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Brighton Fringe 2009

4.48 Psychosis

Students pull off difficult play

A Fistful of Snow

A funny, touching and always engaging piece of theatre

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

An experimental take on Shakespeare’s classic tale

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

I would thoroughly recommend going to see this beautiful show.

A Victorian Farce – Box and Cox

A rare genre of theatre that is sure to catch on.

Argus The Musical

"sheer talent"


"...physical and vocal set pieces played to almost perfection"

Bite Size Monologues

" ingenious piece of theatre"

Bite-Size Plays Breakfast Show

"...definitely worth getting up early on a Saturday morning for."

Brecht Weill

An engaging and intimate evening of pure darkness, sexiness and comedic genius.

Canarsie Suite- At the Edge of Vaudeville

Fast paced, funny and extremely well executed physical theatre.

Carry On Drinking

"Top drawer comedy"


"a thoroughly enjoyable and highly recommended play"

Election Idol

A fun yet flawed piece of theatre that places the race for election under the scrutiny of an X-Factor audience.


Genuinely inspired theatre


Full of tenison and commitment


An excellent production of a modern classic, a must-see for theatre lovers

Forget Me Not

An intimate encounter with an ex-flapper fron the 1920's that shines!

Future Tense

"Some fine physical comedy"


A gem of a play charms with revolting pensioners

How To Die In A Domestic Environment

"Brave, bold, engaging and watchable"

Intimate Encounters

A sensual, personal journey.


This is a performance rich in tone, subtlety and humor.

Katy and Rach Make Stuff Up

A perfect example of how improvisation works at its best


A bold and inventive, multimedia version of 'The Scottish Play'

Mirror! Mirror!

"A funny play with dark undertones"

Mlle Y

A strong and daring masterpiece bringing Strindberg to life in a fresh and exciting way.


Emotionally harrowing, a professional and excellent production

Pippa Evans

An entertaining one-woman show

Radio City Theatre Live ‘Plan Bee’

Thoroughly entertaining...really good, versatile actors...writing of a high standard...delightful sound air of spontaneity that is fresh and fun.


Ravens was engaging throughout and the audience were gripped...

Red Sea Fish

A powerful comedy drama that is sure to impress.

Right Left. Wrong! Right?

An ingenious insight into how the mind works...

Romeo and Juliet

An inventive and lively version of the classic tale…

Shop Til You Drop

"...often sharp and clever observations on the world of business"

The Angel and The Fiend

Incredible theatrical event, a star of this year's Fringe

The Animals of Butter Bridge

Dark, bizarre, brilliant and inventive comedy

The Aviator Club

Glamorous, stylish and fabulously fun.

The Bridge

Enjoyable and playful one-man show

The Bullet


The C**t Monologues

An enjoyable mixed bag with flashes of excellence

The First Domino

A shocking glimpse into the experience of terror

The Invincible Man

Half Comedy, Half Musical!

The Iron Eyelashes

Powerful imagery make up a poignant production

The Ladyboys of Bangkok

The Ladyboys are back, and it's better than ever.

The Live Sex Show

An amusing journey through the world of sex and people’s attitudes to it.

The Lying Kind

Anthony Neilson’s black farce is given a brand new lease of life

The Maids/Deathwatch

A daring and challenging staging of two plays with interlinking themes that have the potential to develop into something more.

The Never Man

A new offering from this highly talented trio

The Nightingale

"Charming story-performing"

The Noise Next Door

A highly accomplished, fast-paced show

The Noise Next Door Comedy Club

A spectacular and vibrant comedy show you do not want to miss!

The October Revolutions

an un romantic love story

The Rape of Lucrece

Haunting and powerfully told story

Voodoo Vaudeville Presents… After Midnight

A mixed bag of madness, squeezed into Upstairs at Three and Ten.

What Would Helen Mirren Do?

Refreshing, sharp and life-affirming