Review: Ground

Share a meal, share the world in an atmospheric setting.


Enthralling. Poignant. Unforgettable. Two cameras. One couple. A beautiful dance between the private and public world of this turbulent couple. Not to be missed!

Review: Coma

A unique Fringe experience!

Review: Oscar at the Crown

An immersive neon extravaganza that brings us Oscar Wilde, not as we know him and not as we ought to either.

Review: Without Sin

A profound and beautiful immersive experience.

Review: Esther’s Revenge

Moving and incredibly powerful - A must see! Representation for Esther Ada Johnson, based on true life events.

Review: Esther’s Revenge

An ambitious and affecting production, with a powerhouse of a central performance.

Review: Temping

An interesting hour or so in the company of yourself whilst updating records in excel.

Review: Séance

Fifteen minutes in the dark with strangers, listening to the possibility of being in touch with the other side.

Review: Eulogy

Things that go bump in the night. An immersive audio journey in the dark

Review: Seance

A short but extremely satisfying diversion

Review: How It Is Part 2

Immersive, outstanding, unrepeatable and unimaginable anywhere else

Review: Hear, Speak, See

A brilliantly dramatic examination of women’s power plays at a dinner party like no other.

Review: We Came To Dance

A truly immersive experience where you dance to the rhythms of another world in a class that should make you spin.

Review: Empty

A visual journey round a building where dreams are explored where our only guide is the soundscape in our ears.

Review: In Someone Else’s Shoes

An original and intriguing run round some of the familiar Edinburgh landscape denied to us because of the pandemic now a delicious backdrop to the effects on the people.

Review: Coma

An immersive lying down of your fears which ends with you getting up feeling exposed by an innovative theatrical experience.

Review: Parakeet

A new play about finding your flock in a world that doesn't seem to care

Review: Suffering from Scottishness

Citizen Scotland’s Joseph McDaid takes us through a funny, engaging and erudite consultation on what it is like to be Scottish, for the non Scots who might want to be Scots.

Review: Caliban’s Codex

a superbly realised piece, vying with Carding’s own outstanding Quintessence.

Review: Hole

Wow drama, the original Greek tragoidia. It invokes the same powers, almost the same gods.

Review: The Woods

Of this play's witness and power there can be no doubt whatsoever. Compelling and unmissable.

Review: Funeral Flowers

Strength and determination shine through in this story of a young woman in they care system

Review: Next Time

A powerful new drama which bears witness to the devastating effects of domestic violence without sensationalising them.

Review: Flight

Immersive theatre in a container that takes you off on a flight with earphones on and plenty of noise to drive you to distraction.

Review: £¥€$ (Lies)

By the end of this you’ll know far more about the banking sector than even Robert Peston explains. Now go and play them for a fool.

Review: Blaas (Blow)

Tender, otherworldly, explorative and extraordinary, this is an exquisite show that is more than worth the trip out of town.

Review: Rear View

Where live street theatre and guerrilla film-making mesh in perfect harmony.

Review: How It Is

You’ll have to see this. It’s in no way a continuation of their previous Beckett. and it’s immersive, outstanding, unrepeatable and unimaginable anywhere else: Gare St Lazare, and in the UK, no-one but the Print Room it seems would dare to stage it.

Review: For King and Country

Terrific immersive fun. If you want to know what might have happened in an alternative December 1940, this is as exciting, informative and perhaps as authentic experience as you could encounter.

Review: Grimly Handsome

If you want theatre to change your life a little and wonder where our DNA and urges trek to, you could do infinitely worse than shiver here.

Review: In Memory of Leaves

On a moored barge Natasha Langridge re-enacts her own In Memory of Leaves updated from a run last year to include this year’s tumultuous events. This is a fine, necessary work inevitably in progress. Let it settle in the water a bit more, and glitter.

Review: The Cocoon

Finding, keeping, rediscovering and losing love in this magnificent immersive physical and metaphorical web

Review: £¥€$ (LIES)

Cleverly crafted experience by masters of interactive performance

Review: Meeting at 33

An immersive meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous with truth, dignity and power in the performance

Review: Sand in the Sandwiches

Sand in the Sandwiches is a haunting study, given stature by Edward Fox’s conjuration of an erotically disturbed gentility mocking itself. It reminds us, now Betjeman’s faded from aural as well as visual memory, what he was, what he might yet become.

Review: Trainspotting

Startling immersive stage production of the classic film; Fast, furious, stomach churning, shocking and gritty.

Review: Collisions

A simple, disarming story of balance and tradition undone by cutting edge science and technology - delivered by cutting edge Virtual Reality technology - that leaves us questioning the complexity and unintended consequences of progress.

Review: Mobile

Fringe theatre at its best. A unique intimate experience with outstanding production values.

Review: The Forest

An impeccable time in a magical forest where all is experienced by all who enter

Review: Séance

A heart racing, experiential piece of theatre

Review: Here All Night

Sam’s all night shiner, Beckett’s Wake and Cabaret. Haunting, funny, unmissable.

Review: All That Fall

Exhilarating version of an 'unstageable' radio classic of Beckett's triumphs

Review: Insomnia

Superbly conceived speculative gambit by ZLS Theatre. Prepare to be immersed.

Review: The Cube

A very unusual and exciting theatre show

Review: Buckle Up

Budge-It Air, the airline that makes Ryan Air look luxurious

Review: The Voice Thief

Book now for this dark and compelling fairytale!