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Brighton Fringe 2022

A Very Great Mischief

Winner of the Rialto New Writing Scratch 2020. Look out for this play when it returns.

Accidental Birth of an Anarchist

A thoroughly absorbing play whose polemical agency is none the less tempered by the people it’s refracted through.


Superb revival of Charlotte Jones’s play about two women incarcerated for fifty years for bring different. With a standing ovation of such force that convention had to be broken with the actors forced back on stage.

Am I Invisible Yet?

In a scintillating solo performance, we all willingly get up again

Anne Boleyn

If it’s drama you’re after in Brighton Fringe, this is one of the two or three essential stops. Thrilling, authoritative, with Greene the jewel in a sparkling ensemble.

Artificial Intelligence Improvisation

Professional improvisers beware. The robots are after your jobs.

Because I Can

A challenging exploration of losing power and relevance as we age.

Betsy: Wisdom of a Brighton Whore

If you can, make this your last stop on the Fringe.


A superb revival of Bartlett’s warmest, most ground-breaking, perhaps most enduring play so far.

Cocky and the Tardigrades

Bonkers brilliance. Cocky couldn’t have been premiered with two more stunning actors, and the author’s flawless stepping-in remains remarkable.


Raine balances articulate ferocity with its opposite: a broken plea. Scott Roberts’ revival improves on the NT premiere. In his hands Consent’s a small classic.


Outstanding on all counts. Do see it before it closes.

Future Pub

Future Pub by Small Acts

God of Carnage

Acting here is tighter than any version I’ve seen. This revival of a modern classic has to be the best of the Fringe so far.


Exceptional, both as dramatic writing, design and performance.

Laughing Horse Clean Pick of The Fringe

The best stand up-up comedy from the fringe but with the swear words removed!

Love and Money

Compelling Study of human fallibility

Moral Panic

A film censor navigates turbulent times in his work and at home - a comic one-hander with some horror thrown in.

Nathan Cassidy: Observational

With a crippling bad back, Nathan joins a gym and a big, strong man changes his life

Now That’s What I Call A Lot Of Songs About Science

John Hinton performs hilarious songs of science from a very extensive repertoire


Freddie Hayes spud-u-like

Rewilding Cinderella

An alfresco telling of some versions of the Cinderella story.


As a condensation and enactment of Woolf’s seminal text this can’t be improved on. The outstanding one-person show I’ve seen this Fringe.

Science Magic

Science you can do around the house!


Brand new show by performance makers Jon Haynes and David Woods

Some Other Place

Some Other Place - an exploration of where we are, where we came from, and where we're going...

Spirit of Woodstock 2 – The Sequel

There’s no greater writer/performer working in Brighton, or Sussex, and Spirit of Woodstock Parts I and 2 is Jonathan Brown’s most dazzling show to date.

The Last

Chittenden’s done a great service not only to Mary Shelley’s novel, but to the way we imagine. And Amy Kidd’s exemplary.

The Little Prince

A musical adaptation of the book by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

The Princess & The Pea

Don't pea in the bed - see this show instead!

The Wrong Planet

There’s a great act struggling out of this blissfully baggy monster.

Two Pairs of Eyes

An immersive ghost story


The latest play by Brian Mitchell (Lord God, Ministry of Biscuits) and Joseph Nixon (The Shark is Broken)

Wild Onion

Cabaret with onions - a match made in heaven!