Review: The Motive and the Cue

An extraordinary production. Thorne’s vision is capped by a riveting performance by Gatiss, who glows with the still, sad music of Gielgud’s humanity.

Review: Vanya

This is the greatest one-man performance I’ve seen, said a Chekhov-immersed director of 45 years’ experience next to me. Yes.

Review: Cold War

Cold War ends with a draining-out of hope in Anya Chalotra and Luke Thallon; a desolate beauty the cast certainly earn.

Review: The Silence and the Noise

It’s understated, there’s no howl here no explosive projections about what this half-life must be like. The fade here though is like a quiet cheer, as something might be salvaged as terrible things are left behind. Do see it.


Enthralling. Poignant. Unforgettable. Two cameras. One couple. A beautiful dance between the private and public world of this turbulent couple. Not to be missed!

Review: Read To Me

Deft, detailed, successfully fusing the creafts of theatre and film making.

Review: Family Portrait

A fascinating and beautifully imagined film showing us the value of family, no matter what form.

Review: No I.D.

The celebration of acceptance and being wholly comfortable in your own body for the first time in your life transmits to everyone. It should make you more comfortable, knowing how Tatenda Shamiso radiates the joy of his, bestowing a kind of benediction. A quietly groundbreaking show.

Review: The Seagull

A Seagull for the initiated, a meditation rather than the play itself, it’s still a truthful distillation, wholly sincere, actors uniformly excellent

Review: Henry V

The definitive Henry V of our time

Review: Hear, Speak, See

A brilliantly dramatic examination of women’s power plays at a dinner party like no other.

Review: Distance Remaining

A quirky film, beautifully acted about three separate lives.

Review: Still Life

A curious short film blend of choreography and couch surfing between two movement artists in Berlin and Montreal.

Review: My House

A fascinating films walks us through the celebrity history of a Los Angeles house

Review: Thirteen Fragments

A fascinating poetic musing on the COVID pandemic focused on the resilient experience of women of colour, delivered with great panache.

Review: Sacrament

A revelation, superbly written and acted. Comparisons have been made with A Girl Is A Half-formed Thing. I can think of no higher praise either. You must see this.

Review: Living Newspaper #7

Like all the Royal Court’s Living Newspaper series, we need this. Watch a group of young dramatists take on the future

Review: Vespertilio

Vespertilio marks Barry McStay’s emergence as a writer of distinction. Anything he writes now should be looked out for.

Review: Jew… ish

One of the wittiest but also truthful comedies about love, identity, sexual politics and gefilte fish I’ve seen

Review: Living Newspaper #6

Like all the Royal Court’s Living Newspaper series, we need this. Watch what this does with the future

Review: New Moon Monologues April

As we saw in March, don’t be lulled by friendly colours and fluffy fonts. Queens of Cups again proves they’re a company to revel with and wait for heart-stopping reveals

Review: Icarus

After all the gods and their lack of choice, we come to the final instalment, the human dimension. Where we have one. A heartfelt, satisfying finish.

Review: Pygmalion

The most profound reinvention of this particular myth I’ve seen

Review: Orpheus

A terrific reinvention, bringing gods and heroines up from the death of myth to an altered world.

Review: Persephone

Dazzling: wise, clever twists about choice, male determination, and consequence.

Review: New Moon Monologues March

Don’t be lulled by the friendly colours and fluffy fonts. Queen of Cups is absolutely a company to watch, and its showcase productions are literally unmissable

Review: Selene

A beautiful film about a trio of people connected by relationships which resolves over time

Review: Before After

A pristine, heartwarming Valentine of a musical, starring a pair of real-life lovers, it deserves a real-life run

Review: Uncle Vanya

The definitive Vanya for our times

Review: Roots

An Edinburgh International Festival, HOME Manchester, Spoleto Festival USA & Theatre de la Ville Paris co-production

Review: Salome

A spellbinding live soundtrack to a visually stunning silent film

Review: Collisions

A simple, disarming story of balance and tradition undone by cutting edge science and technology - delivered by cutting edge Virtual Reality technology - that leaves us questioning the complexity and unintended consequences of progress.

Review: Under The Skin

The iconic film, with a live orchestra playing the score

Review: Hinker

A short musing film on the nature of curiosity

Review: Zvizdal

A beautiful filmic portrait of lives in isolation

Review: The Centenarians

A charming film interviewing people over 100 years old

Review: Bonanza

A documentary film about a remote and fractured town

Review: TEAM makes a play

An exciting documentary offering real insight into the process of devised theatre