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Brighton Fringe 2008

A Sustained Note of Fury

The home town debut of Robert Cohen's cleverly crafted and admirably performed ‘melanchomedy’ from Monkeydog productions

Aeneas Faversham Forever

A hilarious Victorian Melodramatic Comedy!

Aesop’s Fables

"...a well-performed show that served as great introduction to the theatre for the young audience and proved to be equally entertaining for adults as well."

All Dolled Up

You would be hard pushed to find a better storyteller or more informative and entertaining drag show in this year's Fringe.

Around the World on 80 Quid

"Around the World...seems to be a victory for style over substance"


An excellent concept that fails to live up to its true potential

Bite-size Plays

An engaging mix, the strong writing and performances make this a must-see

Bye George!

The premiere of a subtle and humorous examination of the human experience

Call Mr Robeson

" interesting social document regarding the civil rights movement and the transitory nature of celebrity"

Catchy! The Great Plague Musical

"...a very entertaining couple of hours"

Coco Peru

This inimitable drag performer delights the crowd but breaks no boundaries


An intriguing and novel premise

Eyes Down! Bingo With Ida Barr

"...his consistent wit is truly impressive, as is his gift for improvisation."

Follow Me

Rich, subtle and first-class all around.

Gamarjobat- The Western

The Japanese duo return with more japes and slapstick humour

Hard Chair Stories

An engaging and intense series of interwoven monologues

Hide or Reveal

"A penetrating look at the surface of things."

How Do You Spell It?

"refreshing humour"

I Kissed a Frog and it Gave Me Herpes

A hilarious dissection of modern romance


A Users Guide

Le Scandal

More evidence that burlesque is slowly taking over the world... or at least Brighton.

Lies Have Been Told

An entertaining audience with the infamous Robert Maxwell

Like Caged Birds

A beautiful and haunting site-specific performance

Mayday! The Musical

Hilarious improvised comedy muscial

Mother’s Boy

"...well executed piece of theatre, that tells a good story simply."

Potted Potter

A recommended excursion for the family.

Power Lunch

"...a very potent and memorable piece of theatre"


Chris Fittock’s hypnotically poetic drama starkly examines the nature of love in a world desecrated by hate.

Sleeping Rough: A Duo of Dialogues

These pieces certainly raise some vital questions.

So Close to Home

A very watchable and well presented drama


A physical and unique exploration of relationships

Story of a Rabbit

A witty and wonderful story about death

The Art of Catastrophe

"...wonderfully sketched characters"

The Bell


The Bird

"...a really enjoyable and colourful hour of theatre."

The Cows Come Home

" interesting experiment"

The Extraordinary Mugging of Mr. Winterbottom

"...funny and entertaining, with a bit of the cerebrals thrown in for good measure"

The Haunted Moustache

"This is a five star show to watch more than once."

The Lady of Burma

This play faced a formidable challenge doing justice to a woman of such stature.

The Moops

Definitely ones to watch

The Moscow State Circus

A jaw dropping spectacle

The Office Of Correspondence

The only interactive 1930s office theatre. Part-time audiences required with good and bad typing skills.

The Tall Tales of the Terrible Infants

"The Tall Tales of The Terrible Infants is an absolute delight of a show..."

The Tom Tom Club

High energy acrobatics, beat boxing and break-dancing

Tim Minchin

"...a hugely likable comedian who has found a perfect way to combine his talents."

Tina 08

"...this reviewer was certainly left wanting more."


Quirky, poetic and darkly fundamental insight

Up The Gary

Captivating from the outset