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Brighton Fringe 2012

15% of the Seagull

Well paced, plenty of laughs

A Dirty Martini with Evelyn Waugh

The roaring 1920s is the theme, parties parties and bright young things..

A Right Pair

Hilarious and touching

A Séance with the Ogden Sisters

Astral comedy with a laugh-aloud aura

And No Birds Sing

Victorian theatre for the search-engine generation.


Incest, jealousy, treachery, sibling rivalry, murder. - Families! Don't you just love 'em?

Attack of the 50 Foot Woman

Puppets, scorned lovers and UFOs


"a simple story told with immense energy"

Blonde Poison

Gail Louw's powerful play examines the motivation of evil.


A visceral and intense drama of paranoia and distorted reality.


A new version of this wonderful opera given a lively production in English.

Cheer Up It May Never Happen

A beautifully British one-woman show.

Coward at Sea

A rare gem” indeed!

Cult of the Wrong

A fearless, funny and absurd theatrical experience.


Slightly bright and slightly breezy

Dr Faustus The Imaginarium

Seven Deadly Sins - Collect 'em all ...

East End Cabaret

" two very talented kookie cabaristas"

Faulty Towers The Dining Experience

Consistently hilarious, a worthy new episode


A retelling of Goethe's Faust, using a chorus of musicians, song and modern rhyme to bring the original story into a new generation.

Fever Pitch

This adaptation scores a comedy hatrick

Fleeto / Wee Andy

Honest, powerful and richly theatrical

Flyaway Katie

Complete flashback to the overwhelming joy of childhood fantasies

Forever 27

" sweet, funny and at times sad"

Good Time Charlie’s Got the Blues

Full-hearted and powerful journey into a fading star

Hansel and Gretel

A magical feel, plenty of interactive fun

Head Full of Red

Bottles full of potential

Hedda Gabler

a well crafted adaptation

If I ruled the World

A show that gives the world to you

Jane Bom-Bane’s House

A frothy and frivolous exploration through a musical fun-house.


Strangers become family in the city of dreams.

Krapp’s Last Tape

The simplicity, the economy of structure of the play, is stunning.

Lapin Wants Ice Cream

Charming puppetry with a journey into French included

Lost Props

We've got ourselves some enjoyable puppetry

Luna’s History of Madness

A one woman history of sadness, sugar addiction, and....swishing...

Mauve New World

Three glimpses into what the future might have in store for gay people.

Max and Ivan are… Con Artists

Smart narrative sketch heist comedy... of course!

Midnight at the Boar’s Head

Full on, fun, and often very funny

Mrs McMoon

Storytelling at its purest and most comforting

Murphy’s Legacy

a spirited entertaining comedy with some lovely highlights, and pig-racing

Naive Dance Mastclass

An interesting combination of clowning with contemporary dance

Not, Treasure Island

Set sail and walk the plank into a ferocious sea of hilarious mischief and nautical shenanigans.

Peter Straker’s Brel

A wonderful evening for Brel lovers sung by a master


Rollicking satirical and mad cap songs

Pinter’s Victoria Station and Family Voices

a bold, intelligent, skilfully acted production that shines a new light on these vintage Pinter shorts

Private Lives at the Grand Hotel

The perfect setting for a very fine drama

Putting it Together – Sondheim Revue

A real treat for Sondheim lovers.

Rachael’s Cafe

Involving and well constructed


High octane solo show

Ragnarok: The Weird of the Gods

Fast-paced, witty and funny

Rainbow Ride

Multi-audio-visual-physical ride through the spectrum

Rolling on the Floor Laughing

Impressive young talented professionals


Doing their bit for the war effort , tooth brush and all!


‘A man who doesn’t know he’s in prison can’t escape‘.


A well rehearsed and original piece of physical theatre.


Absurd physical theatre at its best.

Snow White

Often beautiful, brimming with ideas

Soldiers’ Wives by Sarah Daniels

Fine writing, a fine performer.

Something Fishy

A delightful solo performance of an amusing family comedy.


Sharp, impressive writing,

The Alchemist

A successful revival of a classic satire

The Amazing Adventures of Little Red

" a production with a lot of heart"

The Battle of the Trees

Engaging, interesting and enjoyable

The Bus Show

Madcap mayhem on ... a bus!

The Cheeky Chappie

There'll never be another central performance as good as this

The Comedy of Errors

" full of virtues as performers!

The Fantastical Tale of the Boy on the Run

An uplifting tale with beautiful scenes

The Girl With The Iron Claws

" innovators of the fantastical "

The Importance of Being Earnest

"very fine theatre fare"

The Lover The Wife

An intriguing look at romance with a difference

The Lover, The Wife

An impressive sophisticated French comedy, skilfully played.

The Overcoat

An unmissable celebration of Gogol's classic story.

The Prayer Meeting

An original, well acted and hilarious depiction of man's desperate attempts to get God's attention.

The Silky Pair Open Up

Madcap, off the wall paced comedy

The Story of Harap Alb

Beautifully woven storytelling and performing

The Tim Bat Trick Show

Sheer, breathtaking variety

Trouser-Wearing Characters

"entertaining and accessible "

Trumpton Comes Alive

Delightful, nostalgic, and times flies by.

Twelfth Night

Such 'Wonderful Stuff and Bladder-Burstingly funny!

Twelfth Night, Or What You Will

Full of comedy, full of talent, play on!


An intense two-hander

Vita and Virginia

Fascinating, magnetic two hander

Watch the Birdy

a captivating crescendo

What About Samuel?

A highly entertaining comedy drama

White Rabbit, Red Rabbit

If George Orwell had written stand-up comedy about Pavlovian conditioning, it would have sounded a lot like 'White Rabbit, Red Rabbit'.

Who Did I Think I Was?

A crisply delivered one-man two-hander

Winston On The Run

Engaging Churchillian romp!