and director Andrew Allen from Brighton-based Cast Iron Theatre about Year Without Summer. Andrew discusses the play’s development and also justifies being a writer, director, producer and even an improviser at the same time. “May 1816. Claire Clairmont invites lover Byron to Lake […]

Following the success of Chamberlain: Peace in our Time, Searchlight Theatre return to the Fringe with Woodbine Willie: Poet and Padre. Performer and Company co-founder David Robinson talks about how the play came into being, the importance of research and the approach to theatre taken by Searchlight Theatre. ” Poignant drama interspersed with war songs and emotive […]

Audio as Storytelling: Paul Levy talks to Ewan Spence

BAFTA award-nominated Ewan Spence is officially billed as “Executive Producer and Host of Ewan’s Spence’s Edinburgh Fringe Podcast and Radio Show“. What he essentially is is a storyteller. In this interview Ewan shares centuries of wisdom about how and and why audio has a critical part to play in Fringe theatre promoting, and in sharing […]

Paul Levy talks to Jonathon Carr about Wrecked, Impact and Basecamp

Paul Levy talks to Jonathon Carr, Artistic Director of Fever Dream theatre about three linked shows at the Fringe, Wrecked, Impact and Basecamp. Jonathan talks about the challenges of being a writer and director and his development over the course of writing and directing the three productions. Listen to our interview with Jonathon Carr about […]

From Short Story to Theatre Piece: Paul Levy talks to Chris Drummond and Nigel Levings about The Aspirations of Daise Morrow

            Chris Drummond (Director)(right) and Nigel Levings (Lighting Designer)(left) talks to Paul Levy about The Aspirations of Daise Morrow. Chris is Artistic Director of Brink Productions. and director of The Aspirations of Daise Morrow, based on a short story by Patrick White (originally titled Down at the Dump). There’s live music […]

The Craft of Lighting and The Light and Dark of L.E.D: A Conversation with Nigel Levings about Lighting Design

Tony Award winning, Australian Lighting Designer Nigel Levings, with over 500 productions under his belt and two shows at this year’s fringe, (The Aspirations of Daise Morrow and The Spinners), offers practical reflections on the essential differences between tradional incandescent and L.E.D lighting, and how getting your lighting design right and adapting it to fringe venues […]

Narcissism at the Fringe

            FringeReview editor, Paul Levy looks at narcissism at Fringe Festivals and how it  might just destroy your Fringe experience – that is, unless you are unmissably wonderful… What do we do with feedback and criticism? How do we promote our Fringe show, and why is it important to put […]

Kate Saffin talks to Maria Montague about 1930s Ukrainian playwright Mykola Kulish

Maklena is the world premiere of the English translation of Ukarinian playwright, Mykola Kulish, last play written in 1933. It was first performed in front of secret service agents; he was arrested in 1934 and later executed. Very little of his work survives. Translator and director, Maria Montague, talks about Kulish’s work and how she […]

Developing an Effective Media Strategy for your Edinburgh Fringe show: Alan Gordon and Michelle Mangan from the Edinburgh Fringe Media Office

How do you develop an effective media strategy for your Edfringe show? Alan Gordon and Michelle Mangan from the Edinburgh Fringe Media Office work at the Edfringe media coal face throughout the year. Here they share their wisdom and advice in an indispensible interview for Fringe show makers. Listen to our interview with Alan Gordon […]

Peer-Reviewed Rap at the Fringe: Paul Levy talks to Baba Brinkman about Baba Brinkman’s Rap Guide to Consciousness

Paul Levy talks to award-winning Baba Brinkman about Baba Brinkman’s Rap Guide to Consciousness and catches up with him about his journey since he last saw Baba at the Fringe ten years ago. New shows and a journey into the realm of consciousness… “Fringe First winner and “peer-reviewed rapper” Baba Brinkman (Rap Guide to Evolution, Rap […]