Review: J’ai un Bleu

J’ai un Bleu manages to covey through movement what words simply cannot express. The objectification of the female form.

Review: Lived Fiction

Unique, spellbinding, groundbreaking; above all makes everyone more alive to the possibilities of being human.

Review: Twisted Tales

One mat, six players and bundles of talent in this dynamic ensemble. Bringing Total Theatre back!

Review: Futuristic Folktales

A challenging and engaging theatrical piece of dancing irony – using the future to focus the past, through rebirthing itself.

Review: Struts

Dancing in the streets of Cumbernauld in a community event that struts and sparkles

Review: Cold War

Cold War ends with a draining-out of hope in Anya Chalotra and Luke Thallon; a desolate beauty the cast certainly earn.

Review: Refilwe

At just 45 minutes, a delightfully adapted fairy-tale, adapted in its turn. Bisola Aalbi’s rewrite is a lively, timely take on a silent culture war to make people of all ages think again.

Review: Pain and I

A poetic musing upon the effect and poignancy of suffering, but not doing so in silence.

Review: Kin

Outstanding cast! A must see! Ground breaking physical theatre.

Review: The Yellow Wallpaper

Stephanie Mohr’s adaptation is a remarkable manifestation (no other word seems more apt) of the Charlotte Perkins Gilman short story The Yellow Wallpaper, an important realisation of a key feminist awakening. It’s good enough for you not to want it depicted in any other way.

Review: Purgatorio

Groundhog Day - Saying goodbye to old memories, whilst finding new ones. A beautiful physical representation on our ability to accept who we truly are! Get down to Club Purgatorio!


Weinachter is an interchangeable chameleon: not just a dancer, but a rare performer who can do it all! Her style and execution of ideas paints a beautiful memory of her idiosyncratic talents in exploring the beginning and end of life. Stunningly poignant.

Review: Lino

Mace Cowart is a talent to watch as both an actor and a writer, and you would do well to see him while you can. 

Review: LULU

Where's Lulu? Tricks and treats - A great combination of mime and acrobatics!

Review: The Rest of Our Lives

A gorgeous piece of dance-based theatre that navigates the jumbled inevitability of middle age. 

Review: A Wee Journey

An exceptionally moving piece of dance theatre which explored migration, refugeehood and connection through the medium of dance, theatre and music, which I truly understood.

Review: Moving Cloud

The most astonishing piece of dance theatre I have seen for some considerable time.

Review: Rêver

Clowning, mime, acrobatics, comedy and storytelling fuse seamlessly.

Review: Solos in Spaces

A triptych of uneven but very interesting physical muses on gestures, meditation and beneath the sea.

Review: The Chosen Haram

A masterful fusion of circus, dance and visual storytelling, delivering a profoundly modern queer tale.

Review: Materia

Unique dramas plays out through inanimate objects, empowering imagination.

Review: One

A cultural challenge in a creative and imaginative manner which tasks our assumptions over the immigration of our politics and the politics of belief

Review: The Black Blues Brothers

An explosion of joy with the music of The Blues Brothers as a backdrop and unremitting physical wonderment as an entertaining treat.

Review: Collision

Thrilling and inventive circus with hip hop which is fast paced and leads to a thoroughly entertaining romp

Review: Entwined

A superior celebration of movement highlighting that which makes us similarly different.

Review: 111

Curious disparity made physical with equity at its heart

Review: Finding Grace

A fascinating "tragi-comic solo performance about a writer who is looking for ‘Grace’.

Review: A Call to Care

A creatively choreographed homage to the essential work of an essential crew from an essentially creative part of our crafts

Review: Grin

A fantastic piece of collaboration which is as energetic as it is creative and challenging.

Review: Bromance

A physically impressive look at male relationships that depend upon being friends but has depth beyond just being pals

Review: Still Life

A curious short film blend of choreography and couch surfing between two movement artists in Berlin and Montreal.

Review: Prelude #1- The Circle

From Quebec- highly satisfying and professional unraveling of gesture and motion in a ritualistic circle

Review: Silver Feet

A fascinating dance piece which takes us through the feet sculpted around our guide.

Review: Rituel

A fascinating performance where the machismo of life is beautifully sent off into the clouds.

Review: Rebel Boob

Based on interviews with women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer.

Review: Sitting Pretty

When you see this show return, it’ll be outstanding, and in the frame for awards.

Review: The Sensemaker

An astonishing, disturbing shapeshifting sliver of genius.

Review: Born to Manifest

An impressive and challenging triple bill of exceptional dance that delves into the depth of their being and provides us with collective hope as a message.

Review: Thank You Very Much

A fascinating exploration of mimicry, homage and fitting up and playing in the roles expected with a curling attitude, a pelvic thrust and the right quiff of spectacle

Review: Looping

A divergent dance experience that is as eclectic and participative as it is enriching and impressive

Review: Dadders

An engrossing and fascinating exploration of artistry made by two neurodiverse performers.

Review: Identity

Thrilling and inventive, pulsing with creativity and ability

Review: Scottee: Fat Blokes

Transformational physical theatre that challenges and moves

Review: Monster

A highly inventive look at life with visuals, dance and an assault on your senses.

Review: Project Y

An astonishing evening of dance that comes from four top choreographers and the cream of young dancers in Scotland

Review: Sullied

“A brave, empowering and explosive blend of dance and spoken word…”

Review: Weight/Wait

“An emotional rollercoaster that is gripping from start to finish…a powerful piece of physical theatre.”

Review: Like Orpheus

Queer club culture and surreal movement are married in this rave ridden soliloquy of love in the margins

Review: May I Speak About Dance?

“A playfully contemplative lecture performance, posing challenging questions about the language of contemporary dance.”

Review: History Of Ireland

“A slick combination of politically driven theatre, dance and comedy with more than a touch of the Blarney…”

Review: Achilles

A bold reimagining and interpretation of Achilles’ grief and revenge through a superior technical evening of storytelling, dance and song

Review: Dressed

Intrigue through choreography, voice, music and an episodic structure which appears odd and piecemeal but is drawn together in a theatrically explosive fashion

Review: Tantalus /A Pair of Genes

An intimate and personal double bill of what it is like to be alike and different given through and entrancing piece of dance which is rooted in highly personal experience.

Review: The Crystal Club

Sassy Scandinavian speakeasy dance - Lindy-hopping, jiving, jazz, blues, energetic, skilled and beguiling.

Review: Hole

Wow drama, the original Greek tragoidia. It invokes the same powers, almost the same gods.

Review: Fame

Excellent feelgood musical though there’s superabundant dance content.

Review: Red

A fascinating documentary style run at one of the most important cultural events of the twentieth century in a very creative and highly authentic piece of performance.

Review: Dirty Dancing

There’s a fitting heart-warming climax to a dream of production. And a surprise to those who think they know the film.

Review: There She Is

An absurd tale of dance and conversations combined into a performance that settles into a treatise on barriers and perceptions.

Review: Sunshine Boy

A fascinating homage to the world of a true maverick and genius from one of Scotland’s own.

Review: Definition of Man

A philosophical tour de force,  a physical concerto, a confessional, nostalgic memorial to humanity, ruminating on past love and the promise of each other

Review: East Belfast Boy

An explosive, impressive and energetic exploration of a sub culture in dance from an area of mass testosterone and masculinity

Review: Another One

An impressive physical theatre piece that does seem to meander round a lack of connection.